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Fixed babysitting through Charly Cares

Are you looking for a fixed part-time job? Become a fixed babysitter for Charly Cares! As a fixed babysitter, you can schedule fixed times each week to babysit for families near you. We expect you to be available for at least 1 weekday, the whole day. So you are always ensured a certain number of bookings and income per week and our parents are able to count on you.

  • Weekly babysitting when you can

  • Babysit only when you want to

  • Match with the best families near you

Become a Babysitting Angel at Charly Cares and find babysitting work

Weekly babysitting when you can

In the Angel calendar in our Babysitting App, you indicate when you are available to babysit. In the fixed babysitting preferences, you can let us know what parts of the day you would like to receive fixed bookings for. That way, you will only receive requests from parents for times you actually can and want to babysit.

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Be ensured a fixed income

By babysitting on a fixed basis, you are ensured a certain number of bookings per week. You can choose to babysit for 1 family on a fixed basis, but it could also be several families. With a fixed number of bookings comes a fixed income; you will receive your babysitting earnings within 4 work days in your account.

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Match with the best families near you

We only match you with families that truly fit you. For example, you can indicate whether or not there can be dogs or cats in the house, or show that you are willing to pick the kids up from school with a car. That way, we can be certain that you will only receive relevant requests.

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Discover why fixed babysitting through Charly Cares is the perfect part-time job.

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Frequently asked questions about babysitting through Charly Cares

What will the interview look like?

During the interview, we will talk about your background, personality, what type of babysitter you are and, of course, your babysitting experience. You will also get more information regarding the app and we will take a great picture of you for you Angel Profile. The interview lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. See you soon!

More about the interview

How do fixed booking requests work?

Do you want to babysit on a fixed basis? Great! Indicate so in your calendar and preferences. To update your calendar, go to 'Calendar' → click 'Update calendar' → click 'Fixed babysitting service(s)' and indicate when you would be available to be a fixed babysitter. To update your preferences, go to 'Profile' → click 'Preferences' and edit your preferences.

I have just received a fixed booking request for which I cannot do all the dates. What to do?!

Good news: for a fixed booking request, in the new app you can now send the parent a counter offer. You indicate which moments you can babysit & await the parent's approval. You can do so by having a look at the booking request and indicating through check marks which babysitting services you can and cannot babysit.

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

During the interview, we will set your day and night rates, based on your age and experience. The rate varies from €5,- to €11,- per hour. After the interview, you be able to see your hourly rate in your profile in the app. Parents can also give you a tip through the app. Let's make some money!

How do parents pay me after each babysitting service?

A timer starts automatically when the booking starts. Parents will stop the timer when they come back home. After the timer is stopped, the payment is automatically initiated and you will be paid within 4 working days.