Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars, often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

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Gunjan from Haarlem

“Thank you for taking care of the kid , highly recommended.”

Samantha from Haarlem

“A lovely girl. She was quick to make our 2.5 year old feel comfortable meeting him for the first time. We've booked her again already.”

Kate from Amsterdam

“Florence took excellent care of my 11 month old baby, even though it was extra challenging because he’s not feeling too good at the moment.”

Eduard from Leidschendam

“The girls loved her instantly. What a great babysitter.”

Katerina from 's-Gravenhage

“Our daughter is absolutely happy with Maaike. We hope to see her again.”

Abdelwahab from Amsterdam

“Sabine was very lovely to our daughter We recommend her defiantly. Thank you Sabine”

Harikrishnan from Nieuw-Vennep


Alaa from Amsterdam

“Hajar is so sweet and calm! I was super comfortable! She watched my 6 month old baby”

Harikrishnan from Nieuw-Vennep


L. from Haarlem

“Oumaima is fantastic ‘angel’. Very trustworthy and reliable! Thank you so much for everything!”

Harikrishnan from Nieuw-Vennep


Marie from Amsterdam

“Aicha was lovely with Pippa. First meeting and we felt at ease with her. Thank you Aicha and see you again soon.”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Super kind, friendly, reliable and engaged with the kids”

Victoria from Amstelveen

“Sabine was great and seemed to hit it off with our son immediately!”

Erica from Amsterdam

“Tanika was fantastic!”

Shuann from 's-Gravenhage

“Irina is just wonderful! I’m so thankful!”

Ikhtiyor from Amsterdam

“She was super helpful, 2nd time and we are very happy with her. Thank you!”

Jonathan from Amsterdam

“fantastic with both boys. will use again. ”

Emma from Amsterdam

“Ani is a total pro. Warm and immediately great with my 4 year old.”

Kate from Amsterdam

“Dounia was fantastic - reliable, responsible, and she obviously has lots of experience with babies. My 11 month old had a great time :)”

Eugenie from Amsterdam

“Super friendly and great energy My son loved her”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Lovely, friendly punctual and engaged with the kids”

William & Mary from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you for your amazing help Steffany. Really appreciated your patience and time playing with the kids.”

Londeka from Rijswijk

“Puck was great with my son, she was attentive and gave him all the attention. She was awesome.”

Ahmed from 's-Gravenhage

“Candice was really helpful and I am really happy to know her , also Malika seems to be happy”

Yasmina from 's-Gravenhage

“Wanda is amazing. She is reliable, kind and very patient.”

emanuela from Amsterdam

“All perfect ?”

Jessica from Amsterdam


Aurora from Amsterdam

“Iris was great! Our son was immediately at ease with her and had a fun time playing. We will definitely hire her again!”

Abdelwahab from Amsterdam

“Lena was very good with our child We recommend her for any parent who looking for a patient and lovely one to take care of their child”

Marcus from Amsterdam

“Thank you Nina. The kids had a wonderful day - making cookies, going for a walk, eating dinner and getting to bed. Thank you so much”

Jaspreet from Amsterdam

“Trisha was great! She was attentive and caring. She played with our daughter, read her books and put to her bed (even earlier than expected). Recommend her to other parents!”

Ejaz from Amsterdam

“Lovely babysitting experience highly recommended”

Dominic from 's-Gravenhage

“Gabby was charming and the kids loved her from the word go.”

Bruno from Amsterdam

“Nicolien was very punctual and everything went very smoothly! :)”

Si-Jing from 's-Gravenhage

“everything was perfect!”

Nurain from Rotterdam

“Gabriëlla is very sweet and my son clicks along with her very well. Would love to have her again in future.”

Kimbra from Amsterdam

“Super!! Loved having her!”

Jay from Amsterdam

“Super nice and also flexible when we needed to arrive home a little late!”

Josie from Amsterdam

“Ani is extremely friendly, patient, and kind with our little boy, even when he is being fussy.”

Laura from 's-Gravenhage

“She took care of my 9 months old and she was happy playing with her and on her own. She was responsive when she started to be fussy. However, she was very attached to her phone.”

Johan from Amsterdam

“Thanks Jolene! And sorry for arriving back a lot later than we originally planned. And thanks that that was no problem! Till next time. (I put an a extra hour and the maximum tip as a thank you)”

Theodoros from Amsterdam

“We have Charlot babysitting our 14m old daughter for the second time. As with the first time, she fed her, played with her, put her to bed, so everything went fine!”

Katie from Amsterdam

“Fantastic! Liz has a warm and very welcoming demeanor. Kids had a great time!”

Peter from Amsterdam

“Sienna was very playful with the girls and they enjoyed it. She also was able to show up earlier on shirt notice”

emanuela from Amsterdam

“Amina is great. Giulio and my cats enjoyed a lot her company.”

Harikrishnan from Nieuw-Vennep

“Very good.”

rashmi from Amsterdam

“Our fav angel ? my son is always happy when Ikram is around”

Tiana from Dordrecht

“The app isn't working very well, so I hope it shows the highest amount of stars. She is AMAZING! Baby whisperer. My 1 year old doesn't like anyone, but she actually fell asleep on Wajnat. My 3 year old loved showing her the playroom and asked when she's coming back, haha. Very amazing woman. So grateful to have had her to watch our babies.”

Sean from Eindhoven

“Dyliana is very good with my boys. She's very helpful and flexible. I would recommend her!”

Eliska from Diemen

“Donna is an absolute star. My toddler loves her!”

Camille from Leiden

“As always perfect”

Dean from Amsterdam


Baukje from Leiden

“Lovely babysitter”

Romain from Amsterdam

“Lovely experience. She was attentive and kind to my dau ghter. She got her fed, showered (including hair washing and braiding) and in bed seemlessly. Great experience”

Josie from Amsterdam

“Amira was very friendly and patient with our 6 month old. She also cooked a delicious dinner for us!”

Kevin, Natasha & Clara from Amsterdam

“Our daughter had a wonderful time with Juliette!”

Theodoros from Amsterdam

“For some reason i cannot select any rating in the app. Charlot is professional, she came on time, had a good connection with our 14m daughter. She fed her, played with her and put her to bed at her normal time. All good, i would give 5 stars.”

Aryuna from Amsterdam

“We had another great experience with Monique. Kids enjoy playing with her.”

Yury from Haarlem

“Everything went great!”

Rachel from Amsterdam

“Thank you so much!”

Anna from Amsterdam

“all good and cery professional! ”

Kate from Amsterdam

“Yuki was great - she took baby for a walk in the park then home for some playtime. I felt safe leaving my 11 month old in her care. ”

Rachel from Amsterdam

“She was great with my 2 year old. Thanks so much!”

Elina from Amsterdam

“Anna has been great!! As always :)”

Vero from Amsterdam

“She was very punctual and very nice to my daughters”

Marti from Amsterdam

“Always a pleasure! So friendly and my son really likes her!”

Diala from Amsterdam

“Great sitter, our son bonded very well with her and was cool when I came back a little late :) thanks!”