Becoming a Pet Care Angel? This is how you can become a pet sitter at Charly Cares!

Becoming a pet sitter with Charly Cares

Pet sitting... isn't that the dream job? Well, you're in luck with Charly Cares! Through our app, you can now pet sit (and also babysit, if you love doing that too). Is this something for you? Keep reading and become a pet sitter with Charly Cares!

  • Snuggle with the cutest dogs and cats in your neighborhood

  • Earn money in a fun way: we don't deduct anything from your rate

  • Flexible: you determine where and when you work

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Interested in babysitting too?

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Want to become a dog or cat cuddler? These are the times you can pet sit

Dog or cat owners in your neighborhood, for example, look for a sitter when they unexpectedly have to go to the office for a day, or when they're going away for a day or weekend. Sometimes you can even pet sit for several weeks when the owners are on vacation. You'll mutually agree whether you'll stay at the pet's house or if the pet will stay with you. So, do you love giving some love to animals? This is perfect for you!

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What do you earn as a pet sitter?

The owners provide a guideline for the rate they want to pay for that specific booking. For example, a booking for a few hours is cheaper than a booking that lasts a few days or weeks. You can make a counteroffer, and then you'll agree on the price. This full amount goes to you; we don't deduct anything. An indication of earnings (note: this may be different in the app):

A few hours: €15-€20

A whole day: €20-€35

Multiple days: €15-€30 per day

Becoming a pet sitter: the registration process

  • Fill out the form on this page

  • We'll send you all the information via email

  • Follow the steps outlined in the email and complete the registration process in our app

  • Have you completed the process in the app? You can now respond to bookings in the app and start pet sitting. Have fun!