Charly Cares Business: a business babysitter for your employees

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Support your teams with a business babysitter at times it truly matters

There are major staff shortages within the childcare and primary education sectors. The pressure on young, working parents is increasing and has an impact on the family, the employee, colleagues and therefore the employer. Charly Cares has the solution: arrange a business babysitter for €15-€20 per hour (all-in)!

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Why Charly Cares Business?

  • Employer of the future

    With a business babysitter, you will support your employees when it is most necessary. When things are well-organized at home, everyone profits. The children, the working parents, and therefore the whole company.

  • Productivity, happiness at work & stress relief

    Research shows that a business babysitter results in increased productivity and happiness at work, and a reduction in stress. While an experienced babysitter takes over the care of the children, the employee can focus on work-related matters without being disturbed.

  • Maximum flexibility and quality via an innovative platform

    A last minute babysitter or a fixed after-school babysitter: Charly Cares offers personally checked Babysitting Angels for any time. Thanks to a transparent rating system, Angel insurance, and 24/7 Customer Care, the parent is completely unburdened.

Het Financieele Dagblad about a business babysitter through Charly Cares

The FD writes an extensive article about the challenging combination of parenthood and an ambitious career. More and more employers offer support in the form of a babysitter via Charly Cares. Enter your email address below and we will send the article to you (please note: article is in Dutch).

This creates the following challenges for the employee:

  • "I cannot find childcare for all days, shall I (temporarily) go back in hours to take care of the children?"

  • "I came back from maternity leave, but can't go back to my original contract hours."

  • "I work two days at home with the children to fill in the gaps left by childcare"

  • "I necessarily call in sick or take time off during study days."

Deloitte supports its teams with Charly Cares Business

Deloitte supports its employees with flexible childcare, because it sees the importance and necessity of a good work-life balance for its employees. Through Charly Cares Business, Deloitte structurally offers babysitting hours to its employees.

Marjolein Heijstraten,
Director Performance & Rewards Deloitte:
“Employees of Deloitte can make use of Charly Cares, either with their own babysitter or with a Charly Cares babysitter. During the lockdown, we initially started with this solution and now we offer it structurally as an extra fringe benefit. This solution offers our employees and Deloitte as an organisation the flexibility that fits the current way of working.”

How does it work?

1. Choose the number of babysitting hours
Set up a desired number of babysitting hours for your employees per calendar year. They receive a business memberships and can use the hours as they wish.

2. User-friendly dashboard
You can add and remove employees every month via the simple dashboard. We take care of all communications.

3. Monthly invoice
Periodically receive an invoice for the use of Charly Cares Business, itemised by employee level. This process complies with GDPR law.

Support the new generation of parents

With Charly Cares Business you support the new generation of (expectant) young parents with a babysitter at home. This is an emergency solution for those times when employees would like to fulfill their work obligations, but can't because they are up with childcare.

Our Babysitting Angels

The Angels of Charly Cares

Reliability of our Angels

  • When new Angels sign up for Charly Cares, they must do a check through iDIN: an online identification tool that we use to check personal data.

  • All Angels are personally checked on their profile and motivation by one of our recruiters.

  • Angels must provide 2 references from families where they have babysat before. Only after these are checked, the Angels will have access to the platform.

17,269 reviews Our parents on Charly Cares

Ady from Amstelveen

“Hele fijne oppas!”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Leda is an absolute natural with kids. Our youngest ran straight up to her, and middle two happy to read with her before bed. Very easy!”

Swantje from Utrecht

“Jonna is a great babysitter. We can leave the house with a good feeling because we knew both our children are in good care with her. Thanks!”

Anna from Ouddorp

“Thank you!”

Anja from Amsterdam

“Lieve en betrouwbare oppas. Graag tot de volgende keer!”

Cedomir from Amsterdam

“Leda is awsome.”

Karlijn from Amsterdam

“5 sterren oppas!!”

Madeleine from Amsterdam

“Always great!”

Jenny from Amsterdam

“Matt was great looking after our 2 kids, they really liked him and had a fun time. He was responsible, flexible and reliable. We would recommend to anyone!”

ashby from Amsterdam

“We were so happy with the service our son of 3 yrs old was very relaxed and enjoyed his time with her. Would absolutely recommend!”

Radoy from Haarlem

“We had a Very good experience either Lorena”

Gorkem from Amsterdam

“Great experience with Rosy! She is a natural and my 7 months baby felt comfortable with her.”

Janick from Amsterdam


Kim from Amsterdam

“Very nice babysitter! Kids were already asleep when she came but will definitely ask her next time!”

Rosanne from Rotterdam

“We were very happy with her!”

Philippine from Haarlem

“All good! Easy night, geen bijzonderheden maar fijn gevoel bij joanita”

Dicky from Heemstede

“Fijne oppas!”

Kim from Zeist

“All was good, kids were sleeping. Good communication when making the appointment.”

Kirsten from Amsterdam

“Priscilla is really nice, calm and sweet to our child! Even when she was upset. ♥️”

Julie from Amsterdam

“Anna was great! Arran was instantly at ease after meeting Anna and we felt more than comfortable leaving them!”

Berend from Amsterdam

“Dank je!”

Kate from Amsterdam

“Rosy was very warm and friendly. It was my baby's first time with a nanny but she was very professional, patient and kind. I would be happy to rebook or recommend. Thanks Rosy!”

Rachel from Amsterdam

“Thanks for watching our son! Even though he cried a lot (my fault for being too nearby) you managed to handle it well and find ways to distract him!”

Marieke from Amsterdam

“Lief en betrouwbaar!!”

Tess & Annica from Haarlem

“Thank you”

Jennifer from Zwijndrecht

“Ze had vandaag voor de eerste keer opgepast op mij 2 kids en was echt top zal zeker haar nog keer vragen dankjewel voor vandaag alles netjes achtergelaten goede zorg voor de kids en kinderen vonden het geweldig bedankt voor u hulp”

Jayne from Rotterdam

“Always happy to have Esmay come and babysit! Kids are happy and we can relax.”

Jean from 's-Gravenhage

“Loes was the first babysitter we used when we arrived in NL 5.5 years ago and she is always my first choice. The kids love her, she’s reliable, we have clear communication and she always arrives with a backpack stuffed with possible options for the kids to do. She’s a winner.”

Weixin from Amsterdam

“Leda is a caring lady and really pays attention to play and feed my son. You leave with a good feeling.”

Otmane from Amsterdam

“We have requested Matt to watch the boys for several hours indoor / outdoor with several time and logistics constraints and he has been perfect ! Very flexible and available for the kids !”

George from Haarlem

“All good”

Cris from Rotterdam

“Vandana was great with our little girl!”

Misty from 's-Gravenhage

“The best!”

Nikolaas from Amstelveen

“Great always!”

Nikolaas from Amstelveen

“Great! The girls had a great time and felt at ease right away :)”

Drago from Amsterdam

“Very attentive, caring and trustworthy. It was a last minute arrangement and Maddison was amazing”

Phil from Amsterdam

“Great, reliable and great with our son.”

Maja from 's-Gravenhage

“Aysha has been fantastic with our kids.”

Felice from Bloemendaal

“Tatiana was very flexible, and relaxed when she walked in, immediately made us feel comfortable leaving 3 kids in her hands. The kids loved her and she was very flexible when we came a little bit later. Would recommend her in a heart beat!”

Gina from Amsterdam

“Super- recommend!!”

Muska from Weesp

“Would definitely recommend Doris”

Javaad from Haarlem

“Amazing babysitter, she got along well with our daughter who was immediately comfortable with her.”

Laura from Amsterdam

“Ema is amazing with my 4 year old, full of energy and very reliable. Highly recommend her!”

Anoeschka from Amsterdam

“Lovely personality, great experience and love that Maddison is so flexible and easy going.”

Thomas from 's-Gravenhage

“Maren was very calm and friendly and our kids really responded well to her - many thanks!”

Corina from Amsterdam

“Maddison inspires calmness and trustworthiness. It was the second time babysitting our kids and everytjing went great!”

Aline from Rotterdam

“Polina was great. She had 5 kids to put to bed and the liked her very much. She is trustworthy and reliable. Definitely we will book her again.”

Kate from 's-Gravenhage

“We always love Ashy! She plays so well with kids!!”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“She was great!”

Anne from Waalre

“Our girls enjoyed Shaika’s company. Perfect.”

Frequently asked questions

How can I start with Charly Cares Business?

Schedule a meet & greet with one of our colleagues by entering your contactdetails in the form below. During this demo we will answer all your questions and explain the next steps.

Is Charly Cares Business available everywhere throughout the Netherlands?

Yes! As an employer, you can support any employee in the Netherlands with a company babysitter. Charly Cares is available throughout the Netherlands. In many regions, we offer a large, active babysitting network (primarily in the Randstad and Brabant regions). Does an employee live in a different region? They can easily add their own babysitter to our platform and thus make use of the business services.

My employees already have a membership with Charly Cares, can they continue using their current account?

Your employees can activate their business account within their personal account.
Step 1: Activate your business account. Go to the menu, select 'Profile,' and open your business account.
Step 2: Register the business email address. Enter your business email address (e.g.,, agree to the terms, and click on 'Activate business account.'
Step 3: Email verification with activation code. You will receive a 4-digit code on your business email. Enter the code to confirm on your business account. From now on, you can book and pay for both private and business babysitting services. You can choose whether you or your employer pays for each babysitting service.

Is the babysitting credit for my employees considered as salary?

If there is space available under the WKR (Work-Related Expense Scheme) and the conditions for using the WKR can be met, you can designate this as final tax wage. As a result, you can reimburse this untaxed for your employees and the babysitting credit may not be considered as wages. If there is no space available under the WKR, it may be that the babysitting credit is considered as (additional) wages and the usual wage costs will need to be paid on this. We recommend checking this with your financial department or externally involved accountant and tax advisor.

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