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Do you have a question? Or is that one booking just not getting accepted? Our Customer Care team is here to help you out. In addition to that, the team works hard behind the scenes to make sure every booking succeeds. They are also in touch with our Angels and make sure the Angels can babysit comfortably.

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Personal replacement service

Is the babysitter unexpectedly ill? Or has there been an emergency due to which the babysitter is no longer able to babysit? How annoying, you may need to go to work, to that one important appointment, to the gym, or simply wish to have a date night together. Our Customer Care team does their utmost to ensure you can still go out through the personal replacement service. This means they will look for a replacement babysitter who still meets your wishes.

Meet Fleur, confidential counsellor via Charly Cares

A safe environment includes a confidential counsellor to whom you can say anything (anonymously). If you've had an experience that you don't know how to deal with, for example, or that you don't feel comfortable with. That is why we work with Fleur, Forensic Orthopedagogue. She is not employed by Charly Cares, but is there for our parents and Angels as an independent counsellor. The information you share with her remains confidential. Charly Cares about you!

“As a confidential counsellor, I provide help, advice, and support. Trust, reliability, and safety are important values in a babysitting service, for both parents as well as the babysitter. A situation may arise where one of the parties does not feel comfortable and finds it difficult to share this directly. That's where I, as a confidential counsellor, come in, to offer support where possible. We discuss the situation (and possibilities) in a confidential and informal setting and try to find a solution together.”

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