Looking for a cat sitter? Discover Charly Cares

Looking for a cat sitter? Discover Charly Cares

Are you a proud cat parent in search of care for your furry friend? No worries, we have the perfect solution for you and your beloved cat(s). Our cherished Angels are ready to shower your furry companion with all the love and care they deserve, at your home or at the Angel's place. Whether it's cuddle sessions, feeding, or cleaning the litter box, we've got it covered!

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

The benefits of in-home cat sitting with Charly Cares

  • Fast, simple, and smart

    With our app, you can find, book, and pay for a cat sitter in no time. We're available throughout the Netherlands.

  • Our Angels as cat sitters

    On our platform, we have over 10.000 Angels available who will lovingly care for your cat.

  • Safe & reliable

    Angels are personally checked in advance and are reviewed after each booking.

Your cat sitter

With our app, you can quickly connect with cat sitters in your area. Book for a single day or multiple days; it's up to you. Plus, you get to set the rate.

Cat care at home: The cat sitter comes to your home, in the cat's familiar environment.

Cat goes on a stay: In consultation with the Angel, you can also arrange for the cat to stay at the Angel's home.

Cat sitter at home? Discover Charly Cares

Planning a vacation? Arrange your cat sitter!

Our Angels are also available for longer periods, so you can leave with peace of mind, knowing your furry friend doesn't have to go to a cat boarding or cat hotel. Our cat sitters are here to help!

Discover Charly Cares' Angels

"I really grew up with cats. Now that I live on my own and am not allowed a cat by the landlord, I find it mega fun to babysit (and cuddle) cats."

Luna's skills: calm

"Going away for the weekend or on vacation? I really enjoy visiting the cat a few times, I'm flexible because of my own business and like to get out the door once in a while!"

Veerle's skills: flexible

"I've always found cats so cute and before I take one in myself, I like to look after other cats to see how I like it! Secretly I already know, haha"

Amy's skills: enthusiastic, cheerful

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

Frequently asked questions about cat sitting

How do I know if the Angel is good with animals?

At Charly Cares, our Angels are personally checked in advance. After each babysitting service, families leave a rating (and review) for the Angels. Schedule an introductory meeting with your Angel to discuss specific care preferences. This process ensures that your pet is in the hands of a reliable and loving babysitter at Charly Cares.

My pet has specific traits, can I find a sitter with you?

Clearly state the characteristics of your dog or cat in the booking request. This way, you can be confident that the sitters who respond can genuinely handle those traits, ensuring a pleasant match!

How much does a pet sitter cost?

You determine how much you want to pay for a booking, whether it's for a few hours or a few weeks, such as for a vacation. Then, the sitter can make a counteroffer, which you can accept or reject. The price is per booking and not based on the number of dogs or cats. You decide the amount.