Babysitting in Leiden

Take the kids on an expedition to Hortus and spot the carnivorous plants! Or take them to discover the most bizarre finds from nature in Naturalis. In short: babysitting in Leiden never bores! And if you also have the ability to decide your own working hours, doesn’t that sound like a super chill job? Right! Download the Charly Cares Babysitting App now and sign up!

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Would you like to start babysitting quickly? We would love to meet you! After your registration in our app, we would first like to meet you during an online interview. When this has gone well, you can immediately start working as a babysitter.

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Babysitting Angel ☆ Roos (Leiden):

“In Leiden, there is plenty to do for kids. I always like to take them to the petting zoo in Merenwijk park. I’m happy to have signed up as an Angel, so I can make some money next to my studies!”

– Roos Schelberg, Babysitting Angel in Leiden

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5x fun with kids in Leiden

  • Look for the parrots and owls in the bushes of Avifauna. Who will be the first to spot them?

  • An afternoon of boating on the canals of Leiden? Aye aye, Captain!

  • Cuddle with the goats at petting zoo Merenwijk.

  • Get comfortable at movie theatre Trianon with some popcorn next to you!

  • Walk through the Hortus Botanicus and discover the weirdest plants and the oldest trees.

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