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How do you help your employees to be the best version of themselves? A good work-life balance is indispensable in order to excel in the workplace. With a babysitter at home, you can unburden your employees at times that finding reliable childcare proves challenging. The babysitter temporarily takes over care of the household, so that your employees can focus on work. This increases productivity, especially in a home environment. You can already arrange a business babysitter starting at €10,- per hour.

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A babysitter at home as fringe benefit

  • Increased productivity

    Working from home with children around can lead to an unsettled work environment. An important video call or training can once again continue without being disturbed, the employee can truly focus.

  • Good employment practices

    Unburden your employees together with Charly Cares Business at moments that it truly matters. The babysitter temporarily takes over the care of the children; valuable to your employees, and therefore to you!

  • Happy employees

    A successful organisation starts with employees who have a good work-life balance and are not under a lot of pressure. With Charly Cares, they can better manage their work and private life. Starting now, there will always be a solution for childcare-related challenges. Goodbye (babysitting)stress, hello happy employees!

How does it work?

With Charly Cares Business, you can support your employee by (partially) paying for the babysitter. You can use the babysitting service in one of two ways:

1. By making a fixed contribution available per employee once or periodically. your employee can then simply use this budget to book a babysitter in the app.

2. If you want full flexibility, you can also let your employees book as need (up until a predetermined maximum). You will receive a weekly overview of all hours booked.

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Flexible Childcare For Employees

The advantages of Charly Cares Business:

  • Distinctiveness as an employer

  • High employee satisfaction

  • Increased productivity

  • No administrative hassle

  • Try it out flexibly

  • If you have sufficient space under the WKR discretionary scope, you will pay the 'regular' fee. For example: babysitter's hourly rate of €6,- means €6,- per hour for your organisation.
  • If you have insufficient space, you will pay an 80% final levy over the excess paid. The organisation pays this to the tax authorities at the end of the year. For example: babysitter's hourly rate is €6,- + 80% final levy means €10,80 per hour for your organisation.
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Rody from Wundermart on Charly Cares Business:

“It was an initiative from us as employer. As HR manager, I am happy to have had the space to set this up. If you want to offer something to your people, you want to make it as simple as possible, and offer it in a way that suits everyone. Almost all our employees live in several cities, and we did not want to offer a different form of childcare in every city. The infrastructure of Charly Cares makes it easy to offer one solution to everyone.”

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Flexible Childcare Charly Cares Business Wundermart

Other companies about Charly Cares Business

Charly Cares Business: Havensteder

Hans Peter van de Poll - Director HRM, I&A and Facilities Havensteder

''We contacted Charly Cares during the second corona wave. The combination of working from home and homeschooling led to a lot of tension for colleagues with young children. We wanted to help out and saw a great opportunity to offer a form of relieve in the form of a ‘babysitter at home’. The response from our colleagues has been overwhelming and we have also received many positive reactions from others in our network. We hit the bull’s-eye with our collaboration with Charly Cares: a professional and entrepreneurial organisation with people who are able shift gears quickly and professionally.''

Charly Cares Business - Glasnost

Renee van Brakel - Management Assistent Glasnost

''We at Glasnost think our employees’ wellbeing is incredibly important. In times when many work from home while also taking care of children, that is not always that easy. Charly Cares Business has given our employees a little more freedom and room to breathe! With our business account, we can help our employees with ease during these difficult times.''

Charly Cares Business: Deloitte

Marjolein Heijstraten - Director Performance & Rewards Deloitte

'' Within Deloitte the wellbeing of our people is our priority. We understand how hard it can be to combine work with being a parent (and a teacher), all at the same time. It’s all about finding the right balance. Within Deloitte the day care option is applicable for children who are in elementary school or daycare.

Deloitte employees are very happy with the option offered and they have been helped with it. In particular, they indicate that this is a good option because it enables them to do their work in a more balanced way. And also that it is nice that, in addition to a babysitter from Charly cares, they can also have their own - trusted - babysitter via Charly Cares.''

The media on the business babysitter

At home with a business babysitter: De Volkskrant visited the Koert family, who book a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel through their employer. For RTL Nieuws, Hidde de Vries described the problem every parent is facing during the lockdown. He mentions Charly Cares Business as a potential solution.

Our corona policy

We follow the RIVM and GGD guidelines and ask all our Angels and parents to take their responsibility to keep the children, and each other, healthy. We ask them to comply with our corona policy, so that our babysitting service can continue to unburden parents responsibly, especially now.

A reliable babysitter

A Reliable Babysitter

As a parent you don't just invite anyone into your home, we understand that all too well. That is why we screen our Babysitting Angels personally and run a double reference check. Parents also leave a rating and review after each babysitting service, so that we can continue to safeguard the quality of our service and so that parents can leave without having to worry.

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7,546 reviews Our parents on Charly Cares

Lilly from Amsterdam

“thank you so much for your help with our little monkeys ?”

Luana from Diemen

“She did just great. My 2 yo was super excited about her. Also, she not used at all to being with people other than my husband and me at night, so we were a bit worried… but Neftaly put her to bed, read to her and made her fall asleep, just great! Also, very flexible as we changed some details over the original agreement. Super recommended :)”

Julian from 's-Gravenhage

“once again Maaike was trustworthy, kind, and easy to deal with. we will see her again next weekend. ”

Regina from 's-Gravenhage

“Great job with our baby, it was a great help and I could get some much needed rest. ”

Renate from 's-Gravenhage

“Onze zoon heeft weer een leuke middag gehad met Chayenne!”

S from Amsterdam

“another wonderful experience with Anna! thank you so much. ”

Marjolijn from 's-Gravenhage

“Paola is very kind, responsible and hands on. I can highly recommend her.”

Nicolas from Amsterdam

“laurel is very nice. a bit late to a problem with her bike.”

Sally from Amsterdam

“We will certainly ask Claudia again!! Thank you for everything!”

Christoph from Haarlem

“We had a freat experience with Lorena !”

Dorinda from Amsterdam

“meredith is een leuke meid, erg ontspannen en ervaren in oppassen. ze had snel een klik met onze kinderen!”

Nicole from Amsterdam

“Lucille was great. She connected with our daughter immediately and was really good at communicating and letting us know how things were going. We would definelty book her again. ”

Emrah from Amsterdam

“Amber was really nice, our boy had a great time with her!”

Magdalena from Utrecht

“Fenne is really nice and reliable. My son had a lovely tome with her.”

Peter from Amsterdam

“The kids enjoyed her company and she took care of them well”

Sally from Amsterdam

“Claudia is lovely to have around. She made sure our son had a good dinner and handled unexpected wake-ups easily. We'd certainly have her again!”

Tomas from Amsterdam

“Another good night !!”

Manuel from Amsterdam

“Erg tevreden over Bente!”

Hielke from Amsterdam

“Judy was very trustworthy and our daughter very much enjoyed her time with Judy. thanks a lot!! ”

Peter from Amsterdam

“Juliette was animated and interactive with our 2 little girls.”

Angelina from Amsterdam

“We were super happy with Layla. She had an immediate connection with both our girls, played with them, read to them and had them in bed in no time. So smooth! Thank you, Layla and see you soon! ”

Azra from Rotterdam


Melina from Amsterdam

“Lovely babysitter”

Lodewijk en Sara from Amsterdam

“very nice babysitter! thank you!”

Lee from Utrecht

“Sanne was great with our 2 year old - he had a really nice time with her playing, reading, visiting the playground and even baking cookies! She was really good at taking initiative and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a babysitter. ”

Ayse from Amsterdam

“One of the best oppas we’ve had! Today was the first time Ilse babysat our baby boy (5months old) and it was a big success! Ilse was kind, calm, caring, mature and connected with him immediately. She was also flexible when my work took longer than expected. Look forward to having her come by again soon!”

Petra from Amsterdam

“My son was super happy and cheerful while Claudia was here, they played so nicely together, had real fun.”

Vivian & Lorenzo from Amsterdam

“Joana is great! Nice and calm and friendly. Definitely recommend!”

Anouk from Amsterdam

“Anissa was great with our daughter of 9 months, thank you so much! ”

Eleni from Voorburg

“Our daughter really like spending time qith Halima! Highly recommended!!!”

Fanny from Rotterdam

“Nine is great with our children, we recommend her ”

Stephen from Almere

“Carolyn is wonderful. Her communication is superb, my little one had the time of his life, and shes extremely engaging, flexible, and easy going. I HIGHLY recommend working with Carolyn!”

Oonagh from Amsterdam

“Jolene looked after my 2-month old baby well. I will call her again to babysit. ”

Benoit from Amsterdam

“very sweet person, kids had a lot of fun”

Nick from Amsterdam

“absolutely awesome ”

Fabian from Utrecht

“Fay was great. She answered quickly when our other booking cancelled, she had a great connection with our boy and a good sense of humour. ”

Sunshine from Amsterdam

“Verry nice and friendly. Thank you Juliette.”

Kim from Amsterdam

“Dauphine was great, very warm and friendly, our daughter took to her straight away. Thank you Dauphine ”

Rochelle from Amsterdam

“Mckenzie was really sweet for our little 1 year old son. He woke up in the night but she soothed him and he went back to sleep easy again.”

Frequently asked questions

Will the babysitting credit for my employees be considered wages?

If there is room under the WKR (work-related costs scheme) and if the conditions for using the WKR are met, then you can designate it as ‘eindheffingsloon’. As a result, you will be able to reimburse your employees tax-free and the babysitting credit will potentially not be considered wages. If there is no room under the WKR, then the babysitting credit could be considered (extra) wages and the usual wage costs will have to be paid. We advise that you check with your financial department, or with an external administrator or tax specialist.

Do my employees need a Charly Cares membership?

Before your employees can book a Babysitting Angel, they need a membership. They can choose between 3 different memberships: basic, flexible, and premium. Based on their babysitting needs, they pick the membership that fits them the best.

Is Charly Cares Business available everywhere in the Netherlands?

Yes! As an employer, you can support every employee with a company babysitter. Charly Cares is active in 57 places across the Netherlands. Employees who do not live in any of those places can easily add their current babysitter to our platform.