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Do you want to babysit via Charly Cares? Great! We’re available in all of the Netherlands, but we have a lot of parents in the cities below and the neighbouring cities. We’re growing every day in every city, so signup now app and we'll keep you posted about our progress.

Babysit in Amstelveen

Do you live in Amstelveen and want to babysit for families living near you? Sign up now for Charly Cares!

Babysit in Amstelveen

Babysit in Amsterdam

Do you want to babysit in Amsterdam or the surrounding area? Take the kids to the Vondelpark or to Artis.

Babysit in Amsterdam

Babysitting in the Hague

Do you live in or near the Hague? Then you can babysit through Charly Cares! Discover the places where we operate now!

Babysitting in the Hague

Babysitting jobs in Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Geldrop, Helmond, you name it! Do you live in the Eindhoven region? Become a Babysitting Angel!

Babysit in Eindhoven

Babysit in Het Gooi

Want to babysit in Hilversum, Naarden, Huizen, or thereabouts? Yes! Sign up for Charly Cares now.

Babysit in Het Gooi

Babysit in Haarlem

Take the kids to the beach for a breath of fresh air! Do you want to babysit in the area of Haarlem? Register now.

Babysit in Haarlem

Babysitting Leiden

Do you live in Leiden or near Sleutelstad? Then you can babysit for the best families through Charly Cares.

Babysitting in Leiden

Babysitting jobs in Rotterdam

Want to babysit in Rotterdam or Capelle aan den IJssel? Get in touch with the best families through Charly Cares!

Babysitting in Rotterdam

Babysitting in Utrecht

Do you live in the Domstad or in the surrounding area? Then you can babysit for families near you through Charly Cares.

Babysitting in Utrecht

Oppaswerk Rotterdam

Wil je oppassen in Rotterdam of Capelle aan den Ijssel? Yes, wij hebben oppaswerk bij de leukste gezinnen!

Oppassen in Rotterdam

Oppaswerk in Tilburg

Tilburg (en omgeving) heeft nu het leukste aanbod oppaswerk voor jou: check out Charly Cares!

Oppassen in Tilburg

Oppassen Utrecht

Woon je in de Domstad of omgeving? Dan kun jij oppassen via Charly Cares bij gezinnen op fietsafstand.

Oppassen in Leiden

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Want to babysit for families who live within cycling distance from you? Charly Cares is here for you! Sign up now and plan your interview.

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