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Are you looking for a nanny at home, a fixed babysitter who will make sure your kids are up & running every day? Through Charly Cares' babysitting service, we ensure that you are matched with a babysitter who fosters peace and regularity, someone to pick your kids up from school, play games with them, do the grocery shopping, and also cook for the whole family. At Charly Cares, you can book your nanny babysitter today!

A nanny or a babysitter?

Are you unsure whether to choose a nanny at home or a fixed babysitter? A fixed babysitter is present when you are at work and can help you, in addition to taking care of the kids, with household chores. Are you stuck in a traffic jam and home a little later, or have you spontaneously been invited for dinner? Our nannies are flexible, so that you don't have to worry about your kids. You can book a fixed babysitter from Charly Cares for 12 consecutive weeks and, if you are content with how the initial 12 weeks went, you will get the opportunity to renew the booking with the same babysitter. In short, a fixed Babysitting Angel is actually your nanny at home.

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A Nanny Or Babysitter From The Neighborhood You Can Find At Charly Cares

The reliability of a Babysitting Angel

Reliability is paramount at Charly Cares. Before our Babysitting Angels can start working for us, they are extensively screened at one of our locations. During the interview, (study) background and babysitting experience are discussed, among other things. Babysitting experience is required, as the Babysitting Angel must provide at least 2 references.

In addition to the personal screening, each babysitter is rated by the parent after each babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent on a 5-star scale, often supplemented with a written review. This rating will be immediately visible to you as a parent and to the relevant Angel. Charly Cares also monitors these ratings and intervenes when necessary in order to maintain continuous control over our babysitting network and to offer transparency to you, as a parent, and to the babysitter.

A suitable nanny

How do you find a suitable nanny babysitter? Don't worry, because we offer an advanced online matching system that connects you as a parent with a Babysitting Angel. The matching process relies on various criteria, such as: zip code, availability, languages, and specific babysitting experience.

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Quality & safety of our babysitting service

Charly Cares works with "Alicia Insurance", which means that all of our Babysitting Angels are insured for possible damage and the consequences thereof. You can therefore leave the house without having to worry, because accidents can happen, even during a babysitting service.

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