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Quality and safety are number one

Quality, safety, trustworthiness and transparency is paramount at Charly Cares. Did you know every babysitter is carefully checked? On babysitting experience and motivation, but also on providing at least two references from families they have worked with before. Only then a babysitter will be added to our Angel base and can be booked by a parent. When filling out their profile in the app, they can do a personal iDIN check, which we use to verify their personal data.

To monitor the quality of the babysitting services, the parent is obligated to rate the babysitter after every babysitting service. As a parent, you can also choose to write a review. This also works the other way around. These ratings and reviews are monitored by our employees at the head office in Amsterdam. This is how we create transparency for all our users and ourselves.

What do we do to guarantee the quality of our Angels?

  • Personal check

    When the Angel has registered, we check the profile based on experience and motivation. Is that insufficient or unclear? Then we schedule a personal meeting to ask about the experience. This is how we do our first quality check.

  • Reference check

    Before Angels can actually start babysitting, they first have to provide at least 2 references from families they have worked with before. After we have checked those, Angels can start babysitting.

  • Obligated ratings & reviews

    After every babysitting service, parents are obligated to give the Angel a rating and they optionally give a review. It also works they other way around: Angels can give parents a rating. These ratings and reviews are continuously monitored by our team, to create transparency and safety.

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The Angels of Charly Cares

Our Babysitting Angels’ babysitting experience

  • Experienced babysitters

    Babysitters often experience both day shifts as well as evening- and even night shifts. Of course, every Babysitting Angel will indicate which type of services they prefer, but the Babysitting Angel should always be capable of babysitting during the day and have relevant experience doing so. During the daytime is when kids often are the most active and therefore require additional attention and care.

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  • Baby experience

    Babysitting Angels are only allowed to babysit newborns if they have sufficient baby experience. Makes sense, because taking care of a baby is quite different from other age groups, seeing as how communication is often basically impossible. We differentiate between Newborn (0-6 months), Baby (6-12 months), and Toddler (12-24 months). In the personal check, we pay extra attention to this. In addition, Angels should describe their babysitting experience extensively in their profile. So parents can decide for themselves wether the babysitter has the right experience for his/her child.

  • The Pro-icon (extra experienced babysitter)

    Our babysitters all love (to take care of) kids. They find it fun and view babysitting as a great and grateful way to earn some extra money.

    Angels who, in addition to the required experience, have also taken or completed a child/care-related educational program will have the Pro icon added to their profile. Think of study programs such as teacher training, pedagogy, or medicine, but also Angels who have worked at a daycare or have worked as an au pair.

The Babysitting App from Charly Cares - quality and safety at number 1

Angel insurance

A Charly Cares Babysitting Angel is insured for damage sustained during the babysitting service:

  • Always a worry-free babysitting service;
  • Insured for high costs.

Our service Quality and safety within our community

Charly Cares takes care of the entire process surrounding the babysitting service for both parents and Angels. We do this through our online platform, the Babysitting App. Besides the Angel insurance, the following services are extremely important to safeguard the quality and safety of Charly Cares.

  • Customer Care Team

    As a member and Babysitting Angel you are part of the Charly Cares community. This means we are here to answer your questions 24/7.

  • Children First Aid workshop

    The safety of the child is always paramount. That’s why Charly Cares organises the Children First Aid workshops together with Livis. There, parents and Babysitting Angels will learn how to act in case of emergency.

  • Safe payments

    The payment of the completed babysitting service is processed through our online platform and payment provider Adyen. This means the Babysitting Angel will receive the payment guaranteed within 4 work days.

  • Personal interview

    We meet all Babysitting Angels first during a personal interview. During the interview, we will look to see if the Angel meets the Charly Cares babysitter requirements.

We are here for you!

Do you have any questions or can we help you with anything? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Is your question not listed? Our Customer Care Team is here for you. You can reach us by sending us a WhatsApp message on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00 (in case of emergencies we are available 24/7). We are happy to help you!