What Do You Earn As A Babysitter Hourly Rate Charly Cares

What does a Charly Cares babysitter earn?

That is a very good question. Of course, you would like to know how much you will earn if you decide to start babysitting through Charly Cares! The great thing is that you can determine your own hourly rate: in the app, you can set your hourly rate, and adjust it at any time. Furthermore, your babysitting earnings will be in your account within 4 work days!

What kinds of hourly rates are there?

In our Babysitting App, there are several hourly rates for you to set. We provide guidelines and advice on the height of these different rates.

  • Day rate

    If you babysit during the day, you will take care of the children all day long. For example, you pick them up from school, arrange their meals, bring them to sports practice, and help them with homework. The day rate is therefore often on average about €0,50 to €0,70 higher than, for example, the evening rate.

  • Fixed rate

    If you babysit for the same family for a longer period of time, you will know exactly where you stand. Moreover, you are ensured a fixed income. A fixed babysitting service will often take place during the day, due to which the rate is often about the same as the day rate.

  • Evening rate

    For a babysitting service taking place at night, the children are often already in bed. There is little for you to do, unless the children wake up of course. And, while the children sleep, you are free to do something for yourself. Therefore, the hourly rate is lower than the day rate.

  • Special rate

    On special days, you can set your hourly rate yourself, without any advice or guidelines from Charly Cares. Think of, for example, Christmas or New Year's Eve. You are free to determine which hourly rate you think it is worth babysitting for.

What Is Hourly Rate Babysitter Charly Cares

What is a normal hourly rate?

In the Charly Cares Babysitting App, you can set your rate under 'settings'. You are always free to change it. In the app, you will also be able to see per rate what the average is for your city and your age. If you receive few requests due to the rate you set, it might be because you are too expensive. Or, if you receive many requests, you may be able to earn more by slightly raising your hourly rate.

Experience Hourly rate Babysitter Charly Cares

Do my experience and age influence my hourly rate?

Certainly! Your experience and age are very important in determining your hourly rate. For example, if you are 16, you will earn less than someone aged 23. Do you have a relevant education, such as pedagogy, PABO, or do you work in childcare? Then it might be wise to set your rate slightly higher.

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Frequently asked questions about the hourly rate

Should I include my babysitting earnings on my tax return?

Yes! You are not officially employed by Charly Cares, but you do earn money from babysitting. Your babysitting earnings fall under different rules when filling out a tax return, because babysitting falls under the 'dienstverlening aan huis' regulation. Your Angel income should be entered under the category 'income from other work' ('inkomsten uit overig werk'). You can find an overview of all your completed babysitting services for each year under 'Profile' > 'Payments'.

Will anything be deducted from my hourly rate?

Yes, but no worries! Charly Cares keeps a 3% margin on your hourly rate. For example: if you earned €30,- babysitting, Charly Cares will deduct €0,90 from your total. By taking this small fee, Charly Cares ensures that you are able to babysit for the best families, can make use of the Babysitting App for free, and can contact our Customer Care Team 7 days a week.

Am I employed by Charly Cares?

As a Babysitting Angel, you are not officially employed by Charly Cares. Babysitting via Charly Cares falls under the 'dienstverlening aan huis' regulation, which means you won't receive any payslips or annual statements from Charly Cares.