How do you book a fixed babysitter?

Via our app, you can book a fixed babysitter for 4 consecutive weeks. For example, for each Wednesday afternoon, for 8 weeks. It it possible to extend the request to 12 weeks, but our advice is to try for 4 weeks first, based on our experiences. Once your request has been created in our app, the Angels near you will be able to respond. Has the booking been accepted? Then you have found your fixed babysitter!

Step 1

Do you want to book a recurring babysitting service for for example every Thursday from 15:00 to 19:00? Then click on 'Periodic' when making a booking request

Step 2

Set 'Repeat this day' to 'Yes' to select the moments you need a babysitter.

Step 3

Want to add another day to your recurring request? Simply click on 'Add another day' and select the times.

Step 4

View the profiles of the Angels, complete with skills, distance and hourly rate that are available for your request. Choose the Angel that suits your family. We recommend to invite 5 Angels to increase your success rate.

Step 5

In the following overview you will see the selected Angels and details of your booking. Check if everything is correct and indicate whether you want to use the Jobboard to increase the success rate.

Step 6

Write a personal message for the Angels to outline your expectations and send the booking request. Angels can accept or decline the booking. In some cases they will propose a counter offer.

How does a counter offer work with a fixed booking?

When you invite an Angel for a fixed booking, they can either accept or decline the booking. If they accept de booking, they commit to all dates listed in the booking. Sometimes an Angel would really love to babysit, but is unavailable on some of the dates. In the booking, they can then tick the days they can and would like to babysit. The Babysitting angel can thus make a counter offer, which you can then accept or decline. This way, you will be ensured a couple of fixed babysitting services with the same babysitter. Once the counter offer has been accepted, you will be able to chat with the Angel.

Frequently asked questions about creating a fixed booking. This is what you'll want to know:

  • How do I ensure that my request for a fixed babysitter succeeds?

    Use Jobboard and consider your family profile your business card, including a recent picture and bio. Angels will then know better what to expect; this creates trust, meaning bookings will get accepted more quickly. If you are you flexible regarding the specific days of the booking, be sure to mention so clearly in the description. This will increase the chances of your request succeeding.

  • I'm looking for a babysitter for one year, is that possible?

    You can book a Babysitting Angel for 4 consecutive weeks. It is possible to select more weeks, but our experience is that bookings made more than 4 weeks in advance, are less likely to be accepted. Charly Cares works mostly with students, meaning that their school schedule could change. You can ask the Angel if it's possible to extend the request after those 4 weeks.

  • How far in advance should I create a booking request in order for it to succeed?

    Our Babysitting Angels are often students with changing schedules. As soon as their schedules are known, they will update their calendar so that their availability becomes visible. Before that happens, you can also already post request to Jobboard.

Our Support Team is here for you!

Do you have a question? Or can't find the right Angel for your booking? Our Support Team is always here to help you. Next to that, our team is working hard in the background to make every booking a success. They are also in contact with our Angels and ensure they can babysit comfortably.

Other questions about a fixed babysitter via Charly Cares

How exactly does Jobboard work?

You can think of Jobboard as the old-fashioned noticeboard at the super market, on which you can stick a note if you are looking for a babysitter. Jobboard works exactly the same and functions as a type of noticeboard for Babysitting Angels, on which they can see requests from parents.

There are 2 ways of creating a booking request. Jobboard can be employed for both ways.

Option 1

  • Select the date and time for which you need a babysitter.
  • Select the Angels you would like to book.
  • Tick Jobboard and send the request.
  • The Angels you selected can respond to your request. Additionally, Angels can also respond via Jobboard. Only Angels who meet your requirements will be able to see the request on Jobboard.
  • You will receive all offers and accept the offer from your favourite Angel.

Option 2

  • Select the date and time for which you need a babysitter.
  • Post the request directly to Jobboard (note: you will not have the option of selecting your favourite Angels).
  • Angels who meet your requirements can respond to your request via Jobboard.
  • You will receive all offers and accept the offer from your favourite Angel.

You can always decline an offer. Your booking request will not be removed from Jobboard if you do so. You have 6 hours to respond to an Angel's offer.

Good to know: only Angels who meet your requirements can respond to your request via Jobboard.

What can I do when the Angels don't respond?

Angels can be a bit nervous about visiting a babysitting address for the first time. Based on your profile, they decide whether or not they want to babysit. You should therefore view your profile as a family business card and make sure it's fully up to date, including a fun photo and an informative bio. That way, Angels know what to expect and your booking will be accepted much more quickly.

Do you already have a complete profile but no responses from Angels yet? Contact our Customer Care Team. They will be able to help you by adding extra Angels and also by giving you advice about what would potentially work best in your specific situation.

If a booking is due to start soon, it may also help to change the start time to a later time, so that the Angels have more time to respond.