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Looking for an au pair? Find your babysitter at Charly Cares

Are you looking for an au pair, a babysitter at home, who can help the kids with homework, bring and pick them up from sports practice, play with them outside, and cook for the whole family? Through our babysitting platform, we match you with a fixed Babysitting Angel who can help you out whenever you need!

An au pair or a babysitter?

A fixed Charly Cares Babysitting Angel is the perfect replacement for an au pair. With a fixed babysitter from Charly Cares, you will never again have to worry about timetables and you'll know for certain that the kids are in good hands. Our Babysitting Angels are there for you at any time!

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Charly’s Babysitting Angels are reliable

And are Charly's Babysitting Angels reliable? Most definitely! All our Babysitting Angels are personally screened beforehand by our professional team, so that we can match you only with the most reliable Babysitting Angels. We ask all our Angels for their study background, babysitting experience, and we also discuss the babysitting references during the interview. Responsibility and integrity are paramount at Charly Cares.

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A suitable au pair

An Au Pair Or Babysitter Who Helps You With Household

So, how do you find a suitable babysitter? At Charly Cares, we work with an advanced online matching system. In our Babysitting App, you will be matched with a Babysitting Angel based on a number of criteria, such as specific babysitting experience, availability, language, and zip code. You can also filter for things that are important to you, such as first aid, pro icon, or household chores, for example cleaning and/or grocery shopping and cooking.

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Charly Cares - the Babysitting App

In our app, you'll be able to book a babysitter near you in just a few minutes. Because of our matching system, you'll only see Angels who fit your family. Choose your favourite based on the extensive profiles et voilà: you've found your new babysitter. Prior to the babysitting service you can discuss any important matters with the babysitter through the chat in our app. After the babysitting service, you pay the babysitter online through the app, easy does it!

Quality & safety during the babysitting service

Quality and safety are paramount to our Charly Cares babysitting service. Our Babysitting Angels are insured for damage through a liability insurance (Alicia Insurance).

Download our Babysitting App and book an experienced fixed babysitter at home with ease