New at Charly Cares: Pet Care! A cat or dog sitter at home

Our Angels love to take care of your pet!

Do you occasionally need a sitter for your dog or cat, for example when you have to go to work, are away for an evening or for a longer period? In addition to babysitting children, many of the Angels at Charly Cares also love to babysit your pets. Does your four-legged friend sometimes needs a reliable babysitter? Read on.

This is what we can do for you

With Charly Cares, 'Angels' find much more than a side job. Where they babysit for many families as Babysitting Angels, they often automatically babysit a dog or cat as well. Do you need a sitter for your pet for one or more days? Simply make a booking in the app via Charly Cares with this request. Our Angels are happy to babysit for a day to go outside and cuddle with your furry friend.

  • For a few hours: such as an afternoon, evening or during your work day

  • For a weekend: if you are out of the house for a few days

  • For a vacation: Angels also support you for a longer period of time

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  • Our Angels

    Angels are personally and carefully selected and mandatorily assessed after each care service. After making your request, they respond if they are interested.

  • Quick, simple and smart

    Decide how and when you want to book an Angel. You can arrange everything easily in our app. Always insured and paid at the touch of a button!

  • Safe and reliable

    We have personally selected each Angel based on profile, experience (including references) and motivation. Every Angel and family is mandatorily assessed after every care service. You can count on our Customer Care and insurance as needed.

Do you occasionally need help caring for your pet?

With our newest service, Pet Care, we are very happy to support you in caring for your pet. Your dog, cat or other pet gets a new buddy to play with and walk outside while you get more flexibility! You can discuss with the Angel whether you bring your pet to their house or if you want the Angel to come into your home.

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Meet our Angels

"I've been babysitting for years and love going outside with the kids. When they also have a dog to go with them, I'm even more excited to come by. I would prefer to have a dog myself, so babysitting pets is something I love!"

Annabelle's skills: enthusiastic and energetic

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"I grew up with dogs & cats in the house, but now that I live on my own I miss that a lot. So I'm very happy to babysit other dogs, cats or other pets!"

Lou's skills: a lot of experience with cats and dogs

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"I often babysit friends' and family's pets, because everyone knows I am such a big animal lover. I prefer to walk and play with animals all day long!"

Farah's skills: patient, calm and loves to be outside

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This is how you can use Pet Care via Charly Cares:

  • Dog sitter: for a day, weekend or vacation, book a nice sitter for your pet
  • Dog walking service: book an Angel for a fixed time, so she comes every week to walk the dog
  • Dog daycare: you can also see us as dog daycare. Discuss with the Angel where the booking takes place. This can be at your home, but also at the Angel. Note: make good arrangements about this.

Looking for a pet sitter, for example, during your vacation?

Sign up with Charly Cares and explore the options. Our Angels are here to help you as a dog sitter, cat sitter, with love. Just for a day, or during your vacation. Check it out!

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