Babysitting in Amsterdam

Babysitting in Amsterdam is one big adventure! There is just so much to do. Take the kids on a journey through the history of the city in the Amsterdams Museum, or discover all special types of animals in Artis. They will never be bored! Are you looking for flexible babysitting jobs in Amsterdam? Download the Charly Cares app and sign up!

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Babysitting Angel☆ Isabel (Amsterdam):

“I was looking for a job that would help me make some easy money while not getting stuck with it. Through the Charly Cares app, you can plan when you want to babysit and on which days, which is a perfect match with my ever-changing planning. I often take the kids to the Vondelpark, so they can play outside. Or to the Albert Heijn to get some groceries and bake some cakes!”

– Isabel Raben, Babysitting Angel in Amsterdam

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Babysitting in Amsterdam

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5x taking the kids out in Amsterdam

  • Glide down the slides at De Mirandabad.

  • Step on a tour boat and experience Amsterdam from the water. A water cycle is of course also great!

  • Becoming an astronaut for a day? Visit the Planetarium and embark on a journey through space with the kids!

  • Go on an expedition through the animal kingdom of Artis!

  • Experience the fascinating world of science in NEMO, where the kids can participate in experiments themselves!

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