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Welcome to the world of our fixed Babysitting Angels!

‘It takes a village to raise a child’, an old saying that is ever so relevant, right? Raising children is a big responsibility and it’s important to receive support here and there. A fixed babysitter can be of such support to a family. Once you find your match, make sure to hold on to her! ;) The same goes for the babysitters themselves. They’re also looking for a family that suits them. We’ve asked some of our experienced fixed Babysitting Angels everything about babysitting and more. Curious to find out what makes them tick? Read on!

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Employers come to the rescue of parents working from home with a babysitter

Due to the closing of schools and daycares, working parents are under increased pressure. Employers can relieve some of this additional stress by supporting their employees with an on-demand babysitter at home. Tens of thousands of parents on babysitting platform Charly Cares emphasise the need for a babysitter at home: working from home during the second lockdown can no longer be combined with actively taking care of the children and homeschooling.

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