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Do you find it hard to find a good, trusted babysitter in Rotterdam? Not anymore! With Charly Cares, you can find the right babysitter for your kids. We offer you a trusted babysitter who meets your needs. So you can confidently go to work. Or to the gym. Or how about a staycation with your partner at CitizenM. Whether you are looking for a fixed or last minute babysitter, Charly Cares can take care of it for you.

You now know what we can do for you. But how do you actually go about finding the right babysitter? Simple. Download the Charly Cares app, enter the date(s) you need a babysitter, tick your favourite Babysitting Angels and within no-time we will have arranged a fixed, after-school flexible & last minute babysitter from Rotterdam for you. Easy does it.

Personal interview

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So, a trusted babysitter. Sounds great, but how do I know if a babysitter is trustworthy? Excellent question. Every babysitter is personally interviewed. During the meeting, subjects such as background information, specific babysitting experience and references are discussed, so we can get a clear picture of your future nanny.

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Whether you are looking for a Fixed Babysitting Angel to babysit on a regular basis, a Flexible Babysitting Angel for occasional use or a last minute babysitter; Charly Cares is there for you. Finding an after-school babysitter is also no problem. So, something for everyone!

Ratings & reviews

The Babysitting App from Charly Cares

Charly Cares offers you the opportunity to provide a rating after each babysitting service so you, as a parent, can rate your Babysitting Angel. You can also provide a written review if you want. Great for you, for us, and for the babysitter! And, of course, also for a future family.

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Reviews from parents from Rotterdam

Sinead from Rotterdam

“Lisa is always great at taking care of the kids, they have a great timr and we would recommend her to other”

Giovanni from Rotterdam

“It was love at first sight between our baby and Sofia! It’s like they knew each other from a lifetime! This is thanks to how sweet and caring Sofia is. Our little one (6 months) ate all his lunch for the first time with her! :)”

Jurate from Rotterdam

“Katrina, as always was super good! They had with my son a great day, walked outside, played, enjoyed the sun and good weather! Next time we will again ask Katrina to come.”

Giovanni from Rotterdam

“Katerina was really really amazing with our baby (6 months)! They played great together, had lunch and thanks to her our little one had a great time. Please come again!”

Maria from Rotterdam

“Will definitely book again and highly recommend Lismar. My little one was so happy playing with her and it looked like they had a blast!”

Natalie from Rotterdam

“I booked Charlotte with only one days notice. she turned up on time and our daughter (19 months) immediately took to her. Dinner, playing and bedtime routine all went well!”

Agustina from Rotterdam

“It is not the first time we call Sofia and it will not be the last, for sure!!”

Patricia from Rotterdam

“Domenica was seet and punctual ”

Ryan from Rotterdam

“Very nice girl. She took well care of my son.”

Alexandra from Rotterdam

“my go to angel :)”

Claudia from Rotterdam

“Lielie is a very friendly! Everything went very smooth. I would definitely ask her again! ”

Kate from Rotterdam

“Did a wonderful job with our two kids! Very nice and professional. ”

Jurate from Rotterdam

“Our son was very happy when Sara came. They had a great day together! ”

Jurate from Rotterdam

“Sara was punctual, very friendly and warm Angel. She super took care of our 3,5 year son. They walked outside played and had a great day together! ”

Sinead from Rotterdam

“Katerina was a calm and caring babysitter and our baby had a great time with her. Looking forward to having her vabysit again, thank you!”

Jurate from Rotterdam

“Katrina is very warm and clever girl. She took care of our 3,5 year son great! They played, looked cartoons. My son is very active boy, running, jumping so he needs good attention and Katrina could handle it very good! Highly recommend her!”

Agustina from Rotterdam

“lovely! we heard then playing and laughing”

Lisa from Rotterdam

“Layla is a fantastic babysitter. She has helped us a few times and is always kind, gentle and plays well with Ruby. Will definitely be asking for her help in the future! ”

Sandeep from Rotterdam

“sam arrived perfectly on time which helped our work schedule and was very patient with our boy, including carrying him the entire 1.5 hours he slept since he didn’t want to sleep by himself today. we were very happy with Sam. ”

Margaret from Rotterdam

“Great again! :)”

Jayne from Rotterdam

“Our son had a great time! Can’t waut to have her babysit again!”

Edvige Paola from Rotterdam

“Youssra was kind and helpful with our little boy! Can recommend her without question :)”

Seda from Rotterdam

“my daughter liked Manouk very much and had a great time together. ”

Agustina from Rotterdam

“She was lovely with our son and really patient. We are going to call her again for sure!”

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☆ Do you want your child to get picked up from school by the babysitter? No problem. Dropping them off at sports practice? Sure thing. Our Babysitting Angels will take care of it.

☆ You never again have to cancel appointments last minute.

☆ Me-time for you!

☆ You always have the best babysitters from Rotterdam as backup, if one of them ever turns out to be unavailable.