Become a Senior Care Angel with Charly Cares

Become a senior caregiver

There are many (lonely) elderly people who would be delighted with some extra support, love, and attention. Do you have a heart for the elderly and love to visit for a cup of coffee, help with grocery shopping, or give them extra attention with a fun game? Then we—and these elderly people—are incredibly happy with you. Discover how you can support the elderly with your help through Senior Care at Charly Cares!

  • Meaningful part-time job: You truly make a difference for people

  • Flexible working and earning money: You set your own hourly rate

  • Everything easily arranged through our app

Working as a Senior Care Angel: what it looks like

Through the Charly Cares app, you see requests from the elderly or (for example) their family members. In these requests, you immediately see where they need extra help and support. Maybe it’s just for a game, or they need someone to help the elderly person during a doctor’s visit. All help is more than welcome, and you decide where and when you work. Do you love helping others? Then you are a true Angel!

What do you earn as a Senior Care Angel?

Of course, you also want to know what you earn with a Senior Care booking. The good news: you set your own hourly rate, and we do not take a cut. This means your entire hourly rate goes to you. This not only makes it a meaningful job but also a great way to earn extra money!

How do I become a Senior Care Angel?

  • Sign up via the form on this page

  • We will send you an email with all the information about the registration process

  • Follow the steps in the email and complete the process in our app

  • Have you completed the process in the app? You can now respond to bookings in the app and start caregiving. Have fun!

Good to know: these are often fixed-time bookings

With Senior Care, it is important to provide a regular face, so that a (lonely) senior can build a bond with you as an Angel. Therefore, carefully consider whether you can do something for a senior at fixed times during the week, such as every Monday at a fixed time.

I want to make a difference for (lonely) seniors