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Did you always think finding a trusted babysitter in Amsterdam would be difficult? Hell no! Charly Cares is here. We can help you find a trusted and screened babysitter, so you never again have to puzzle over schedules and times and know for sure your kids are in good hands. When you need to work, for example. Or if you want to go for a run in the Vondelpark. Or if you want to grab a bite to eat at Mama Kelly. Or maybe wander around the Rijksmuseum for a day.

Right, so, Charly Cares. But how do you go about finding the perfect babysitter? It’s simple. Download our app, enter the days and hours you need a babysitter, have a look at which Babysitting Angels fit you and your family the best and select away! In no time, we will have arranged a fixed, after-school, flexible & last minute babysitter for you in Amsterdam.

Personal screening

Personal screening of the babysitter

Charly Cares offers every family a trusted babysitter. But, how can you be sure your selected babysitter is actually trustworthy? Excellent question, which is why we arrange for a screening beforehand. During the screening, subjects such as background information, specific babysitting experience and references are discussed, so we can safely judge if a babysitter is trustworthy.

Fixed, after-school, flexible & last minute

At Charly Cares, you have come to the right place when it comes to a Fixed Babysitting Angel. By this we mean a babysitter who comes by on a regular basis. The After-School Babysitting Angel is perfect for picking the kids up from school and playing with them until you get back from work. We also offer Flexible Babysitting Angels. For spontaneous moments out, we offer a last minute babysitter up until 3 hours in advance. How great!

Ratings & Reviews

The Babysitting App from Charly Cares

After each babysitting service, you can enter a rating. So you, as a parent, can rate your babysitter. We also offer you the opportunity to provide a written review. Great for you, for us, and for the babysitter!

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Reviews from parents from Amsterdam

Andrei from Amsterdam

“Lief en goed met kinderen!”

Chelsea from Amsterdam

“Logan is amazing and I felt so comfortable leaving her with my children I honestly cannot recommend enough, thank you for everything!”

Lorine from Amsterdam

“We hopen dat Sophie vaker kan komen oppassen!”

Thijs from Amsterdam

“Super bedankt voor je lieve zorgen”

Anya from Amsterdam

“Excellent ! She can come back anytime”

Emily from Amsterdam


Daniel from Amsterdam

“Noor was so wonderful with our 10-month old ???”

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Benefits of the Babysitting App

☆ Our babysitters pick the kids up from school, if you want, they can take them to their sports practice and do other fun activities with them.

☆ You will never again have to cancel appointments at the last minute.

☆ Finally time for some me-time.

☆ You will always have some babysitters from Amsterdam as backup, for if one of them ever happens to be unavailable.

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