Find a reliable babysitter through Charly Cares

With our babysitting service, you can find a reliable babysitter with ease. From booking the babysitter, to the chat feature and payments: in our Babysitting App, everything is taken care of from A to Z.

A babysitter near you

Looking for a babysitter? You can find a babysitter through Charly Cares in almost 60 cities and villages across the Netherlands. In our Babysitting App, you will be matched with the best Babysitting Angels who live near you and fit you and your family. Discover where we operate now!

A babysitter near you

Different types of Babysitting Angels

Are you looking for a fixed or after-school babysitter? Or a babysitter for a spontaneous night out? No problem, Charly Cares is here! Through our babysitting service, the best babysitters are available to babysit on a fixed basis or to simply support families now and then.

Babysitting Angel types

The reliability of our babysitting service

As a parent, you don't just invite anyone into your home - we understand that completely. That is why we screen each Babysitting Angel personally and check their references. We also safeguard quality by continuously monitoring the obligatory ratings and reviews given by parents.

Memberships & rates

Your membership costs are €13.99 per month and €1.99 per booking. Besides that, you pay the Babysitting Angel with the press of a button in the app. The hourly rates of the Babysitting Angels vary between €8 and € 15 and depend, among other things, on age and experience.


John from Amsterdam

“It was great having Zuzanna! I would definitely hire her again :)”

Looking for a babysitter? Use our app!

Through our app, you can book a babysitter with ease. Simply select the day(s) for which you need a babysitter; you will then see the Angels who match your family and who are available for that given time. View the Angel profiles and send the request, easy does it!