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At Charly Cares, you can find several different types of Babysitting Angels. Some Babysitting Angels prefer to support a family on a fixed basis, while other Babysitting Angels like to babysit occasionally and irregularly. Whether you are looking for a fixed, after-school flexible, or last minute babysitter, there is always a babysitter who fits your babysitting needs.

Fixed Babysitting Angel

Looking for a fixed babysitter? Your search is over, because Charly Cares is here to help! Whether your children are still in school and need to be picked up, if you still have a little one at home, or even both: a fixed babysitter can offer peace of mind and regularity. Find you fixed babysitter today with Charly Cares.

Fixed babysitter

After-school Babysitting Angel

Need to work while the children are home from school? Then the Charly Cares after-school babysitter is perfect for you. This babysitter can pick the kids up from school, ensure they do their homework, do fun activities with them, and even cook a delicious meal for the whole family!

After-school babysitter

Flexible Babysitting Angel

Every family occasionally needs a babysitter, but it’s not always easy to find a good and reliable one. You don’t want to have to deal with a new face every time, but rather want a flexible babysitter who can easily adapt to your schedule. Discover our flexible Babysitting Angels now!

Flexible babysitter

Last minute Babysitting Angel

Want to have a spontaneous night out, or did an important meeting unexpectedly get rescheduled? Help, babysitter wanted! No worries any longer though, because Charly Cares has a last minute babysitter for you. You can book this babysitter up until 3 hours in advance.

Last minute babysitter

Babysitter with baby experience

Nervous about leaving your little one in the care of a babysitter for the first time? No worries, our Babysitting Angels with baby experience know what to do and have lots and lots of experience.

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Au pair

Even when you are looking for an au pair, Charly Cares can offer a solution. Our fixed Babysitting Angels are a viable alternative, with all the same benefits as an au pair.

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Not sure if you want a nanny or a babysitter at home? A Charly Cares Babysitting Angel offers the best of both worlds. Discover it now and read more about our Angels.

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Holiday babysitter

Do the kids have a holiday but are you stuck at work? Our Babysitting Angels are here to help, even during the holidays, so that you can go to work without having to worry.

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