Book your pet sitter now via the app

Book your pet sitter through our app

Are you looking for a great sitter for your pet? Through our app, you can find and book a pet sitter near you within seconds. No hassle with coordinating availability and date and time; through our app, you can arrange the appointment quickly. And the payment for the booking is also handled through our app.

  • Find a pet sitter in seconds on your selected date & time

  • We handle the entire process, from booking to chatting and payment

  • Payment arranged via direct debit

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

This is how our pet sitting app looks

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Create a profile and add more information about your situation and pet. Add a cute photo and tell more about the character of the animal. This way, the sitter can get to know your furry friend a little bit beforehand. Then you can immediately start looking for a pet sitter in your area.

This is Charly Cares' app for booking a pet sitter

These pet sitters can be found in our app

In the app, we call the sitters Angels. Not just without a good reason, they are real angels when it comes to care! 'Caring for' is what they love to do the most. There are thousands of Angels who enjoy taking care of pets, many of them also take care of children or are caregivers for parents. No worries, if you're looking for a pet sitter, only the profiles that are willing to do so will respond!

The Angels of Charly Cares

How do I make a booking?

  • In the app, go to 'Find an Angel' and click on the 'Pet Care' option

    Then select the date and time for which you need a pet sitter. Specify the rate you would like to pay and write a personal message about what you expect from the sitter.

  • The booking is now open to the pet sitters in your area

    That means they can make an offer on your booking themselves and thus let you know they want to pet sit. It's up to you: you decide who comes. You can view the profile of the Angel and decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

  • If you accept, this Angel will take care of your pet. Yes!

    You can easily communicate in the chat and discuss more. At the end of the booking, payment is automatically handled via direct debit.

Find a great pet sitter now through the app

Looking for a sitter for your pet? Discover the Charly Cares app to book your pet sitter!

Discover it yourself! Download the app and make your first request. Our Angels can't wait to meet your pet. You'll receive the first month for free!

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.