Babysitting in Utrecht

Babysitting when and where you want, for the best families in Utrecht, de Bilt or Zeist? As a Charly Cares Babysitting Angel, you decide your own working hours and you can babysit for the best families in your neighbourhood. Taking the kids on a tour of the canals, or climbing to the top of the Domtoren! So you can earn something extra in a fun and flexible way. Perfect, right?

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  • Babysitting in your neighbourhood

  • Fixed or flexible earning

  • Work for multiple great families

Babysitting in Utrecht?

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Fixed Babysitting Angel ☆

  • Trusted babysitting address
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  • Fixed payments

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  • Flexible working hours
  • Great to combine with your studies
  • Work with the best families in the neighbourhood

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  • Last minute babysitting jobs
  • Get booked until 3 hours in advance
  • Faster chance of being booked

Meeting in Utrecht Babysitting in the neighbourhood

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Babysitting Angel ☆ Roos (Utrecht):

“I babysit quite often in Zeist. In the summer, we often go to the playground or a large scouting park in the neighbourhood! The kids can have fun building huts there. My study schedule also changes every week, so because of the Charly Cares app I can make some extra money on a flexible basis next to my studies. Super easy as a student!”

– Roos Schelberg, Babysitting Angel in Utrecht

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