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Are you looking for a great and reliable babysitter that matches with your family? Charly Cares is here to support you. Our matching system matches your profile with our babysitting profiles in Breda. So you can find a great match in no time and you can leave the house with peace of mind. Great for a night out, your weekly work-out or important appointment. Discover Charly Cares now!

  • Your babysitter pool, with checked Angels

  • Babysitters for different moments

  • Reliable because of our rating & review system

The reliability of our Babysitting Angels

There's a reason that we call our babysitters Babysitting Angels. They are real angels if you ask us: they take care of your most precious possession with love and passion. 'Caring' is something they love to do, so many Angels have years of experience with babysitting and are educated in pedagogy, PABO and care. At Charly Cares, reliability is our number one priority and we would love to tell you more about it!

I want a babysitter
Charly Cares' Babysitting Angel picks up the kids from school

How we check our Angels

Babysitting experience

When a new Angel applies, she must provide 2 references from families where she has babysat before. She also fills out information about herself, in her profile.

Personal check

In addition to the mandatory iDIN check on their personal details, a Charly Cares recruiter always does a personal check to learn more about the experience and motivation of the Babysitting Angel. For example, on baby experience.

Rating & review

After each babysitting service, the parent fills out a rating & review to rate the Babysitting Angel. We continuously monitor these in our office. If the rating is lower than 4 stars, we will intervene. Also, the reviews are visible for you. Handy and fun to read!

I want a babysitter!
Founder Charly tells more about the Babysitting Angels in Den Bosch

Charly van der Straten, founder Charly Cares:

"Hi moms & dads in Breda! I'm Charly, founder of Charly Cares. As a mother of Olivia (and a second on the way) I know very well how important it is to have a nice and reliable babysitter in your home. That's why I value the personal check. I am proud of the fact that we have so many Angels with years of experience, who are following or have followed studies in the direction of PABO, Pedagogy or other care-oriented studies. Real Angels, if you ask me!"

This is Charly Cares

  • More than just a babysitter

    Our Angels help children discover, develop and grow. You can always find a babysitter profile that fits your needs.

  • Babysitter for every moment

    Spontaneously going out together or a last-minute (work) appointment? Do you need a structural babysitter for a fixed time a week? We have a babysitter available for every moment. Hello babysitter, goodbye stress.

What other parents say about our Angels

Reinier from Amsterdam

“Sissi is een fantastische oppas!”

Elisabetta from 's-Gravenhage

“You are wonderful!”

Jonathan from Amsterdam

“Andrea was terrific with our kids, especially the young one who is adjusting to starting school”

Julieta from 's-Gravenhage

“Laida is the best - genial. She’s confident and fun for the kids and responsible.”

Kim from 's-Gravenhage

“????? Ashy is great!”

Felice from Amsterdam

“Top oppas”

Swantje from Utrecht

“Jonna always takes good care of our children. Thanks!”

Anne from Utrecht

“Great to have Cotu around. We ran late, and she was very flexible and great about it!”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Leonie was friendly, flexible and on time. We would happily ask her to babysit our daughter again.”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks Jessie for allowing us to have a nice date”

Karlijn from Amsterdam


Niels from De Bilt

“Fijne oppas!”

V from Amsterdam


Karina from 's-Gravenhage

“Very good”

Sjoukje from Utrecht

“Very sweet!”

Anthony from Amsterdam

“Great afternoon again, our daughter loves spending time with Agnes”

Nany from Haarlem

“Thank you. As always :)”

Lucia from Uithoorn

“She’s amazing”

Antoine from Haarlem

“Lorela has a good contact with kids, she is friendly, responsible and has initiative. I came back finding our kids happy and fed and our kitchen clean and tidy. I highly recommend her !”

This is how the app works:

The babysitters love to play and do crafts with the kids

1. Download the app, fill out your profile with a photo, description and all your information.

2. Enter the date and time for when you need a babysitter and the app will show Angels near you. View the profiles and select your Angels.

3. Tip: also put your request on Jobboard: this is a kind of bulletin board where Angels can offer themselves for your booking.

3. Arrange everything through the app: from making the booking, chatting with your Angel and payment. Ideal!

Extra services at Charly Cares: Senior Care & Pet Care

At Charly Cares, you can not only find a babysitter for your children, but you can also get help for an elderly person or arrange a sitter for your pet. Discover the possibilities of Senior Care and Pet Care at Charly Cares.

Frequently asked questions about Charly Cares in Breda

In which places in Brabant does Charly Cares offer an active babysitting network?

You can apply in all places in Brabant, but we offer an active babysitting network in:

  • Den Bosch; Rosmalen, Vught
  • Breda; Ulvenhout,Pennendijk, Kerkeind,Roosberg, Teteringen, Prinsenbeek
  • Tilburg; Goirle, Berkel-Enschot, Oisterwijk, Udenhout
  • Eindhoven; Veldhoven, Best, Son, Nuenen, Geldrop, Aalst, Waalre

How do I pay the Angel?

The payment through the app works as follows: when the Angel is at your home, a timer will automatically start, and upon their departure, you stop the timer. Then, you check the times for accuracy and choose whether to pay the Angel privately or through your business (if your employer reimburses for babysitting expenses). If you are paying personally, you can, after consulting with the visiting Angel, choose a payment method:

  1. iDeal: Arrange the payment through your bank app. The Angel will be paid within a day.
  2. Cash or via Tikkie: Arrange the payment directly with the Angel.
  3. Via direct debit: You don't need to do anything else; Charly Cares will debit the amount from your account within 2 working days and pay the Angel after 4 working days.

Note! For a Pet Care booking, a fixed rate applies to that booking. The timer will automatically stop, and you don't need to take any further action. The same applies to a Senior Care booking; the timer will be automatically stopped. Both Pet and Senior Care payments are processed through direct debit.

How do I book a Babysitting Angel?

Easy peasy! In our app, go to 'Discover' > 'Book an Angel'. Enter the dates and times for which you need a babysitter. You will then be able to either select 10 Angels yourself, or post your request on Jobboard.

Selecting 10 Angels yourself? Write a personal message and send the request, then wait for the Angels to respond. If one of them accepts, your request is successful.

If you choose Jobboard, write a personal message and post your request to Jobboard. All Angels near you will be able to see your request and respond. In the end, you decide who ends up babysitting.

What types of Babysitting Angels do you offer?

At Charly Cares, you can find several different types of Babysitting Angels. Some Babysitting Angels are available to support a family on a fixed basis, whereas other Babysitting Angels prefer to babysit only occasionally. There is always a babysitter who fits your babysitting needs, whether you are looking for a fixed, after-school, flexible, or last minute babysitter.

We do not have any au pairs or nannies on file. We do have fixed Babysitting Angels who are available to babysit at fixed times every week. Need a babysitter for multiple days every week? In that case, we advise that you book multiple Angels.