Babysitting through Charly Cares

Babysitting through Charly Cares is the best (part-time) babysitting job there is. You work on fixed days a week, on moments you can and want to. Sign up for an phone interview now and babysit for the best families near you. You choose when, where, and how often you babysit, but at least you are available for the next six months. Moreover, you will also determine your own hourly rate.


Looking for a great job as a babysitter? Babysitting through Charly Cares means:

  • Work when you want to

    Indicate in the calendar when you can work, so that you only work when you want to.

  • Meet the best families

    Get matched with the best families in your neighbourhood.

  • Earn well

    Set your own hourly rate and receive your earnings within 4 work days.

A job that fits you

At Charly Cares, you decide when you work. But we expect you to be available for the next six months. For example as a fixed babysitter, with the same family. Or at variable times, as an occasional babysitter.

Fixed BabysittingFlexible Babysitting

Babysitting near you

Charly Cares operates in almost 60 places across the Netherlands. In our Babysitting App, you will be matched with the best families who live near you. Discover where we are available now.

Babysitting near you

Phone interview

Before you can start working as a Babysitting Angel, we would love to meet you, so that we can get to know each other better. A new babysitter can be quite exciting for parents, and the most important thing is that the children are in good hands.

our interview

Hourly rates and earnings

Of course, what you will end up earning is not unimportant. The great thing is that you are free to determine this yourself, because you can set your own hourly rate. We do provide some guidelines, so that you know what the average hourly rate is. So, earn good money!

Hourly rates and earnings

Meet our Babysitting Angels

Want to know what our Babysitting Angels think about babysitting through Charly Cares? Watch this video now.

Reviews about families at Charly Cares

Leonora from Heemstede


Rosie-lee from Amsterdam

“Lovely family!”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Fun and easy going family :)”

Karlijn from Utrecht

“Really nice family!”

Karen from Amsterdam

“:) thank you Ana”

Sara from Rotterdam

“Amazing as always!”

Naigel from 's-Gravenhage

“Top !”

Maartje from Utrecht

“it was a nice family”

Lina from Amsterdam


Celien from Amsterdam


Zoë from Amsterdam

“Fijne oppaservaring!”

Kimberley from Rotterdam

“Heel leuk dat ik 2 dagen voor hun kat mocht zorgen terwijl hun op vakantie waren. Communicatie was duidelijk & heb de juiste instructie gekregen. Fijne familie!”

Rana from Amstelveen

“Ik vond het een heel lief meisje en ze was ook heel gezellig”

Bruna from Haarlem

“Esme is a lovely kid! And the family is extremely caring and nice. It was a lovely experience.”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Lovely family and very sweet and well behaved kids :)”

Charifa from Amsterdam

“Always great! Felt at home, Val is such a joy!”

Pauline from 's-Gravenhage

“Amazing family !!”

Bo from Amsterdam

“Hele lieve kinderen! Ook goede communicatie met de ouders. :)”

Bo from Zandvoort

“Leuk gezin!”

Fenna from Haarlem

“Hele lieve mensen, stelde mij gelijk op mn gemak en kom ik zeker vaker terug !”

Bente from Amsterdam

“Heel gezellig, en super lieve kids !!”

Manon from Voorhout


Monique from Amsterdam

“Super friendly family with a lovely boy!”

Madelief from Amsterdam


Giomie from Rotterdam

“. Y”

Bensu from Schiedam

“It was fun:)”

Jana from Amsterdam

“Kind family and two really lovely kids”

grace from Haarlem

“Really nice family”

Rosie-lee from Amsterdam

“Lovely family!”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Lovely, friendly family!”

Karen from 's-Gravenhage

“Great family”

Madelief from Amsterdam


T.M.G. from Amsterdam

“Very nice family and a lovely little girl.”

Viktoriia from 's-Gravenhage

“Charlie is nice girl, we played Barbies, sew and watch a bit movie together.”

Iris from 's-Gravenhage

“Constantijn’s moeder is onwijs vriendelijk en behulpzaam! Constantijn is erg lief, zelfststandig en vind het leuk om samen spelletjes te doen!”

Joyce from Amsterdam

“Fijn gezin met twee ontzettend lieve kindjes”

Mirte from Utrecht

“Heel aardig en hele lieve kinderen!”

Lola from Amstelveen

“Een hele fijne familie die afspraken nakomt! Heel fijn oppassen”

Aimee from Amsterdam


Juliette Lina from Amsterdam

“Very nice family”

Sara from Amsterdam

“Lucy is een lief meisje en heel erg energievol om op te passen!”

Laida from 's-Gravenhage

“Really nice family.”

Ikram from Amsterdam


Douae from Amsterdam

“Lovely family”

Loes from Haarlem

“Lieve ouders :)”

Noa from Amsterdam

“Really kind family!”

Noa from Amsterdam

“Heel aardig en warm gezin”

Sarah from Amstelveen

“Kinderen zijn super lief”

grace from Haarlem

“Great family !”

Lisa from Amsterdam


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