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Do you live in Haarlem, Heemstede, Aerdenhout, Bloemendaal or Zandvoort and do you need a babysitter? Then Charly Cares is here for you. We can help you find a trusted, screened babysitter to come to your house. Whether you are looking for someone to come by regularly, occasionally or last minute; Charly Cares has what you need. So you can go to work. Or go out for coffee Portrait. Or to the beach without the kids? We will make it happen.

So, now that you know you can find a babysitter in or around Haarlem, how exactly does it work? Let us explain. Download the Charly Cares app, enter the date(s) you need a babysitter, tick your favourite Babysitting Angels and in no time we will have found a fixed, after school, flexible & last minute nanny in Haarlem for you.

Personal screening

Meet the reliable babysitters of Charly Cares

Of course, you want nothing more than to leave your kids feeling safe and secure with your babysitter. But how do you know if you have a trustworthy babysitter? Charly Cares screens every Babysitting Angel when they sign up with us. During the screening, subjects such as background information, specific babysitting experience and references will be discussed. So you can feel good about leaving your kids at home.

Fixed, after-school, flexible & last minute

Meet a babysitter near you

Need a Fixed Babysitter? Or would you prefer a Flexible Babysitting Angel? Charly Cares has a huge selection! We will find you the right babysitter. Also if your kids need to be picked up from school or taken to sports practice. For spontaneous moments away, we offer a last minute babysitter up until 3 hours in advance. Great if you want to go out with your partner or friends.

Ratings & reviews

Find a babysitter for every moment

Charly Cares asks you to enter arating after each babysitting service. So you, as a parent, can rate the Babysitting Angel. We also offer you the opportunity to write a review. Not just great for you, but also for us, the babysitter, and other future families!

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Reviews from parents from Haarlem!

Sharon from Haarlem

“I invite Sanae again this afternoon. She's very helpful and reliable. I'll absolutely invite her again”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“Dominique was lovely with our daughter and they really enjoyed playing together. She cannot wait to have her come back again.”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“On time. Great with our kiddo.”

Sharon from Haarlem

“Sanae is super nice and kind. My son has a lovely day together with her. I'll definitely invite her again”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“On-Time. Kind. Made our kiddo happy. ”

Tin from Haarlem

“Ines was great support today and my daughter was very happy. she has a natural bond with kids and finds her way in the house. highly recommned!”

Yuri from Haarlem

“She was very sweet to our girls, thank you!”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“A very kind and patient nanny. Our kiddo really enjoyed her time. ”

Christelle from Haarlem

“Guusje is very friendly, everything went well. She took good care of our daughter, played a lot and put her to bed with stories. ”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“Quiet and responsible. Did a good job watching our kiddo. ”

Jetta from Heemstede

“excellent oppas! very good and kind with the children ”

Jetta from Heemstede

“ The children really loved Shanti and I could tell that she’s naturally very good with children ?”

Aaron from Aerdenhout

“Saar was kind, reliable, and great with out boys. We hope to have her come back to watch the boys again!”

Derek & Jeanne from Haarlem

“A really nice experience for our 3 year old. Fun and attentive. ”

Sky from Haarlem

“Wonderful looking after our daughter, we would definitely recommend Lorena!”

Mark from Haarlem

“Shiraz was top! ”

Rupert from Haarlem

“always great!”

The Charly Cares Babysitting App has many benefits, such as:

☆ Our Babysitting Angels can pick the kids up from school, bring them to their sports practice or do other fun activities with them.

☆ You will never again have to cancel appointments at the last minute!

☆ Oh yeah, it’s time for me-time!

☆ You will always have some babysitters from Haarlem as backup, for if one of them ever happens to be unavailable.