Looking a babysitter in Amsterdam? Discover Charly Cares

Looking for a babysitter in Amsterdam?

Occasionally a nice and reliable babysitter in the house.... That sounds good, right? Could you use the help of a babysitter for a date night, when you have fun plans with friends or to pick up the kids from school? You don't always have family members who can take up these care duties, and that's exactly where Charly Cares comes in. Find out what we do for families in Amsterdam!

  • Personally checked babysitter

  • Fixed, after school, flexible & last-minute

  • Ratings & reviews after every service

More about our reliable Babysitting Angels

Yes, our babysitters are (rightfully) called Babysitting Angels! Experienced and reliable babysitters who have a passion for children and love to play outside with your kids, do crafts, play games or read a book. Reliability is our number one priority, to make you feel safe and secure.

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How we guarantee the quality of our Angels

  • Babysitting experience

    When a new Angel applies, she must provide 2 references from families where she has babysat before. This way, we check the experience and love to hear how the babysitting families describe her!

  • Personal check

    In addition to the mandatory iDIN check on their personal data, a Charly Cares recruiter always does a personal check to learn more about the experience and motivation of the Babysitting Angel

  • Rating & review

    After each babysitting service, the parent fills out a rating & review to rate the Babysitting Angel. We continuously monitor these in our office. In case of a rating lower than 4 stars, we obviously intervene. The reviews are also transparent to you!

Founder Charly about our Babysitting Angels

Founder Charly about our Babysitting Angels

"Hi moms & dads in Amsterdam! I'm Charly, founder of Charly Cares. As a mother of Olivia (and a second on the way) I know very well how important it is to have a nice and reliable babysitter in your home. That's why I value the personal check. I am proud of the fact that we have so many Angels with years of experience, who are following or have followed studies in the direction of PABO, Pedagogy or other care-oriented studies. Real Angels, if you ask me!"

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Reviews from parents in Amsterdam

Jonathan from Amsterdam

“Andrea was terrific with our kids, especially the young one who is adjusting to starting school”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Leonie was friendly, flexible and on time. We would happily ask her to babysit our daughter again.”

Anthony from Amsterdam

“Great afternoon again, our daughter loves spending time with Agnes”

Romain from Amsterdam

“Great, Alexia speaks french and managed very well with the kids that were not that easy. Peacefull leave. Thanks”

Indira from Amsterdam

“Very flexible with when it came time for us to return home. Greatly appreciated! Was able to put our 8 month old to bed as well.”

Danielle from Amsterdam

“Noémie is always fantastic! Our kids love her and she brings extra games and books which they love :)”

Kasia from Amsterdam

“Lorela was professional, asked a lot of questions to understand our son and the way we do things. She gave her energy to play with our son ending in dancing classes for 7 months old which he loved.”

Katie from Amsterdam

“Reliable, good communicator”

Clint from Amsterdam

“Lorela was excellent. Both our girls really loved spending time with her. We can highly recommend Lorela to babysit for everyone.”

Sara from Amsterdam

“She was so sweet to our son! Defenitely going to ask her again.”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“The kids had a lovely time!”

Marissa from Amsterdam

“Ana is incredible with our baby, and we are so lucky to have found her and to have her take care of Ella. Her background in child education, her easy way with our 10 month old, and her professionalism are rare to find and we're very grateful for her presence in our house.”

Alastair from Amstelveen

“Very friendly and got on well with the children.”

James from Amsterdam

“Maddison has a really nice and calm energy, our daughter enjoyed spending time with her!”

Danielle from Amsterdam

“Manuela was fantastic! Got along great with all the children, and organized dinner and was outside with them playing and doing games inside as well. Highly recommend Manuela.”

Benjamin from Amsterdam

“Well done”

Charly from Amsterdam

“Really useful”

Lucie from Amsterdam

“This is the second time that Greg comes to help us and the kids really like him. He is very reliable and trustworthy.”

Giorgi from Amstelveen

“Our has started being super excited every time she's about to come and has a blast each time”

Betty from Amsterdam

“Thanks a lot Leonie for helping us out with our 8.5 month babh while we got ready for the restaurant, and keeping an eye on our her while we were out. We are looking forward to having you again for a futur baby sitting!”

Types of babysitters in Amsterdam

What time are you looking for support in caring for the kids? Whether it's for the occasional night out, for after-school moments to pick up the kids from school, or if you're looking for a last-minute babysitter: our Angels are ready for you! From scholars to students, to Angels who have children of their own who have already left home: there is an Angel to suit you for every moment of the day.

I want a babysitter

How it works in the app:

  • Download the app, create a profile and fill in information about your family (a description, a clear photo). You can start looking for a babysitter right away!

  • Enter the date and time for when you need a babysitter and you will see the Angels near you. Select your favorite Angels, but also put your request on Jobboard: this is a kind of bulletin board where Angels can offer themselves for your booking.

  • Arrange everything through the app: from making the booking, chatting with your Angel and payout. Ideal!

Extra services at Charly Cares: Senior Care & Pet Care

At Charly Cares, you can not only find a babysitter for your children, but you can also get help for an elderly person or arrange a sitter for your pet. Discover the possibilities of Senior Care and Pet Care at Charly Cares.

Frequently asked questions about babysitters in Amsterdam

How do I pay the Angel?

The payment through the app works as follows: when the Angel is at your home, a timer will automatically start, and upon their departure, you stop the timer. Then, you check the times for accuracy and choose whether to pay the Angel privately or through your business (if your employer reimburses for babysitting expenses). If you are paying personally, you can, after consulting with the visiting Angel, choose a payment method:

  1. iDeal: Arrange the payment through your bank app. The Angel will be paid within a day.
  2. Cash or via Tikkie: Arrange the payment directly with the Angel.
  3. Via direct debit: You don't need to do anything else; Charly Cares will debit the amount from your account within 2 working days and pay the Angel after 4 working days.

Note! For a Pet Care booking, a fixed rate applies to that booking. The timer will automatically stop, and you don't need to take any further action. The same applies to a Senior Care booking; the timer will be automatically stopped. Both Pet and Senior Care payments are processed through direct debit.

How do I book a Babysitting Angel?

Easy peasy! In our app, go to 'Discover' > 'Book an Angel'. Enter the dates and times for which you need a babysitter. You will then be able to either select 10 Angels yourself, or post your request on Jobboard.

Selecting 10 Angels yourself? Write a personal message and send the request, then wait for the Angels to respond. If one of them accepts, your request is successful.

If you choose Jobboard, write a personal message and post your request to Jobboard. All Angels near you will be able to see your request and respond. In the end, you decide who ends up babysitting.

What is the hourly rate of a babysitter?

Angels are able to choose their own hourly rate, so it can be different per Angel. The hourly rate varies between approximately €7 and €20 per hour.

Are all Angels screened and what does the screening entail?

Before an Angel can start babysitting via Charly Cares, we meet the Angel personally. 2 references are also checked at first. During the meeting, we dive into motivation, experience and personality. But ultimately, it is up to parent and Angel to judge whether there is a good match between the two parties. We therefore recommend a personal introductory meeting before the Angel comes to babysit.