How do you book a fixed babysitter?

Via our app, you can book a fixed babysitter for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks. For example, for each Wednesday afternoon, for 8 weeks. Once your request has been created in our app, the Angels near you will be able to respond. Has the booking been accepted? Then you have found your fixed babysitter!

Step 1

Do you want to book a recurring babysitting service for for example every Thursday from 15:00 to 19:00? Then click on 'Periodic' when making a booking request

Step 2

Set 'Repeat this day' to 'Yes' to select the moments you need a babysitter.

Step 3

Want to add another day to your recurring request? Simply click on 'Add another day' and select the times.

Step 4

View the profiles of the Angels, complete with skills, distance and hourly rate that are available for your request. Choose the Angel that suits your family. We recommend to invite 5 Angels to increase your success rate.

Step 5

In the following overview you will see the selected Angels and details of your booking. Check if everything is correct and indicate whether you want to use the Jobboard to increase the success rate.

Step 6

Write a personal message for the Angels to outline your expectations and send the booking request. Angels can accept or decline the booking. In some cases they will propose a counter offer.

How do the counter offers in fixed bookings work?

When you send an invitation for a fixed booking to an Angel, she can accept or decline the booking. If she accepts de booking, she will commit to all days. Sometimes an Angel really loves to babysit, but she is unable to attend all bookings. In this case she can send you a counteroffer in which you will see the days she can come. You need to accept or decline this offer. This way, you will be sure of a number of bookings with the same person.

Fixed babysitter, three days in a week

Book Your Regular Babysitter Up To 12 Weeks In Advance Via Charly Cares

When you create a recurring booking request, you will see that you can request a babysitter for a maximum of three days a week and for twelve weeks in a row. This limit is in place, because our Babysitting Angels work under the Settlement services at home agreement. Do you want to extend this period with the same Babysitting Angel? No problem! Just make a new booking for the following weeks.

Are you having trouble making a successful booking request? Our tips:

  • Place your request on Jobboard. Angels near you will then be able to see the request and can make an offer to come babysit if they are available. Has an Angel responded to your request? Yes! Have a quick look to see if there’s a match and reply within 12 hours. After that, the offer will expire.

  • Are you flexible regarding the days for which you need a babysitter? Is it all the same to you whether the Angel comes on a Monday or a Tuesday afternoon? Mention this in your description, so that the chances of the Angel being available increase!

  • Are you quite critical about what type of Angel you want to babysit? No worries, because all our Angels have been personally screened and have lots of experience. You can also meet the babysitter first, before accepting or rejecting their offer, so that you can see if the new babysitter fits your family.

Our Support Team is here for you!

Do you have a question? Or can't find the right Angel for your booking? Our Support Team is always here to help you. Next to that, our team is working hard in the background to make every booking a success. They are also in contact with our Angels and ensure they can babysit comfortably.

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  • Call 020 - 210 23 23

  • Direct chat: send your message via our website