What do you earn as a pet sitter?

What do you earn as a pet sitter?

Yes, would you like to work flexibly as a pet sitter and look after dogs or cats in your neighborhood? Then you're probably very curious about what you'll earn. It's naturally the ideal side job; what could be more enjoyable than cuddling animals and earning money at the same time? On this page, we'll tell you all about it!

I want to become a pet sitter!

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The owners provide a guideline

In the app, pet owners propose a rate for the respective booking. A booking could be for a few hours, but also for a whole day or multiple days or even weeks. Based on that indication, you can still make a counteroffer, and then the price becomes final. Good to know: the full amount goes to you; we don't deduct anything.

Indication of pet sitter rates

Below, we provide an indication of earnings. Please note, this is just an indication and may vary in practice. And we'll say it again: the full amount goes to you (we don't deduct anything).

  • A few hours: €15-€20

  • A whole day: €20-€35

  • Multiple days: €15-€30 per day

Pet sitter rates: what you earn as a pet sitter

How you get paid as a pet sitter

The owners pay you via direct debit. This means you'll have your earned money in your bank account after 4 working days. Super convenient!

Frequently asked questions about pet sitting

What should I do during a Pet Care booking?

Each Pet Care booking can differ, and the pet owner’s expectations can vary as well. We ask the owner to clearly state this in the request, but you can always have a chat to discuss everything. For example, what might be expected from you:

  • Dog sitting: ensure the dog is walked a few times a day. The dog can run, play, and do its business. The owner might also ask you to feed the dog. And the best part: give lots of attention, love, and cuddles, but that’s bound to go well!
  • Cat sitting: a cat doesn’t need to be walked, but it does need daily feeding and fresh water. If you’re sitting for a few days, don’t forget to clean the litter box. And let the cat purr by giving it some cuddles.

How much do I earn by pet sitting?

In a Pet Care booking, pet owners provide a guideline for the rate they want to pay for the entire booking. A booking can be a few hours, a whole day, several days, or even weeks. Based on this indication, you can make a counteroffer, and the price is then finalized. Good to know: the full amount goes to you, we do not take any cut.

Here is an indicative range of earnings. Note, this is only an indication and can vary in practice.

  • A few hours: €15-€20
  • A whole day: €20-€35
  • Multiple days: €15-€30 per day

Good to know: this works differently than bookings via our platform where you babysit children and have a fixed hourly rate.

How can I sit for pets?

Are you already a Babysitting Angel with us? You can sit for pets by responding to these Pet Care requests on the Jobboard. You can recognize them by the dog icon. Do you have experience with pet sitting? Clearly state this in your profile so that pet owners can read it. They are more likely to choose someone whose pet care experience is evident in the profile.

Are you not yet an Angel with us? Follow the steps on this page and leave your details so we can send you all the information.