Your pet sitter for your holiday

Your holiday pet sitter via Charly Cares

Holiday planned, but no care for your pet yet? Not everyone can get family, friends or neighbors to take over pet care duties. Enlist a Pet Care Angel from Charly Cares and go on vacation with peace of mind!

  • Quickly find a pet sitter near you

  • Everything arranged easily via the app

  • We arrange payment for you

Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

A sitter for your dog or cat when you go on vacation

Do you have a cat and are looking for someone to come by every day to feed it, change the litter box and cuddle with it? Or do you have a dog and are looking for someone to walk the dog a few times a day and give some extra attention and care while you are away? Our Pet Care Angels would love to take care of your pet!

Whether you're away for a weekend, midweek or longer vacation - the care will be taken over so you can leave without any worries.

How to make a request

  • Make the booking request

    Enter the dates you need a pet sitter, and clearly state in the description what you expect from the sitter. For example, would you like the sitter to come to your home to take care of the cat once a day, or would you like your dog to come to someone's house during your vacation time?

  • Set a rate

    You can also set a desired rate - which of course can vary greatly based on what your expectations are. More about the costs can be found on this page.

  • Your request will appear on Jobboard

    There Angels can respond to your request. You can then accept one of the Angels and get in touch in the chat.

Who are our Pet Care Angels?

Our Angels are enthusiastic babysitters who often want to look after both children and pets. They have a passion for caring and love helping people out. Before you accept a sitter for your booking, you can of course take a look at her profile to learn more about her and get acquainted in the chat.

The Angels of Charly Cares
Early Bird Special
Add your contact details, and we send you €15 credit per email. In that same email we explain Pet Care step by step.

Frequently asked questions about pet sitters

My pet has specific traits, can I find a suitable sitter?

Clearly list the characteristics of your dog or cat in the booking request. This way, you can be sure that the sitters who respond can handle those traits and ensure a good match!

What can I expect from a Pet Care Angel during a booking?

The Pet Care Angel will come to your home to take care of your pet, or you bring your pet to the Pet Care Angel. Whatever you prefer, but always in consultation with the Angel. The pet sitter ensures your pet eats, exercises, and receives enough attention and love.

How experienced are the Pet Care Angels?

When you make a request, it is posted on the Jobboard. This is a kind of bulletin board where sitters in the area can respond to your booking. You can then read all about the Angels' experience in their profiles. Since Charly Cares started as an app for home babysitting, you might see many profiles with experience in childcare. The reviews and references are often related to babysitting services. Currently, we are working hard to add more Angels with pet experience and make the profiles Pet Care Proof. We specifically ask them to add their pet experience to their profiles. If someone has signed up specifically to take care of pets, we ask for references to verify their pet care experience, which you can see in their profile.

Are you looking for someone with specific pet care experience? Make sure to mention this clearly in your request description, so only Angels with this experience will make an offer. Also, double-check in the chat if the Angel has this experience.

How much does Pet Care cost at Charly Cares?

To access the extensive network of Angels, you start a membership with Charly Cares. Additionally, you pay the Angel for the sitting service.

Why do we use memberships? We personally check each Angel for motivation, references, and personal details, so we know exactly who the pet sitter is. Moreover, memberships help us keep our app running. Good to know: we do not take any part of the Angel's payment, the entire amount goes to the sitter.


  • Monthly fee: €3.99, first month free!
  • Service fee per booking: €1.99 per booking
  • Payment to the Angel: You determine the fee for the Angel. It can vary based on what you expect from the Angel and how long you need help. It’s up to you and we don’t take any cut!

P.S. Would you also like to use our home babysitting service for your children, or hire a Senior Care Angel for a (lonely) elderly person? With our full-service membership of €13.99, you can use all services.