How does babysitting through Charly Cares work?

Before you start babysitting through Charly Cares, we would love to meet you. Parents will leave their most precious possession with you: their children. That is why we think it is important to get a good impression of you before you get started!

Become Babysitting Angel

How do you become a Charly Cares babysitter?

  • Step 1: Sign up

    Sign up through our website or the Babysitting App and schedule an online interview.

  • Step 2: Complete your profile

    Complete your profile before the interview and enter two previous babysitting addresses.

  • Step 3: The interview

    During the phone interview, we will test you against various criteria in the context of (specific) babysitting experience, background, and motivation.

  • Step 4: Become an Angel

    Do both you and our Angel recruiter have a good feeling after the interview? Then we will contact your previous babysitting addresses to ask for a review.

  • Step 5: Access to our Babysitting App

    Is the review positive? Yes! Then you will gain access to our Babysitting App and can start filling out your Angel calendar. Happy babysitting!

Become babysitting angel

What do you need in order to become a Babysitting Angel?

It is important that you meet several requirements before you will be able to babysit through Charly Cares. For example, it is paramount that you have relevant babysitting experience. This can be short and intense, such as experience as an au pair. Or if you have been an occasional babysitter, for example for acquaintances. Only experience with family is not enough. In addition, the following is a must-have:

  • Proactive, reliable, and communicatively skilled.

  • Affinity with children.

  • Experience with children of different ages.

The interview

During our interview, we'll get to know each other better. We will ask you several questions, but it is also time for you to ask us anything you want. The interview will take place on the phone. You will be able to choose an one-hour time slot.

The interview

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Become babysitting Angel

Reviews about families at Charly Cares

Annelotte from Amsterdam

“Clear communication with parents and they have a very sweet daughter!”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Lovely family :) will happily be back”

Maya from 's-Gravenhage

“I was not prepared to also have to take care of a puppy dog which i have no experience in. Got screamed at becaue i was taking care of the child and not the dog! Wasn’t a nice experience. Charlie is a lovely girl though!”

Imane from Amsterdam

“Such nice people, treat you with respect and make you feel at home! Lovely baby too”

Trisha from Amsterdam

“Sweet family!”

Andrea from Amsterdam


Agnes from Amsterdam

“Very nice and friendly family and sweet baby:)”

Pien from Amsterdam

“Very sweet boys, lovely family!”

Trisha from Amsterdam

“Sweet parents and very nice kids, they are happy to play bordgames and interact well with you!”

Anne from 's-Gravenhage

“Sharon is great and easy to communicate with! Also lovely energetic kids!”

Equem from Amsterdam

“Wonderful working environment”

Fleur from Amsterdam

“Nice family”

Lina from Amsterdam

“everything went well and good communication”

Trisha from Amsterdam

“Very sweet parents and a talkative friendly kid!”

Lara from Amsterdam

“super sweet family!”

Maya from 's-Gravenhage

“Great family! Lovely 2 boys and lovely parents!”

Chiara from 's-Gravenhage

“Very nice family, we played with the cars and we drew. The parents were very friendly. Thank you”

Céleste from Amstelveen

“Good experience, friendly parents and kind children”

Romée from Amsterdam

“Lovely family?”

Gabriela from Amsterdam

“nothing to add here ;))”

Sam from Amsterdam

“Kids were very easy and quiet! Simon and Amber are both very friendly and hospitable- great experience :)”

Ana from Eindhoven

“Sweet kid and kind parents, I like the environment and would recommend them to other angels”

Margriet from Amsterdam

“Kind people!”

Rebecca from Amsterdam

“A lovely family, the gorks were a delight to look after!”

Yisan from Delft

“Very nice mother and a playful happy girl!”

Nihad from Amsterdam

“I had an amazing time babysitting your family! Your kids were so much fun to be around. ?”

Sinem from Amsterdam

“Super sweet parents with very sweet children. Always a pleasure to babysit for this family.”

Jolene jane from Amsterdam

“Thank you, very adorable boys”

Omayma from Amsterdam

“It is a very welcoming family and the kids are fun and easy to get along with!”

Jette from Utrecht

“Kids were sweet and we read lots of bed time stories! Good communication and had a great time :)”

Marcella from Amsterdam

“Very kind family!”

Camila from 's-Gravenhage

“Clear communication from start to finish. Lovely girls! Great babysitting experience”

Dhanya from Amsterdam

“Lovely childeren!”

Marjolein from Amsterdam

“Nice parents and kid!”

Patience from 's-Gravenhage

“Friendly and welcoming.”

Camila from 's-Gravenhage

“Abi is a sweet girl. Very well received babysitting experience! Got to play lots of games:)”

Kiomi from Amsterdam

“The parents are really nice and the kid and dog are cute”

Eline from Utrecht

“Prettige communicatie!”

Marina from Amsterdam

“Perfect! We had fun!”

Brenda from Amsterdam

“Very kind”

Katrin from Rotterdam

“Friendly family, everything went smoothly!”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Lovely family :)”

Romy from Amsterdam

“Very warm and welcoming family”

Touda from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you a lot Chaitra for everything and thank you for the trust you put in me!”

Nadine from Utrecht

“Nice family! And great communication”

Malou from Amsterdam

“Friendly family and Marceau is a super easy going adorable 8-month old baby ?”

Andrea from Amsterdam

“Good and nice family :)”

Manon from Utrecht

“Welcoming family, good communication”

Milou from Utrecht