Charly Cares, for seniors who could use a little help

Are you looking for some extra support for yourself or an elderly person in your neighborhood? As of now, Charly Cares offers Senior Care: our new care service where seniors are supported with everyday tasks or for some extra company. In this way we hope to reduce the pressure on (family) caregivers and extend the time that seniors live independently at home. Our Angels lovingly help with running an errand, doing laundry or helping with cooking. But also consider some extra company, by having a cup of coffee together or going for a walk.

Wondering what Senior Care could mean for you, your family member or acquaintance? Read more on this page.

For these moments, you can count on Senior Care

Through the babysitting platform Charly Cares, you book an Angel who helps a senior or provides companionship with everyday tasks or activities in and around the home. In this way, our Angels contribute in a positive way to loneliness among the elderly, but also relieve the pressure on family caregivers. In addition, we hope this will encourage the elderly to continue living independently at their home for as long as possible. We do not specialize in medical care or home care. Therefore, we are happy to leave that to the professionals.

Examples of care services:

  • Help with everyday tasks, such as doing groceries (together), cooking, doing laundry

  • Companionship during a visit to the doctor, health care provider or another appointment

  • A little extra attention for the senior by taking a walk, playing cards or having a lunch date

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Annie: "Senior Care is a blessing"

"I myself help elderly and chronically ill people so they can continue to live at home as long as possible. I've noticed that the demand is increasing. It's good for the elderly to have young people (like Angels) around them. Senior Care is a blessing as far as I'm concerned: it's amazing when Angels can provide companionship and help with small chores around the house!

- Annie (Amidecor)

The most reliable Angel network

Quality, safety, reliability and transparency are number one priorities at Charly Cares. Every Angel is carefully and personally checked before they become active on the platform. Our Angel recruiters look at experience and motivation, but also at providing two references from households where the Angel has previously performed care tasks. Personal details are checked through iDIN, a VOG can be added optionally.

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"Besides my job in childcare, I also like to lend a hand to the older generation. When I was in college, I worked in elder care and I find this (like child care) such rewarding work. I love contributing to that!"

Ashley's skills: experience in elderly care, finished studies in health care

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"I enjoy helping with chores around the house so much, I love being busy and really love it when I can help someone. Because I am a student, I am flexible with my time and often help around the house for a few hours during the day!"

Anouck's skills: volunteered in nursing homes

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"It is so nice to see what something simple (in my eyes) can do for an elderly person. Just playing a game, running some errands or chatting about the old days: it brightens them up so much, and me as well."

Lucia's skills: flexible, sociable and always very patient

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Do you need help, or do you know someone for whom Senior Care comes at just the right time?

At Charly Cares you will find reliable and caring Angels who are happy to support you with company or light household chores. Sign up and discover the possibilities at Charly Cares!

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  • Our Angels

    Each Angel is personally and carefully selected and mandatorily assessed after each care service. They consciously choose a side job to support informal care and elder care. Because they truly care!

  • Quick, simple and smart

    Decide how and when you want to book an Angel. You arrange everything easily in our app. Always insured and paid at the touch of a button!

  • Safe and reliable

    We have personally selected each Angel based on their profile, experience (including references) and motivation. Each Angel and family is mandatorily assessed after each care service. You can count on our Customer Care and insurance as needed.

Curious about what Charly Cares can offer you with Senior Care?

Are you looking for some extra support, for instance, informal caregiving, respite care, or private elderly care? Or simply searching for companionship for the elderly, or home assistance for seniors? Sign up for Charly Cares now and explore the possibilities. Our Angels are here to support you with love!

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