Babysitter Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents happen. That is why Charly Cares is working together with ''Alicia Insurance'' to make sure our parents are insured in case of possible damage caused during a babysitting service. Think of, for example, material damage such as knocking over a vase while cleaning up or other damage to your possessions caused by the babysitter. Also think of personal injury due to negligence of the Babysitting Angel during the babysitting service.

To better protect our members from the consequences of possible damage, you can appeal to the Babysitter Insurance. You will not only be insured for material damage and personal injury, but also for the damage that can ensue because of these. Think of, amongst other things, consequential damage and possibly grief money.

Damage to property under supervision covered

The Babysitter Insurance also covers (up to a certain amount) material damage to property under supervision. These are matters that our Angels are responsible for in use, handling, storage, transport, or any other reason.

The insured amount is a standard of €1.250.00,- with a sub-limit (approximately) of €50.000,- per claim. So damage to the possessions of you as a client, but also injury caused by the Angel will be compensated if the Angel is liable for this. However, damage cause intentionally is of course not insured.

In the event of unexpected damage, the Angel will report this to Charly Cares immediately. The damage report, in cooperation with ''Alicia Insurance'' will be neatly settles so that you, as the injured party, will experience the least possible inconvenience.

Please note: A deductible excess of €125 applies to the Angels.

What is the Babysitter Insurance?

Safety is of the utmost importance in our community. That is why a parent has the Babysitter Insurance, which means the parent is extra insured for damage caused by the Angel during the babysitting service. Both material and personal injury, sustained during the babysitting service are insured. Damage sustained during a babysitting service is often not covered by a regular liability insurance (WA insurance). That is why the Babysitter Insurance is a valuable addition both for parents as well as Angels. A deductible excess of €125 applies to the Angels. More information >

What should I do if the Angel is liable for damage sustained during a babysitting service?

In that case, the Babysitting Angel should contact the Charly Cares Customer Care Team. They will then send the Angel an email with which they can gain access to the digital claim form from insurer "Alicia Insurance". After the Angel has completed and sent the form, the insurer will contact the Angel as soon as possible. The further settlement of damages is fully handled by insurer "Alicia Insurance".

More on the Babysitter Insurance >

What does the Babysitter Insurance cost?

The costs of the Babysitter Insurance will be charged to the parent. On behalf of our insurer "Alicia Insurance", we charge €0,095 per hour for each babysitting service.

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