The best babysitting jobs in Tilburg

Are you looking for the most flexible (side) job in Tilburg and are you crazy about kids? Yes, Charly Cares is really something for you. As a Babysitting Angel you work on your terms: you will be matched with great families and you decide when and how much you earn. And your hourly rate? That's up to you! Sounds great right?

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Babysitting in Tilburg means:

  • More than just a side job

  • You are insured in the event of damage or accidents

  • You decide where, when and how you want to work

  • Our Customer Care Team helps you out, 24/7

  • Easily arrange everything in the free app

  • Always an income, with flexibility

Babysitting through Charly Cares is not just a (student side)job in Tilburg. You build a connection with the children and you see them grow and develop. That's something special. At Charly Cares you decide how often you babysit: do you want to babysit in Tilburg as a weekend job? Or do you want to work structural hours and want to pick up the kids from school? Or do you prefer to work flexible only? In the app you indicate your availability and, based on that, families can send a request. Do wat is comfortable for you!

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Better safe than sorry

We think it is really important you work safe and sound: safety and reliability for you as a babysitter are key! Therefore, Charly Cares supports you with Customer Care and the Angel insurance.

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This is what you can expect from the onboarding process

  • Sign up via the button, enter your details and plan your introductory meeting.
  • During the online call we will get to know each other and we tell you all about Charly Cares. It takes about 15 minutes.
  • Enter at least 2 references, a profile picture and complete your profile.
  • You can start as a babysitter in Tilburg. Enjoy!
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Frequently asked questions about babysitting in Tilburg

In which places in Brabant does Charly Cares offer an active babysitting network?

You can apply in all places in Brabant, but we offer an active babysitting network in:

  • Den Bosch; Rosmalen, Vught
  • Breda; Ulvenhout,Pennendijk, Kerkeind,Roosberg, Teteringen, Prinsenbeek
  • Tilburg; Goirle, Berkel-Enschot, Oisterwijk, Udenhout
  • Eindhoven; Veldhoven, Best, Son, Nuenen, Geldrop, Aalst, Waalre

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

As a Babysitting Angel, you can choose your own hourly rate. The app shows what other people of your age in your area have chosen. You can set two hourly rates: for day and evening services. You can always have a look at your hourly rate in the app under ‘Profile’ and change it whenever you want to.

How will parents pay me after a babysitting service?

A timer will automatically start running at the scheduled start time of the booking. Parents can stop the timer when they come home. After the timer has been stopped, the payment will be automatically processed and you will be paid in 4 work days. You will receive your earnings in the bank account connected to your profile.