Attend a Children First Aid workshop via Charly Cares

For children, life is a great journey of discover. Unfortunately, accidents are just around the corner, from an innocent scrape to a fall from a great height. How do you deal with this as a parent or babysitter? To guarantee the safety of babies and children, we introduce our first aid partner Livis. They offer (online) courses to parents and Angel, so that they can act confidently. Because we care!

Children First Aid for Angels

Our partner Livis offers special first aid workshops for our Angels for only €10. You can follow these workshop on demand, online, and at any time. Upon completion, you will have all the basic knowledge regarding First Aid for children and you will know how to act in emergency situations. You can then also add the First Aid icon to your Angel profile.

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Children First Aid for parents

For our parents, Livis offers an extensive course that combines online with actual practice. You will learn the theory online for €30, which you can then apply during a practical session. That way, you will learn how to act in every situation. And do you have an supplementary insurance? Then a large part of the costs of the course will often be reimbursed.

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Experiences with the Children First Aid workshop

“I’ve always wondered if I would know what to do and how to act in ‘the moment’. Yes and yes is the answer. I’m glad I attended the workshop and it helps me when I need it. “

Mom Lien

“I’m super happy I attended the workshop. I learned a lot and it was explained very clearly. For me it’s a reassuring thought that from now on, if anything ever happens, I will know what to do in different situations.“

Babysitting Angel Emma

First Aid icon in Angel profile

Many of our Angels have attended a Children First Aid workshop. You can recognise these Angels by the special First Aid icon in their profile. Are you an Angel and do you have a Children First Aid diploma? Then you can request the icon from us by sending us a WhatsApp message!