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Do you live in Utrecht, Bilt or Zeist and do you need a babysitter? Then you have come to the right place. We would love to help you find a trusted babysitter. To babysit at your home. Whether you are looking for a fixed, flexible or last minute babysitter; Charly Cares offers a huge selection for you to choose from. So you can go to work feeling good. Or to your coffee date at 30ml the roaster. Or to your date-night with your partner.

The good news is that you can easily find a babysitter in Utrecht, Zeist and Bilt; but what’s next? It’s simple. Download the Charly Cares app, enter the date(s) you need a babysitter, tick your favourite Babysitting Angels and in no-time we will have arranged a fixed, after-school, flexible & last minute nanny in and around Utrecht for you.

Personal interview

Charly Cares' babysitters are screened personally

Great, a babysitter! But how do you know if the babysitter is trustworthy? An excellent question, which is why we arrange for a personal interview when a Babysitter Angel signs up with us. During this meeting, subjects such as background information, specific babysitting experience and references are discussed. So you can leave your offspring with the babysitter feeling confident and safe.

Fixed, after-school, flexible, last minute

Meet the different types of babysitters of Charly Cares

Need a fixed babysitter? Or would you rather have a Flexible Babysitting Angel? Your wish is our command, because we have a large selection for you to choose from! No worries, also when your child needs to picked up from school or dropped off at sports practice. For spontaneous moments away, we offer a last minute babysitter up until three hours in advance. Great if you want to go out for a night. Or when you really need to go to that one work event.

Rating & review

Discover the ratings and reviews of other parents

After every babysitting service, we offer you the possibility to rate the Angel. You can also provide a written review. Great not just for you, but also for us, the Angel and future families!

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Reviews from parents from Utrecht!

Sina from Utrecht

“was great to have Evianne and everything went super well! ”

Florent from Utrecht

“Lorraine is super nice and enthousiat. The kids love her and had a good time with her. We will book another time with her for sure. ”

Lindi from Utrecht

“she is very helpful and flexible, and stays so relaxed even when our days do not ho to plan or thongs change last minutes. very lucky to have Iza on pur team at the momemt!”

Lindi from Utrecht

“She is very sweet with the kids and a nice calm energy to have around. Unfortunately today our bakfiets tire popped while she was out with the kids and they had to walk home but I didn’t hear a word of complaint about it when I got home. Instead they told me about the adventure and didn’t want Iza to leave. A very good sign in my books!”

Stephanie from Utrecht

“Lilly was a star and saved our evening out at the last minute. she is kind and friendly! hopefully next time you can see the kids when they are awake. ”

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Benefits of the Babysitting App

☆ Our Babysitting can pick up your offspring from school, take them to their sports practice or engage in other fun activities with them

☆ Cancelling appointments last minute is a thing of the past. Nice!

☆ Oh yeah, it’s time for some me-time!

☆ You have your pick of babysitters, so you always have one as backup, if another one is ever suddenly unavailable.