What does a babysitter earn?

What does a Charly Cares babysitter earn?

Good question, it’s completely up to you. Via our app, you set your own hourly rate and you can also always change it. And the payout? It is accurate down to the minute and on average, you will receive it within 1 business day. Nothing gets deducted from that final amount. So, everything you earn, you’ll receive in your bank account. What a great way to earn!

  • You choose your own hourly rate

  • Paid by the minute

  • Within a day on your bank account

What types of hourly rates are there?

In our Babysitting App, you can set two hourly rates (day and night rate). You are entirely free to choose any rate you like. No worries, if you have a shift that is a combination of a day and an evening service, this will be automatically reflected in the final payment.

  • Day rate - until 19:00

    If you babysit during the day, you take care of the children all day. You’ll pick them up from school, for example, prepare their food, and make sure they have a fun day. Babysitting during the day can be quite challenging, so you should be compensated accordingly.

  • Night rate - after 19:00

    With an evening service, you’ll often have to make sure the children are ready for bed, or they’ll sometimes already be in bed. That means that, for most of the babysitting service, you’ll have time to yourself. That is why Angels set their night rate much lower compared to their day rate.

NEW: direct payout

Good news: you can now, by agreement with the parent, be paid directly after your babysitting service. If the parent chooses iDeal, you will receive your babysitting money within a working day. You can also arrange the payment between you via cash or a 'Tikkie', then you will receive it immediately. If the parent does not choose this option, you will always receive your money within 4 business days.

Examples of rates

We like to show you some examples of hourly rates in our app, based on different profiles. When setting your hourly rate in the app, be sure to check what it says under "Average" and stay realistic. Don't set your rates too high, otherwise you won't receive any booking requests.

Anouck (18 years old)

Experience: babysat neighbour's kids from the age of 15

Day rate: € 7,50

Night rate: € 7,00

Ashley (35 years old)

Experience: babysitting experience from the age of 16, works in childcare now

Day rate: € 12,50

Night rate: € 11,00

Lucia (24 years old)

Experience: was an au pair for a year, right now student PABO

Day rate: € 12,00

Night rate: € 10,50

How will I know what a good hourly rate is?

At Charly Cares, you are free to choose your rate. We get that it might be hard to estimate how much you should ask for. That is why, when you set your rate, we help you out by showing you what other people of your age in your area have chosen. You can also always change your hourly rate. Please note: in the bookings you can see the parent's preferred rate, make sure your hourly rate comes close to that one. At the end you determine your hourly rate.

Charly Cares and taxes

Charly Cares and taxes

Babysitting via Charly Cares falls under the home services regulation (“dienstverlening aan huis”). That means you are not employed by us and we don’t withhold taxes. Everything you earn via Charly Cares will be deposited into your bank account. You do, however, have to include your Charly Cares income every year when you file your tax return. In this tax return blog, we’ll tell you more about it.

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The minimum wage per age

You can determine your own hourly rate at Charly Cares, taking into account your age and experience. To give you an idea of the legal minimum wage in the Netherlands, we have added it below. You can take this into account when setting your hourly rate.

Source: website UWV
AgeMinimum hourly wage
15 years old€ 3,98
16 years old€ 4,59
17 years old€ 5,24
18 years old€ 6,64
19 years old€ 7,96
20 years old€ 10,62
21 years and older€ 13,27

Frequently asked questions about the hourly rate

Should I include my babysitting earnings on my tax return?

Yes! You are not officially employed by Charly Cares, but you do earn money from babysitting. Your babysitting earnings fall under different rules when filling out a tax return, because babysitting falls under the 'dienstverlening aan huis' regulation. Your Angel income should be entered under the category 'income from other work' ('inkomsten uit overig werk'). You can find an overview of all your completed babysitting services for each year under 'Profile' > 'Payments'.

Will anything be deducted from my hourly rate?

No, nothing will be deducted from your hourly rate. At Charly Cares, you are able to choose your own hourly rate and you receive 100% on your bank account.

Am I employed by Charly Cares?

As a Babysitting Angel, you are not officially employed by Charly Cares. Babysitting via Charly Cares falls under the 'dienstverlening aan huis' regulation, which means you won't receive any payslips or annual statements from Charly Cares.