How do you book a fixed babysitter?

Are you looking for a fixed or after school babysitter, for example for every Wednesday afternoon? It's not always easy to find a fixed babysitter and it definitely requires some investment from both parties. To increase the chance of succes, we have listed up some tips and tricks.

How it works at Charly Cares:

You have to create a fixed booking request in the app for all days that you need a babysitter, for example every Tuesday and Thursday from 14:00 to 18:00. This way, you can be sure the babysitter is available at the right time, at all the right days. When the babysitter accepts the booking, you can always schedule an introductory moment in advance.

Select as many Babysitting Angels as possible (min. 5-10) that match with your family.

Step 1: Fixed request

Do you want to book a recurring babysitting service for for example every Thursday from 15:00 to 19:00? Then click on 'More days' when making a booking request. Tip: Don't have a preferred day? Try playing with multiple bookings for different days or times to increase your chances of success.

Step 2: Choose repetitions

Set 'Repeat this day' to 'Yes' to select the moments you need a babysitter. Easy, right?

Please note: At Charly Cares, you can select up to 12 weeks due to laws and regulations regarding services at home, after which you can always extend the booking.

Step 3: Add another day

Want to add another day to your recurring request? Simply click on 'Add another day' and select the times when you need a babysitter. Tip: We advise to start with one day to have a better chance at success.

Step 4: Pick your Babysitting Angels

View the profiles of the Angels, complete with skills, distance and hourly rate that are available for your request. Choose the Angel that suits your family. We recommend to invite 5-10 Angels to increase your success rate.

Step 5: Personal message

Write a personal message for the Angels to outline your expectations. If your flexible in days or hours, indicate this as well. Keep an eye on the chat: Angels might respond to your message with questions or a counter offer.

Step 6: Jobboard

Always place your booking on Jobboard, this way your booking is visible by a larger group of Angels who can send you an offer as well. You will increase your chance of success by doing this.

How does a counter offer work with a fixed booking?

When you invite an Angel for a fixed booking, they can either accept or decline the booking. If they accept de booking, they commit to all dates listed in the booking. Sometimes an Angel would really love to babysit, but is unavailable on some of the dates. In the booking, they can then tick the days they can and would like to babysit. The Babysitting angel can thus make a counter offer, which you can then accept or decline. This way, you will be ensured a couple of fixed babysitting services with the same babysitter. Once the counter offer has been accepted, you will be able to chat with the Angel.

Frequently asked questions about creating a fixed booking. This is what you need to know:

  • I'm looking for a babysitter for one year, is that possible?

    You can book a Babysitting Angel for a maximum period of 12 weeks (due to laws and regulations). Of course you can agree with the Angel to extend the babysitting request after the 12 weeks, if possible for the both of you.

  • How far in advance is best to make a request in order for it to be successful?

    Our Babysitting Angels are often students with changing calendars. Therefore, try not to plan too far ahead, because their schedule is not yet published. Also take into account the preferred days of the Angel (you can find these in the Angel profile). And always place your booking on Jobboard, for a higher change at success.

Our Customer Care Team is here for you!

Do you have a question? Or can't find the right Angel for your booking? Our Support Team is always here to help you. Next to that, our team is working hard in the background to make every booking a success. They are also in contact with our Angels and ensure they can babysit comfortably.

  • WhatsApp to +31202102323

  • Direct chat: send your message via our website

Other questions about a fixed babysitter via Charly Cares

How exactly does Jobboard work?

You can think of Jobboard as the old-fashioned bulletin board in the supermarket, where you put up a note if you're looking for a babysitter. Jobboard works the same way and is a kind of bulletin board for our Babysitter Angels, where they can see job posts from parents.

There are 2 ways to make a booking request, either way, you can use Jobboard.

Option 1

  • Select the date and time you need a babysitter.
  • Select the Angels you would like to book. Use all the handy filters to do this!
  • The 'place on jobboard' slider is automatically on (you can turn it off), we recommend leaving it on for a higher success rate.
  • Your selected Angels can respond to your application. At the same time, Angels through Jobboard can respond.
  • You will receive all proposals and accept the proposal from your favorite Angel.

Option 2 (In areas surrounding cities)

  • Select the date and time you need a babysitter.
  • Post the call directly on Jobboard (note: you will not select your favorite Angels).
  • Angels who match your preferences can respond to your request via Jobboard.
  • You will receive all proposals and accept the proposal from your favorite Angel.

You can also reject the proposal. Your booking request does not disappear from Jobboard. You have 6 hours to respond to proposals from Angels.

Good to know
- Angels who do not fully meet your requirements can also respond to your request on Jobboard.

- When you invite an Angel and they subsequently accept the offer, they become the Angel on the booking. When an Angel makes an offer on your booking, you still have to accept it.

What can I do when the Angels don't respond?

Angels can be a bit nervous about visiting a babysitting address for the first time. Based on your profile, they decide whether or not they want to babysit. You should therefore view your profile as a family business card and make sure it's fully up to date, including a fun photo and an informative bio. That way, Angels know what to expect and your booking will be accepted much more quickly.

Do you already have a complete profile but no responses from Angels yet? Contact our Customer Care Team. They will be able to help you by adding extra Angels and also by giving you advice about what would potentially work best in your specific situation.

If a booking is due to start soon, it may also help to change the start time to a later time, so that the Angels have more time to respond.

How do I pay the Angel?

The payment through the app works as follows: when the Angel is at your home, a timer will automatically start, and upon their departure, you stop the timer. Then, you check the times for accuracy and choose whether to pay the Angel privately or through your business (if your employer reimburses for babysitting expenses). If you are paying personally, you can, after consulting with the visiting Angel, choose a payment method:

  1. iDeal: Arrange the payment through your bank app. The Angel will be paid within a day.
  2. Cash or via Tikkie: Arrange the payment directly with the Angel.
  3. Via direct debit: You don't need to do anything else; Charly Cares will debit the amount from your account within 2 working days and pay the Angel after 4 working days.

Note! For a Pet Care booking, a fixed rate applies to that booking. The timer will automatically stop, and you don't need to take any further action. The same applies to a Senior Care booking; the timer will be automatically stopped. Both Pet and Senior Care payments are processed through direct debit.