Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars, often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

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Nadège from Rotterdam

“Everything was just perfect with Lindsay ”

Evgenia from Amsterdam

“Isabel was great, she made so many ice creams and muffins from play-doh with my daughter! very enjoyable for a 4 year old girl!”

Alexandra from Amsterdam

“sadly she was only here for an hour but she seems nice and fun with kids”

Chrisje from Hilversum

“Fien is kind and calm! Our kids liked her very much.”

Jay from Amsterdam

“Souraya was very friendly and responsible! she played games with the kids and made dinner. would absolutely love to book with Soyraya in the future! ”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Really great! Seemed a real natural with kids and they enjoyed her. Fun lady to have around. We would for sure like to have Kristel back again!”

Harsha from Nieuw-Vennep

“she was good with our kids..”

Grant from Amsterdam

“Floor was very sweet with my son, came a little bedore the scheduled time, and had no problem staying a little later than planned. ”

Victoria from Amsterdam


Vera from Almere

“Lamyae was great! She found a way to connect and made my boy laugh in minutes. They played together very nicely and she read him books. I left home with relief and without a tear from my son. I’m super happy ;)”

Daan from Amsterdam

“Ana was simply great. very punctual and clear in her communication. She was great with our little son. recommend!!”

Amir from Amsterdam

“our son had a wonderful time with Missy! She gets along good with kids and very carefull. ”

Radoy from Haarlem

“Perfect as usual.”

john from Eindhoven

“great work. She involved My daughter also really good in the homework.”

Lize-Mari from Amsterdam

“I was confident that the boys were in good hands. Jette is very kind and calm in handling the kids. ”

Alice from Amsterdam

“Eva was very nice! she handled our baby for half a day all by herself! super happy with her”

Jackie from Amsterdam

“maya is wonderful —very easy going, fun and responsible. highly recommend.”

Reshma from Amsterdam

“Alyssa was really good with our 2 yr old son who is not accustomed yet to baby sitters :)”

Colleen from Utrecht

“Celine is very good with my son. They have had a super fun morning together. Strong recommended!”

L. from Haarlem

“very kind and sweet lady! we loved to have you Dounia! thank you! ”

Kelly from Amsterdam

“Gabi was great tonight with our 2 year old. We will definitely book again! ”

Jay from Amsterdam

“so sincere. very kind. ”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Ouassima has a warm personality and she is excellent with my 5 and 6 year old boys.”

Onur Can from Rotterdam

“Jitva was great with our 4 months old baby. She was attentive and calm. She sent regular updates and we found our baby very peaceful when we were back. We would definitely have her baby sit our baby again.”

Marianthi from Amsterdam

“The kids loved spending time with Sophie!”

Julie from 's-Gravenhage

“Loubna is great, very patient and the children love her!”

Reham from Weesp

“Took care of my children very well, played with them and put them to sleep. ”

Carly from Haarlem

“responsible, great with kids ”

Estee from Amsterdam

“Kim is very easy going and engaging with the kids. I enjoy her sense of calm which makes me feel very comfortable having her with my 2 and 7 year old.”

Jordan from Amsterdam

“Delilah was really lovely. Would definitely book again!”

Jesse from Amsterdam

“Kyra was great with my 10m old baby. Got along well, played and laughed. And then got her to finish her dinner, into bed and cleaned up after. Could not ask for better! thanks Kyra!”

Eugenie from Amsterdam

“An ideal nanny -- warm, easygoing, flexible, and really loves kids.”

Cristiana from Amsterdam

“susan and my son quickly connected! when we came home he was playing happy and relaxed. thanks a lot!”

Vero from Amsterdam

“she was very nice! ”

Eugenie from Amsterdam

“Holly was warm and incredibly friendly. She charmed the 2 year old and did homework with the 7 year old -- we cannot wait to have her sit again!”

Manuel from Amsterdam

“jennate was heel lief voor onze dreumes!”

Natalie from 's-Gravenhage

“Punctual, and great with our boys (playing games, reading together). ”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Dhea has got to be one of the sweetest babysitters ever. She is so gentle and kind with my daughter, my daughter just loves her!”

Wim en Lea from Aerdenhout

“suus is very sweet and had a very good click with our boys. ”

Catherine from Amsterdam

“I had a very good impression of Diana when I came home my kid was in bed alseep... Perfect”

Tatiana from Amstelveen

“Deyanira is very friendly, our daughter had a lot of fun and would love to spend time together again! Very flexible in accepting the booking last minute and staying a little longer when asked to. Thank you so much for helping us”

Cristiana from Amsterdam

“Eva made a very nice connection with my son, its nice to have her around!”

Sarah from Utrecht

“Roos did awesome with the kids!”

Jackie from Amsterdam

“Alexandra was super sweet with our daughter, playing a lot, taking her outside, feeding her lunch—a great day for her. would hire again for sure ”

Lauren from 's-Gravenhage

“This is my 2nd time having Luiza babysit. The kids love playing with her. We will definitely use her again!”

Cristina from Amsterdam

“very sweet and warm! ”

Eugenie from Amsterdam

“Alessia is incredibly sweet and lovely. We always are happy to see her!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Elena is a great oppas!”

Guido from Amstelveen

“Diana is a very nice babysitter, taking good care of our 14 months-old daughter. clearly experienced with small kids and very playful. our daughter was very happy to be playing with Diana. ”

Mara from Amsterdam

“Our kids had a lot of fun with Sterre! We hope to see her again!”

Bonita from Amsterdam

“amazing. lovely lady and excelling with our young children ”

Jessica from Amsterdam

“Anna was a thoughtful and kind caregiver for our son, as well as a generally warm and loving presence. We hope to work with her again! ”

Vero from Amsterdam

“amazing girl and very sweet! ”

Laura from 's-Gravenhage

“She was awesome with our babygirl ”

Maianh from Amsterdam

“Anna is very nice and sweet. our sons love her and they was able to sleep easily. we hope to have her next time we go out”

Matt from Amsterdam

“very much enjoyed having Souraya spend time with the girls and look forward to seeing her again ”

Kieran from Amsterdam

“managed 3 young kids at bed time very well! thankbyou Sherilaine!”

Sarah from Hilversum

“wonderful sitter, very friendly & kids were thrilled to have her company - helpful & flexible - would highly recommend & book again in a heartbeat - thanks Nilsu dor making us all so happy & relaxed! ”

Lauren from 's-Gravenhage

“Luiza is an excellent babysitter. She was very enthusiastic and immediately connected to my children. My daughter became ill while I was out and Luiza handled it with extreme care and kindness. I highly recommend her.”

Cathrine from Amsterdam

“Margriet was great, handling unexpected circumstances with no trouble at all :)”

Jackie from Leiden

“Giorgia was great — punctual, polite & gentle. Our three year old daughter took to her immediately, which is rare. We look forward to seeing her next time!”

Baukje from Leiden

“very polite and nice”

Jay from Amsterdam

“the kids and Ms. Sauci had a great time making a delicious potato soup and playing “camping” indoors! ”

Lucie from Amsterdam

“Caroline was really great! as soon as she cake in she took over and my son loved her. She had to take him to swimming class and football and she managed very well. We will have her back for sure.”

Chelsea & Michael from Amsterdam

“thank you so much for your help! inez had fun and we were so happy to see that Dante likes you too! ”

Maria from Amsterdam

“Souraya is the sweetest! Our daughter had so much fun with her. We really felt ecerything was under control and could enjoy our night out. We will repeat for sure. ”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Hannah is a wonderful oppas! ”

Stijn from Utrecht

“Maria was amazing taking care of our son, on a day when the creche was closed. She has great insights, asked all the right questions and was very familiar with taking care of children. He had a great time and they did activities together. She even got him to nap! highly recommend! ”

Charmaine from Son en Breugel

“Dyliana was very good with my son, and seems they had a great day together.”

Yasmina from 's-Gravenhage

“Patient and very helpful. ”

Shaina from Amsterdam

“Wendy is my kids favorite sitter by far! She is interactive the entire time she is here, playing and reading with them. She manages to leave their play area perfectly clean every time, and the kids never want her to leave. ”

Alissa from Amsterdam

“Ohassima was wonderful with our son! we would highly recommend her. ”