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Take a Children First Aid workshop with Charly Cares

Charly Cares highly values the safety of every child. To protect the safety of newborns and children, Charly Cares organises a Children First Aid workshop a couple of times a years to teach Babysitting Angels and parents how to act in case of an emergency during the babysitting or at other unexpected moments.

In collaboration with EHBO bureau, Charly Cares organises Children First Aid workshops. During this three workshop, both parents and Babysitting Angels learn how to act in case of emergency. Sign up now through the EHBO Bureau for the Children First Aid workshop and you’ll learn how to act in case of emergency.

What workshops are offered?

First Aid basics

In 1 night, you’ll learn all about the most common accidents involving babies and children, how to prevent them and how to act. You’ll also put your knowledge into practice using dummies.

Costs EHBO Basics: €64,-

First Aid plus

With this course, you’ll learn in 2 nights all about First Aid for babies and children. During the first night, you’ll learn the basics. The second night, you’ll learn how to reanimate a baby and child and how to use AED.

Costs EHBO Plus: € 109,-

First Aid pro

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about First Aid for babies and children & do you already have an official First Aid certificate valid for 2 years? Sign up for the full EHAK course. You’ll get E-learning lessons in advance and will also receive an extensive textbook at the practice session.

Costs EHBO Pro: € 129,-

Learn All The Ins And Outs Of Children's First Aid

What do you learn?

During the workshop, different topics will be discussed. So you know how to respond in case of an emergency. A few examples of such topics are: choking, burning, wounds, stable lateral position and poisoning. View the dates and availability of the workshop.

Follow A Children's First Aid Workshop Through Charly Cares


We offer the 3 courses with a one-off discount per person.

  • Basics: € 64,-
  • Plus: € 109,
  • Pro: € 129,-

Tip: with insurance, it is sometimes possible to get a course reimbursed by your insurers. For Babysitting Angels, a special rate of €29,- applies for the basics workshop. They can sign up here.


Experiences from the Children First Aid workshop

“I’ve always wondered if I would know what to do and how to act in ‘the moment’. Yes and yes is the answer. I’m glad I attended the workshop and it helps me when I need it. “


“I’m super happy I attended the workshop. I learned a lot and it was really clear. For me it’s a reassuring thought that from now on, if anything ever happens, I know what to do in different situations.“

Babysitting Angel Emma

Our Babysitting Angels also follow the First Aid workshop

We think it is really important that an Angel can act confidently in case of an emergency. That’s why we offer Babysitting Angels a children’s First Aid workshop for the special Angel rate. You recognize an Angel who attended the workshop by the First Aid icon in the profile.

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