How does babysitting through Charly Cares work?

Before you start babysitting through Charly Cares, we would love to meet you. Parents will leave their most precious possession with you: their children. That is why we think it is important to get a good impression of you before you get started!

Become Babysitting Angel

How do you become a Charly Cares babysitter?

  • Step 1: Sign up

    Sign up through our website or the Babysitting App and schedule an online interview.

  • Step 2: Complete your profile

    Complete your profile before the interview and enter two previous babysitting addresses.

  • Step 3: The interview

    During the phone interview, we will test you against various criteria in the context of (specific) babysitting experience, background, and motivation.

  • Step 4: Become an Angel

    Do both you and our Angel recruiter have a good feeling after the interview? Then we will contact your previous babysitting addresses to ask for a review.

  • Step 5: Access to our Babysitting App

    Is the review positive? Yes! Then you will gain access to our Babysitting App and can start filling out your Angel calendar. Happy babysitting!

Become babysitting angel

What do you need in order to become a Babysitting Angel?

It is important that you meet several requirements before you will be able to babysit through Charly Cares. For example, it is paramount that you have relevant babysitting experience. This can be short and intense, such as experience as an au pair. Or if you have been an occasional babysitter, for example for acquaintances. Only experience with family is not enough. In addition, the following is a must-have:

  • Proactive, reliable, and communicatively skilled.

  • Affinity with children.

  • Experience with children of different ages.

The interview

During our interview, we'll get to know each other better. We will ask you several questions, but it is also time for you to ask us anything you want. The interview will take place on the phone. You will be able to choose an one-hour time slot.

The interview

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Become babysitting Angel

Reviews about families at Charly Cares

Imani from Amsterdam

“Hele lieve ouders & leuke kids!”

Mercedes from Amsterdam

“Lovely family!”

Leda from Amsterdam

“Such a sweet lovely family! ?”

Stella from Amsterdam


Priscilla from Amsterdam

“it went tall fine”

Ella from Amstelveen

“Leuke familie! Goede communicatie en een fijne sfeer!”

Eeva from Haarlem

“Super lief meisje”

Kim from Haarlem

“Fijn gezin!”

Maroua from Amsterdam

“Fijne famillie!”

Francyanni from 's-Gravenhage

“Heel erg naar mijn zin gehad vandaag. De communicatie was helder en duidelijk. De kinderen zijn super lief en zachtaardig. Ik ben heel erg blij met mijn keus voor deze familie.”

Marike from Amsterdam

“Leuke vriendelijke familie”

Mila from 's-Gravenhage

“Neil is a really sweet, active and polite boy. Had fun with him this week”

Aimee from Amsterdam


Matt from Amsterdam

“Good communication and clear instructions from Jenny. The kids were lots of fun and well behaved”

Iris from Beverwijk

“It was a lovely familie. Good communications”

Anna from Amsterdam


Melissa from Haarlem

“Vriendelijke ouders en lieve kinderen. Hadden alleen geen avondmaaltijd geregeld, wat opzich niet erg is, maar was fijn geweest als ik dat van tevoren geweten had. Naast dat is het een gezellig gezin en verliep alles soepel”

Aashna from Haarlem

“The Mavropoulos family is very kind! They arranged for everything I would have needed and it was such a pleasure to babysit their children. Very flexible and open communication also made the experience smooth and easy for me! :-)”

Maaike from 's-Gravenhage

“A very sweet family!”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Very nice, good family and very clear instructions from the family which makes the job easy”

Floor from Leiden

“Gezellig en lief gezin!”

Rootje from Amsterdam

“Leuke kinderen?”

Valeria from Amsterdam

“It was great, organized and had a fun time with Zoe”

Susanne from Utrecht

“Leuk gezin om op te passen”

Nina from Breda

“Lieve en sociale kinderen. Goeie communicatie met de ouders.”

Liz from Amsterdam


Kiek from Amsterdam

“Super lieve kindjes en aardige en relaxte ouders!”

Loubna from Amsterdam

“Fijn zoals altijd”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Very nice family!”

Pluim from Haarlem

“Heel lief gezin & fijn contact ??✨”

Bo from Zandvoort

“Leuk gezin! Met super schattige kindjes”

Sara from Rotterdam

“Echt super lieve ouders!!”

Yi-Yueh from 's-Gravenhage

“A farewell party was held for Livia's best friend. The two girls had a great time!:)”

Leda from Amsterdam

“Bo is one of the sweetest little boys i have met! So much fun spending time with ❤️”

Liz from Amsterdam


Puck from Amsterdam

“Super lieve familie :)”

Noa from Amstelveen

“Lovely family!”

Leda from Amsterdam

“Such sweet active girls ❤️”

Kimberley from Rotterdam

“Always love to babysit here. Clear communication and a great environment for me and the kids”

Annemijn from Haarlem

“Leuk gezin”

Yi-Yueh from 's-Gravenhage

“I had a wonderful time with Livia. She is friendly and fun.”

Fatime from Tilburg

“Leuke famillie”

Britt from Amstelveen

“Lieve familie”

Jouaira from Amsterdam


Eva from Amsterdam

“Really nice sweet family and sweet boy”

Sara from Rotterdam

“Nice family!”

Adeline from 's-Gravenhage


Britt from Amstelveen

“Lieve familie, houden rekening met je”

Lorena from Haarlem

“Everyday its an aveture with her :)”

Puck from Amsterdam

“Lovely family!!”