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The Charly Cares matching system

The best babysitter for you family, how do you find him or her? Each family has its own characteristics and finds different things important. At Charly Cares, we have an advanced matching system that connects you to a babysitter who truly suits you. Experience and availability play an important role in this, but of course there are many more skills that you can use to find your perfect babysitter. Think of, for example, cooking, tutoring, first aid, and many more.

Relevant experience

Before a babysitter is admitted to our platform, we run an extensive screening. During the screening, we discuss motivation, background, and the babysitter's experience. Does the babysitter have a lot of experience with babies? Or is the babysitter particularly experienced when it comes to children between the ages of 4 and 6 years? The babysitter is matched with your family partly based on the his or her experience with different age groups.

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A babysitter at home with baby experience

Filter for you perfect babysitter yourself

The Perfect Babysitting Match Babysitting App Charly Cares

In addition to our automatic matching system, you can filter for extra skills that are important to you. For example, would you like for the babysitter to help out in the household by cooking? Or do the children need to be taken to their sports lessons? Do you have musically gifted children who could use a hand preparing for their music lessons? We've got you covered! You can filter for all of these extra skills in our app, the Angels with the right skills will automatically show up first!

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The first month of the membership is on us, so that you can discover if Charly Cares and our Angels truly fit you.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does each babysitter visit your office?

Absolutely. We personally screen each Babysitting Angel at one of our screening locations before the babysitter gains access to the Babysitting App. During the screening the (educational) background and the babysitting experience of the Angel will be discussed. Babysitting experience is mandatory and the references that the Angel presents are carefully checked.

What happens to my given rating & review?

All incoming ratings and reviews are monitored daily. When a rating or written review is insufficient, our Support Team will contact the parent and the Angel within 24 hours. After our Support Team has spoken to the Babysitting Angel, the parent will be provided with feedback.

How does the matching system work?

Charly Cares has an advanced online system that matches parents with Babysitting Angels. This is based on the following criteria: zip code, availability, languages and specific babysitting experience. In addition, Charly Cares has added a number of innovative features to this matching system, so that a parent can book a babysitter with confidence.

Additional features:

Rating: The average rating after each babysitting service as given by the parent.

Review: A written review after each babysitting service as given by the parent.

Response rating: The average time it takes the Babysitting Angel to respond to a booking request.

Social linking: The babysitter is connected on Facebook or LinkedIn with one of the parent's social friends.

In which cities is Charly Cares available?

Charly Cares has an active babysitting network in 9 cities and neighbourhood. Below you will find an extensive overview of these cities and places in which Charly Cares is active.

If you don't live in the cities or places below, you can use Charly Cares when you invite your own babysitter to our platform.

Diemen, Duivendrecht en Ouderkerk aan de Amstel


Den Haag
Rijswijk, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Wassenaar en Wateringen

Geldrop, Helmond, Nuenen en Veldhoven

't Gooi
Blaricum, Bussum, Eemnes, Hilversum, Huizen, 's-Graveland, Laren en Naarden

Aerdenhout, Bennebroek, Bentveld, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, Hoofddorp, Overveen, Santpoort-Noord, Santpoort-Zuid, Spaarndam, Velserbroek en Zandvoort

Leiderdorp, Leidschendam, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten

Capelle aan den IJssel

De Meern en Vleuten

Stay tuned! More cities are coming soon. So keep an eye on our website.

Can I try out Charly Cares first?

Do you first want to know for sure if Charly Cares suits you and your family? Then you can try us for one month for free. You do not pay any membership costs, only the booking costs per booking.