Find your dog sitter at Charly Cares

Find your reliable dog sitter at Charly Cares

Family and friends, work, exercising, weekend getaways, vacations; life can sometimes get busy and hectic. Yet, caring for your dog(s) is just as important, and that can be quite a challenge at times. With Charly Cares, you can provide your furry friend(s) with the care and attention they deserve. Our trustworthy Angels work as dog sitters and are ready with joy for your loyal four-legged companion.

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

The benefits of dog sitting with Charly Cares

  • Fast, simple, and smart

    Through our platform, you can find, book, and pay for the dog sitter with just one click. We are available throughout the Netherlands.

  • Our Angels

    They are personally and carefully selected and reviewed after each booking. They will respond if interested after you make your request.

  • Safe & reliable

    Every Angel and family is reviewed after each booking. You can count on our Customer Care and insurance if needed.

Dog sitting at home or taking the dog on a sleepover

Dog sitting at home

The Angel comes to your place, in the dog's familiar environment. This can be for a day or even an extended period.

The dog goes to the sitter

By arrangement, the dog can also stay with the sitter. Make sure to coordinate expectations well.

Dog sitters via Charly Cares: discover now

Discover Charly Cares' Angels

"I have a dachshund myself and always find it super fun to watch my dog play with other dogs. Win-win: super fun for the doggies and for me too of course!"

Tara's skills: knows a lot about dogs

Lou's experience with sitting pets

"I grew up with dogs & cats in the house, but now that I live on my own I miss that a lot. So I'm very happy to babysit other dogs, cats or other pets!"

Lou's skills: a lot of experience with cats and dogs

"I often babysit my neighbor's dog when they are away for a weekend, for example. I always find that so cozy and would love to do that a lot more often!"

Trisha's skills: prefers to be outside all day long

Dog sitting during your vacation

Do you need a dog sitter for an extended period, such as a weekend getaway or vacation? Our Angels are also happy to assist, and it's good to know: You determine the payout for each booking.

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

Frequently asked questions about dog sitting

How do you know if the Angel is reliable?

At Charly Cares, our Angels are carefully selected and assessed by families after each babysitting service. Schedule a introductory meeting with your Angel to discuss specific care preferences if you wish. This process ensures that your pet is in the hands of a trustworthy and loving babysitter at Charly Cares.

My pet has specific traits, can I find a babysitter with you?

Clearly mention the characteristics of your dog in the booking request. This way, you can be sure that the babysitters who respond can actually handle those traits, ensuring a great match!

How much does a pet sitter cost?

You determine how much you want to pay for a booking, whether it's for a few hours or a few weeks, such as for a vacation. Then, the sitter can make a counteroffer, which you can either accept or reject. The price is per booking and not based on the number of dogs. You decide the amount.