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Are you looking for a babysitter in Tilburg? Charly Cares helps you out! Enjoy an evening out, dinner with friends or a work-out: our experienced Angels would love to take care of your children.

Charly Cares: your babysitter in Tilburg

Wo are we and what can we do for you? You can see us as your babysitting center in Tilburg and surroundings. Are you looking for a reliable babysitter at home? Download the Charly Cares app and let us know when you need a babysitter, select your favourite Babysitting Angels and one of our experienced babysitters will be happy to meet you in no time.

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Charly van der Straten, founder Charly Cares:

"I'm born and raised in Brabant, so I'm very proud we're now live in this area too. And we have a special welcome gift: you get 3 months membership for free when you signup now as one of the first parents in these cities. It gives you time to look around and meet all the new Babysitting Angels on our platform."

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  • More than just a babysitter

    Our Angels help children discover, develop and grow. You can always find a babysitter profile that fits your needs.

  • Quick, smart & simple

    You decide how and when you want to book your Angel, and you arrange everything in our app. You can have a babysitter at home within 3 hours.

This is what parents say about our Angels:

Bruna from 's-Gravenhage

“I highly recommend Leane.”

Daniella from Amsterdam

“Super sweet and calm at looking after my 3 year old. Star accepted the booking on the day, so thank you!”

Noemi from 's-Gravenhage

“We look forward to have Leany come babysit again!”

Dean from Utrecht

“The kids love to hang out with Julia, she is very sweet and caring. She also cleaned up after dinner, and left the house neat and tidy. I warmly recommend her!”

Risa from Amsterdam

“Nice communication and great job with our baby. Highly recommended.”

Mariam from Haarlem

“Marieta was lovely my son loved her so much”

Laura from Amsterdam

“Izaura was very nice to my two kids and knows how to handle babies and toddlers! I recommend”

Yasmina from 's-Gravenhage

“Wanda is excellent”

Katerina from 's-Gravenhage

“Virginia is very nice and responsible. She successfully found different ways to interact with our daughter. I could definitely recommend her.”

Sharon from Haarlem

“My son likes Helene. She did a good job picking up my son from op stoom, having dinner with him, reading with him, brush his teeth and put him in bed”

Don't miss out: 3 months for free!

We want to give you a warm welcome, and therefore we have a temporary offer: you receive 3 months membership for free. It gives you time to take a look around and find your Babysitting Angel. What are you waiting for?

Discover Charly Cares

Frequently asked questions about Charly Cares in Tilburg

In which places in Brabant does Charly Cares offer an active babysitting network?

You can apply in all places in Brabant, but we offer an active babysitting network in:

  • Den Bosch; Rosmalen, Vught
  • Breda; Ulvenhout,Pennendijk, Kerkeind,Roosberg, Teteringen, Prinsenbeek
  • Tilburg; Goirle, Berkel-Enschot, Oisterwijk, Udenhout
  • Eindhoven; Veldhoven, Best, Son, Nuenen, Geldrop, Aalst, Waalre

How do I pay the Angel?

The payment is completely automatic via the app: the moment the Nanny Angel is at your home, a timer starts running automatically, when you get home you turn it off. Then you check whether the times are correct and choose whether you pay the babysitter privately or business (if you get a company babysitter reimbursed by your employer). Then the payment is initiated. Are you paying privately? Then the amount will be debited from your account within a few days. No hassle with contact money. If it was a babysitting service for business use, we will arrange payment through your employer.

How do I book a Babysitting Angel?

Easy peasy! In our app, go to 'Discover' > 'Book an Angel'. Enter the dates and times for which you need a babysitter. You will then be able to either select 10 Angels yourself, or post your request on Jobboard.

Selecting 10 Angels yourself? Write a personal message and send the request, then wait for the Angels to respond. If one of them accepts, your request is successful.

If you choose Jobboard, write a personal message and post your request to Jobboard. All Angels near you will be able to see your request and respond. In the end, you decide who ends up babysitting.

What types of Babysitting Angels do you offer?

At Charly Cares, you can find several different types of Babysitting Angels. Some Babysitting Angels are available to support a family on a fixed basis, whereas other Babysitting Angels prefer to babysit only occasionally. There is always a babysitter who fits your babysitting needs, whether you are looking for a fixed, after-school, flexible, or last minute babysitter.

We do not have any au pairs or nannies on file. We do have fixed Babysitting Angels who are available to babysit at fixed times every week. Need a babysitter for multiple days every week? In that case, we advise that you book multiple Angels.