Angel Liability Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents happen. That is why Charly Cares is working together with AON to make sure our Babysitting Angels are insured in case of possible damage. Think of, for example, material damage such as knocking over a vase while cleaning up or other damage to your possessions caused by the babysitter. Also think of personal injury due to negligence of the Babysitting Angel during the babysitting service.

To better protect our members from the consequences of possible damage, you can appeal to the Angel Liability Insurance. You will not only be insured for material damage and personal injury, but also for the damage that can ensue because of these. Think of, amongst other things, consequential damage and possibly grief money.

Damage to property under supervision covered

The Angel Liability Insurance also covers (up to a certain amount) material damage to property under supervision. These are matters that our Angels are responsible for in use, handling, storage, transport, or any other reason.

The insured amount is a standard of €1.250.00,- with a sub-limit (approximately) of €50.000,- per claim. So damage to the possessions of you as a client, but also injury caused by the Angel will be compensated if the Angel is liable for this. However, damage cause intentionally is of course not insured.

In the event of unexpected damage, the Angel will report this to Charly Cares immediately. The damage report, in cooperation with Aon, will be neatly settles so that you, as the injured party, will experience the least possible inconvenience.

What are the Angel insurance & doctor helpline?

Safety is incredibly important within our community, which is why a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel will have an Angel liability insurance and 24/7 access to a doctor helpline. Through these, the Angel is insured for liability damage sustained during the babysitting service & will have 24/7 access to medical advice from professionals.

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Is a Babysitting Angel insured for damage?

Damage sustained during a babysitting service is often not covered by a regular liability insurance (WA insurance). That is why the Angel liability insurance is a valuable addition both for parents and Angels. Through it, the Babysitting Angel is insured for damage sustained during a Charly Cares babysitting service and you can leave the house comfortably.

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What should I do if the Angel is liable for damage sustained during a babysitting service?

In that case, the Babysitting Angel is required to contact the Charly Cares Support Team. They will send the Angel an email granting her access to a digital claim form from insurer Aon. After the Angel has fully filled in the form and sent it, Aon will contact the Angel as soon as possible to settle the damage. The further settlement of the damage will go fully through insurer Aon.

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Wat are the costs of the insurance and doctor helpline?

Of course, we aim to keep the costs of the doctor helpline & Angel liability insurance as low as possible. The costs will be charged to the parent. Starting from September 1st, we will charge the following costs per babysitting service on behalf of insurer Aon:

  • 24/7 doctor helpline: €0,04 per hour
  • Angel liability insurance: €0,095 per hour

Who is Aon?

Aon is a professional service provider in the insurance field. Aon is a part of Aon Nederland and offers mostly insurances for private persons and small companies. Aon Nederland is a part of Aon PLC (London, UK), specialist in financial and insurance services. Aon PLC is listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE).

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- Operations & Customer Care Manager Nicky Hoes