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We’re available in all of the Netherlands, but in the cities below and the neighbouring cities we offer a top rated Babysitting Angel network. Do you live in another city or area? No worries, signup now and we'll keep you posted about our progress. See you soon in the app!

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At Charly Cares, reliability is paramount. All our Babysitting Angels are therefore carefully selected and checked. In our all-in-one app you can contact the Angels and chat, book and pay for the help you need. Find an Angel yourself, or let them find you via Jobboard. Build your own babysitter pool with Angels that fit your family and needs. Also, there's always our Angel Insurance and Customer Care to fall back on.


Are you in Amstelveen and looking for the perfect babysitter in your neighbourhood? Charly Cares has found you one!

Babysitter in Amstelveen


Do you live in Amsterdam and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our Babysitting Angels from Amsterdam cannot wait!

Babysitter in Amsterdam


Do you live in Breda and are you looking for a babysitter for a night out? Charly Cares to the rescue!

Babysitter in Breda

Den Bosch

Looking for reliable babysitter in Den Bosch or area? Charly Cares offers you the best babysitter, check it out!

Babysitter in Den Bosch

The Hague

Let our Babysitting Angels take your kids to the beautiful beaches of The Hague! Anything goes and you can go to work feeling great.

Babysitter in The Hague


Looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood in Eindhoven? Look no further, because Charly Cares has the perfect Babysitting Angel for you

Babysitter in Eindhoven

't Gooi

Looking for a babysitter in 't Gooi? Charly Cares arranges it for you in Hilversum, Naarden, Bussum, Laren, Blaricum, Huizen and Eemnes.

Babysitter in 't Gooi


Do you live in Rotterdam and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our Babysitting Angels are at your service. So you can go to work feeling great!

Babysitter in Rotterdam


Want to go to the Jopenkerk in the beautiful town of Haarlem and looking for a babysitter? Charly Cares has the Babysitting Angels for you!

Babysitter in Haarlem


Night out in Tilburg? With Charly Cares, you can easily arrange a babysitter. Check it out!

Babysitter in Tilburg


Do you live in Leiden and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our trusted and experience Babysitting Angels can babysit for you any time.

Babysitter in Leiden


A night out at Tivoli in Utrecht? Find a last-minute Babysitting Angel in your neighbourhood.

Babysitter in Utrecht

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Reviews from parents about the Babysitting AngelsRating & reviews

Jos from Eindhoven

“Very friendly, enthousiastic and warm babysit!”

Nastassia from Haarlem

“She was very lovely and our daughter enjoyed playing with her so much”

Vedica from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you Johanna!”

Tanya from 's-Gravenhage


Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia made dinner and went shopping for us. Such a great help!”

Lucie from Amsterdam

“Britany was very nice and flexible. She will come back soon to help us.”

Claus from 's-Gravenhage

“Great, thanks and recommend.”

Gabriele from Maastricht

“Deborah is very kind and friendly kids loved playing with her, thank you”

Antonella from 's-Gravenhage

“Patience is amazing, my 10 month old loves her!”

Patty from Leiden

“My son has a good time with Solene, they did games, read books and rode a bike, thank you Solene :)”

Valentine from Rotterdam

“Have had ruby in the past. Great sitter.”

Susannah from Amsterdam

“Amazing as always!”

Tanya from 's-Gravenhage


Aman from 's-Gravenhage

“Excellent interaction with kids and I feel that they would be safe under her supervision.”

Megan from Amsterdam

“Thanks Shachar, appreciate your approach with our daughter.”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“She was amazing!”

Christiane from Amsterdam

“Vielen dank!”

Stefanie from Amsterdam

“She played nice with the girls and prepared them some good food. Happy to find her last minute and being flexible on the timing”

Victoria from Amsterdam

“Thanks so much! You were so helpful and at ease!”

Ikhtiyor from Amsterdam

“she is great”