Find a fixed babysitter with ease through Charly Cares

A fixed babysitter, a familiar face, someone who is there for the kids every week. At Charly Cares, we know how difficult it can be to find a babysitter like that. We want to help you and would love to match you with a great babysitter who meets your requirements. Book your fixed babysitter through Charly Cares today.

  • Book 12 weeks in advance

    In our Babysitting App, you can book for a maximum of 12 weeks in advance. Looking for a babysitter for a longer period? Book the same Angel afterwards or choose one of the other Angels who matches with your family!

  • Always an Angel for you

    In the Babysitting App, there is always an Angel who fits your and the children’s needs. An Angel who picks the children up from school and takes them to sports practice or an Angel who watches the littlest ones.

  • Safe & reliable

    Our Babysitting Angels are only added to the app after a careful interview. Parents also give a rating & review after each booking. Because of this, you can leave the kids with the Angel without worry.

Looking for a fixed babysitter? Here is how it works!

Step 1
Sign up in the Charly Cares Babysitting App. Enter your criteria + the dates you’re looking for a babysitter and we’ll find a match.

Step 2
Make a booking through the App and also plan a meeting.

Step 3
Have a good feeling after the initial meeting? The Angel can get to work straight away!

Step 4
Pay the Angel after the booking online through the Charly Cares App.

Step 5
Book the Angel again after the 12 weeks are up. If the babysitter is no longer available, our system will automatically match you with Angels who are available.

  • Rates & benefits

    A fixed babysitter might seem expensive, but with two or more children it’s often cheaper than other types of childcare. With Charly Cares, you don’t pay per child, but per booking. With a fixed babysitter, you also pay for a premium membership, with which you’ll also immediately profit from all the other benefits of Charly Cares; 24/7 medical helpline, Angel insurance, personal support, and no booking fee.

  • Doctor helpline

    Safety while babysitting is paramount. If Babysitting Angels are unable to reach the parents, they can call the “Doctor Helpline”. With the press of a button in the app, the Angels will immediately be put through to medical professionals who can advice them on the situation.

  • Angel insurance

    Accidents unfortunately happen. Luckily, all Angels are insured in case of damage. So you as a parent will also be protected from possible costs. Great, right?

  • First Aid workshop

    Charly Cares offers children First Aid workshops for both parents & Angels. During these, they are taught how to act in case of an emergency or in other unexpected situations. If an Angel has taken the workshop, you’ll be able to see it in her profile.

  • Personally screened Babysitting Angel

    As a parent, you would of course like nothing more than a reliable babysitter. Because of this, we screen all our Babysitting Angels personally at one of the Charly Cares offices. So, eh, what does that mean? The screenings are run through a carefully constructed screening protocol. This means we can be quite critical! For example, our Babysitting Angels can only babysit babies if they have sufficient baby experience. In this, we distinguish between Newborn (0 - 6 months), Baby (6 - 12 months) and Toddler (12 - 24 months).

  • The “Pro”-icon

    If you see the “Pro”-Icon in a Babysitting Angel’s profile, you’ll know that the babysitter, next to their own babysitting experience, also has an education or work experience in the child/care-related field. Think of, for example, teacher training, pedagogy, or medicine. Or how about Angels who’ve worked at a daycare, or worked as an au pair.

  • Ratings & reviews

    For the quality and functioning of the Babysitting Angels, it’s important to stay as transparent and reliable as possible. Luckily, you can help! After each babysitting service, you’ll be able to rate the babysitter using a star rating. You can also choose to write a review of the babysitter. This review, as well as the rating, will be visible to other parents. Great for us, for you, and for other families! The ratings are carefully monitored by Charly Cares and we intervene if necessary. Creating a safe and transparent online environment is what Charly Cares is about. For sure!

Book a fixed babysitter who fits your family!

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Frequently asked questions about booking a fixed babysitter

How do I book a Fixed Babysitting Angel?

Fixed Babysitting Angel: Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → repeat the booking for the number of weeks you need a fixed babysitter → search for available Angels → select 5 babysitting angels → write a personal message and send the request!

Can I book a Babysitting Angels for more than 12 consecutive weeks?

Unfortunately not, because we work mostly with students, who have a changing (school)schedule. They often cannot commit to a period longer than 12 weeks. Of course, you can book your Babysitting Angel again when she is still available after the initial 12 weeks.

Can I meet the Babysitting Angel beforehand?

Sure! Create a booking for the moment you need a babysitter. After an Angel has accepted the booking, you can agree to meet through the chat or you can call the Angel directly. If you would prefer to meet in person, you can make a short booking of two hours to get to know eachother.