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What caregiving tasks can you expect from Senior Care at Charly Cares?

Do you want to use a Senior (Care) Angel to supplement caregiving but are curious about what that entails? At Charly Cares, you can hire a kind and caring Senior Angel to lighten the caregiving load. For example, for your (in-law) father or mother. On this page, we’d love to explain which caregiving tasks we do and do not perform.

Types of Senior Care bookings

Charly Cares is happy to help with assistance or companionship for the elderly. You can think of various types of requests:

  • Help for seniors with everyday tasks

    Our Angels are happy to help seniors with grocery shopping, cooking meals, doing laundry, or light housekeeping. They can tackle these tasks together while enjoying a pleasant chat.

  • Companionship for seniors during visits or appointments

    Does the senior need to go to a doctor’s appointment or another care provider, or do they have another appointment but prefer not to go alone? The Angel is happy to accompany them for company and to be an extra listening ear.

  • Personal attention

    Some seniors primarily need extra companionship and attention. No problem, the Angels are delighted to play a game with them, take a walk outside, or visit for a cup of coffee or tea.

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Medical care or home care

Charly Cares is not specialized in medical care or home care. We leave that to the professionals. Think of us as light caregiving, where our Senior Angels lovingly provide extra care and attention.

How does it work exactly?

If you want to make a booking, you do it via the app. In your request, you clearly state your expectations and the date of the booking. You also fill in a desired rate. Then, Angels in your area can respond to your request. Connect with caring Angels who are happy to provide that bit of extra attention.

And after the first booking?

Was the experience good for you, the senior, and the Angel? Wonderful! You might want to make this a recurring request. Easily arrange that in the app and keep in touch with the Angel to see if they are available to come again. This way, the senior and the Angel can build a beautiful bond, and you are assured of pleasant extra personal help.

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Take a look around our app and meet our Angels. Any questions about our services? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact our Customer Care team.