Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal screening, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars, often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. Charly Cares monitors these reviews and will intervene when it is necessary. By doing this, we keep continuously control of our Babysitting Network and offer transparency to parent and babysitter.

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Ana from Amsterdam

“Isabella played a lot during all day. I have a special need kid and she could easily connect with her, respecting her space and creating right opportunies to interact. She is really smart, proactive and creative. We really trust on her!”

Jamie from Amsterdam

“Sigourney is our favorite babysitter. Our girls felt comfortable with her immediately and you could tell how genuine she was from the first encounter. ”

Natalia from Voorburg

“Catarina is an excelent professional, calm, ful of patiente and experience. We definitely recommend her! Thank you, Catarina! ”

Christa from Amsterdam

“Helene was super sweet and kind with our daughter. We will certainly be calling on her again! ”

Fabrina from 's-Gravenhage

“Wonderful with our baby! ”

Galor from Amsterdam

“was great, thx”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Isabella is super sweetie, active, artistic, happy! we love and trust in her!”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Julia took my 3.5 and 5 year old boys to the park. She played with them very well. I highly recommend her. ”

Mia from Amsterdam

“very nice. fed my children amazingly well. took them outside and played inside. very good with the kids. good dutch and english. ”

Shara from 's-Gravenhage

“excellent thanks ”

Suvradipa from Utrecht

“Raya is a very friendly girl. my daughter absolutely loved her company. Would definitely recommend her! ”

Eduard from Voorburg

“Iris was wonderful! Kids were giggeling and playing the whole time. ”

Susannah from 's-Gravenhage

“Fleurine was excellent. My son loved her. i have alreasy booked her in again. can highly recommend her. ”

Jacqui from Amsterdam

“Roos was great! My son loved her! She was really engaging and energetic!”

Patricia from Amsterdam

“Bori was super nice, on time and understanding! we will book her again for sure!”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Our boys had a wonderful time! I was worried because our youngest doesn't do well with people ither than Mama, but they both warmed right up and loved her. we would recommend Sabine highly!”

Xuanyan Xu from Utrecht

“It’s great to have Ashley in the house. She gave a lot of attention to the boys, took good care of them, and had many ideas of playing with them. We would highly recommend her. ”

Max from Amsterdam

“Great! I totally recommended!! Really nice and friendly ”

Jade from Amsterdam

“Lovely and friendly She made me feel relaxed and my children comfortable. ”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“thank you Rebeka!”

Claudia from Amstelveen

“Gunay was really nice and the children liked her right away. She saw to the children immediately, helped with breakfast and cleaning up and organized board games that everyone said were really fun! All the children say she was great and would like to have her again. I found everyone cheery and laughing!”

Ana from Amsterdam

“It is our second time with Lucia and again she was amazing. She is really professional and lovely.”

Willemijn from Amsterdam

“Our daughter enjoyed spending time with Isabel!”

Laura from Haarlem

“My daughter loved Lorena! Will be booking again for sure :) ”

Aurelie from Amsterdam

“Gizella was great with our 2yo and 5yo. she took them out for play and was very engaging with them. would definetly recommend!”

Sunil from Amsterdam

“Lovely. Kids really enjoyed it and we hope to book again. ”

Anthea from 's-Gravenhage

“Halima was wonderful, and connected well with my son right away. She was calm and very responsible. I will definitely use her again!”

Shelby from Amsterdam

“Martine was nice, easy to talk with, & flexible with us arriving home a bit later. She was happy to jump right in and take care of our son so we could get out the door. ”

Leo from Amsterdam

“judith was calm and very confident and capable taking our 2 year old and 1 year old to the splashpad!”

Renee from Amsterdam

“Julia was a perfect match with our little one. we will be asking her more often to help out!”

Hazel from Amsterdam

“Caroline is super friendly, easy to leave our 18 month old with. ”

Ana from Amsterdam

“Lucia is extremely proactive, smart, creative and sweet. It was a pleasure having her in our first experience in this app, with a special need kid and she was perfect. I really really recommend in her.”

Valentin from Amstelveen

“The kids really liked Gunay! They played games together, and they think that she is good at it :). She even managed to make them "clean" their rooms. As a parent, I felt that I could communicate well with her and my kids were on safe hands. I recommend her and I hope that she will also be able to come on other occasions.”

Susannah from 's-Gravenhage

“Melissa as always was excellent. My kids love her.”

Yudelka from Amsterdam

“my son loved her, she is lovely! ”

Nikilesh from Utrecht

“Lauren was great with our 2-year old. ”

Pepijn from Amsterdam

“our son clearly had a fun day with Sophie. she was also flexible working 15min longer. thank you!”

Jacqui from Amsterdam

“Asam was great. My son loved playing with her! ”

Katie from Amsterdam

“Park, popscicles, perfect! Romaine was great. She was flexible with changes and the boys loved her. ”

Stephanie from Utrecht

“ophely was right on time, easy to speak with and we had confidence leaving our children with her. ”

Penelope from Amsterdam

“Marilene was absolutely great with our girls! she connected right away with them, I highly recommend here!”

Barbara from Utrecht

“yasmine is very nice ! super proffesional and with a lot of charm . fully recommended ! ”

Jamie from Amsterdam

“Sigourney was excellent! She is very warm and kind and my girls took to her immediately. My 11 month old that is going through a serious “mommy phase” didn’t even mind when I handed her to Sigourney and left. I highly recommend her. ”

Jade from Amsterdam

“Friendly and calm. We had a peaceful nightime thank you Marina”

Erika & Remco from Amsterdam

“Marja was the sweetest, was our first time but with the app. Thank u :)”

Angela from Leiden

“all went great !!”

Loic & Katie from Amsterdam

“very easy on time and great with my 1 year old! ”

Fiona from Amsterdam

“Guusje is a blessing! So lovely and an absolute expert in babies :) ”

Zhanna from Amsterdam

“Elena is just super super super nice!!! Kids loved her immediately!!!”

Kimberley from Amsterdam

“Rebeka is really nice and relaxed with our little one”

Duru from Rotterdam

“Maria is a super sweet girl! My daughter had a nice and fun time with her, thank you Maria! ”

Polina from 's-Gravenhage

“Roberta was patient and kind with our daughter who was shy in the beginning and didn't want parents to leave. When we were back they were playing and our daughter was happy which is the most important for me. The only remark is that Roberta was 15 min late, so we had to rush to our appointment.”

Edmund from Voorburg

“As always Amelia lived her time with Candice.”

Lindsay from Amsterdam

“Roksana was great watching our 6 month old. I trusted her instantly and would definitely reccomend?”

Angela from Leiden

“very happy with Maud, it was literally a last moment booking, and worked perfect!!”

Eugenia from Amsterdam

“Excellent nanny, we loved having Lot with our boy!”

Galor from Amsterdam

“was perfect, thx”

Jill from Utrecht

“Ouardia took good care of our kids. She played and read lots of stories. ”

Carolina from Amsterdam

“Femme is amazing! she played with our daughter and our daughter loved her. i would definitely recommend her! looking forward to having Femme again with us”