Babysitting through Charly Cares

Are you looking for new babysitting families? You can easily create a profile in our Babysitting App and get matched with the best families near you. Charly Cares is more than just a babysitting platform, however. We also offer personal support for every Babysitting Angel. So sign up now and, hopefully, we will see you soon!

Become a Babysitting Angel

Looking for babysitting jobs? The benefits of Charly Cares:

  • Only babysit when you can and want to.

    With our Angel Calendar, you indicate when you are and are not available.

  • You decide how much you earn.

    In our Babysitting App, you can set your own hourly rate. That means earning well!

  • Babysit for the best families

    You create your own babysitting network out of families near you.

Find your part-time babysitting job through our Babysitting App

You will receive requests from families near you through our Babysitting App. That is why it is important for you to always fill out your Angel calendar accurately; only then will you receive requests for times you truly are available to babysit. With the request, you will also be able to view the family’s profile. You choose when you babysit! You can already get to know the family too via the chat in the app. Easy, right?

Become a Babysitting Angel

Our Support Team

The Charly Cares Support Team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and remarks. Has a parent cancelled a babysitting service, but do you still want to babysit? We will help you look for a new booking. Is something not working in the app? We’ll help you out! You can always call us on 020 - 210 23 23, WhatsApp us or contact us via the direct chat. Do you have a general question? Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

The Charly Cares Angel insurance

Accidents happen, and sometimes you might unintentionally cause damage during a babysitting service. Definitely unpleasant, but how do you fix it? All Angels are insured for damage through our unique Angel insurance. So that you will be able to babysit without having to worry or think about these kinds of things.

Become a Babysitting Angel

A part-time babysitting job with doctor helpline

While babysitting, you can call our doctor helpline 24/7. Eh, what? Yes, through our doctor helpline there are always medical experts ready with professional advice. You can call the helpline via the Babysitting App in case the parents do not answer the phone and the GP has put you on hold. In case of an emergency you should, of course, always call 112.

Become a Babysitting Angel

Our Angels on Charly Cares

Watch this video now and discover what our Angels think of their babysitting jobs for Charly Cares.

Frequently asked questions

Do you already need babysitting experience to become an Angel?

Yes, we require 2 years of experience working with children. Charly Cares will ask you to provide us 2 references of families you have worked before.

What will the interview look like?

During the interview, we will talk about your background, personality, what type of babysitter you are and, of course, your babysitting experience. You will also get more information regarding the app and we will take a great picture of you for you Angel Profile. The interview lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. See you soon!

More about the interview

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

During the interview, we will set your day and night rates, based on your age and experience. The rate varies from €5,- to €11,- per hour. After the interview, you be able to see your hourly rate in your profile in the app. Parents can also give you a tip through the app. Let's make some money!

When will I receive a booking request?

When parents are looking for a Babysitting Angel they will make a booking through the app. The moment they make a booking, they get a search result. This search result is based on age, hourly rate and any additional filters. When your calendar is not blocked on the days that a parent makes a booking, you can receive a booking request.