Looking for a babysitter during the holidays?

Looking for a holiday babysitter? Find you babysitter at Charly Cares

Are you at the end of your rope because, while you have to work, the kids have summer vacation? No stress, Charly Cares is here to offer a holiday babysitter to every parent such as yourself. A babysitter at home is the start of a carefree holiday! To put it bluntly, they'll ensure that your kids are taken care of. Our Babysitting angels will do fun activities with them, but if necessary can also do the grocery shopping and cook dinner. You can discuss the exact tasks with the babysitter beforehand via our Babysitting App.

A holiday babysitter or a fixed babysitter?

Don't know whether to pick a holiday babysitter at home or a fixed babysitter? A fixed babysitter from Charly Cares is perfect for when your kids have a school holiday and you have to keep working. We like to call that holiday care at home! A fixed babysitter from Charly Cares can be booked for up to 3 consecutive months.

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Find a babysitter for during the holidays

A trustworthy Babysitting Angel

Our enthusiastic, experienced Babysitting Angels are reliable! And do you know why? At Charly Cares, all Babysitting Angels are screened in advance by a professional team. The screening includes a discussion of study background, hobbies and interests, and babysitting experience.

In addition to the personal screening, each babysitting service is assessed by the parent through a rating and an optional written review. Charly Cares checks both of these thoroughly and intervenes when necessary in order to safeguard the quality of each babysitting service.

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A holiday babysitter to your liking

Suitable holiday care can be quite hard to find. At Charly Cares, we aim to change that! Based on availability, specific babysitting experience, languages, and zip code, your family will be matched with one of our Babysitting Angels. This all happens through an advanced online system in the Charly Cares Babysitting App. The app also offers a chat functionality, so that you can communicate with the Babysitting Angel before, during, and after the babysitting service.

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A Charly Cares babysitting service is safe and high in quality

When you've booked a Babysitting Angel, you can leave the house without having to worry. If damage occurs during the babysitting service, you don't need to worry. All Angels have a liability insurance and are therefore insured for damage.

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Find A Babysitter For The Holiday Season Via Charly Cares