Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars (on different topics), often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

Aria Ingrid from Amsterdam

“Milana was a sweet girl, Nila had fun with her and was so happy to receive a present!”

Elisa from Haarlem

“Thanks Grace for your help last night. Jan told us he had a great time last night :-)”

Lydia from Amsterdam

“Fani is an amazing babysitter. Our son really loved her. He felt comfortable with her immediately. Would definitely hire her again.”

Evren from Amsterdam

“She is very nice. Our son had an immediate connection, they played lots of games and had good time. Thanks very much Rosie-lee !”

Elise from Amsterdam

“On time and very sweet. Would recommend.”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks for allowing us to have a date night, Jessie”

Dimitrios from Haarlem

“Thanks for the great help Nina. Our son was very comfortable with you”

Tara from Amsterdam

“Our favorite Angel- she is very knowledgeable and proactive.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is a wonder!”

Leona from Rotterdam


Martín from Hilversum

“Valeska is a topper. Thanks a lot.”

Emily Cussins from Haarlem

“Thank you!”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Always great to have Jessie with the kids”

sara from Amsterdam

“Alba is so sweet and kind with the toddlers, they enjoyed playing together and talking about their day at school, my son didn't want her to leave and asked her to stay longer ?”

john from Eindhoven

“Top, flexibel”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“The kids had a lovely time with Sarah. They were very comfortable with her and we were happy to leave them in her care.”

Nene from 's-Gravenhage

“Thnx a lot for being reliable!”

Miroslav from Amsterdam

“Thank you!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is like family in our home!”

Jenny from 's-Gravenhage

“Aysha is a positive, caring babysitter who loves playing and engaging with the kids. She is always on time, sticks to the plan set for her time with the kids and is very professional!”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks Jessie”

Hatuna from Amsterdam

“Noémie was up to speed in no time! Didn’t require a lot of direction and interacted very well with the children. She was very sweet with the baby which was heartening and reassuring when leaving the kids.”

Jackie from Amsterdam


Reinier from Amsterdam

“It was great as always”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“She is the best”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks Jessie”

Vedica from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks Johanna!!”

Liselore from Amsterdam

“Always nice!”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Super lovely! And dealt with a 3 year old waking up admirably! Thank you ?”

Sietse from Amsterdam

“Great sitter!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is patient, fun, kind, flexible, and a dream with kids!”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Jessie is amazing with kids. She goes beyond what’s expected”

Wilmien from Haarlem

“Adriana is wonderful and great with the kids”

Pieter laurens from Amsterdam

“Such a radiant person, making every effort to make the kids comfortable. Great experience”

Ksenia from Leiden

“Very nice babysitter, kids liked her a lot”

Thomas from 's-Gravenhage

“Isobel was really fantastic with our daughter (15 months old). They had a lovely play and Isobel looked after her with great care!”

Stevan from Amsterdam

“The second time we have used Yllana and the second time have been very pleased. Thank you so much for watching our little one and making our evening easy.”

Sarah from 's-Gravenhage

“Amal was great as always”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“Rosie is the best !”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is a true angel!”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“The kids had a great time, they played lots of games and my daughter also got her homework done.”

Jamie from Utrecht

“She’s great.”

Laurens from Amsterdam

“The girls had a great evening!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is great!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is the best!”

Hector from Amsterdam


Tess & Annica from Haarlem

“Thank you and enjoy your holiday!”

George from Haarlem

“Very happy !”

Alessandra from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank 6ou so much”

Diedrik from Amstelveen


Michele from 's-Gravenhage

“Touda was very good and took great care of our son”

Marina from Amsterdam

“All perfect!”

Melissa from 's-Gravenhage

“Harper enjoyed Ashy very much and she is very kind and understanding. Thank you for your help Ashy!”

Vedica from 's-Gravenhage

“Touda was great with our daughter”

Anouk from 's-Gravenhage

“Once again our daughter Ari had a nice time with Viktoriia, we hope to see her again! Thank you so much.”

Alexia from 's-Gravenhage

“Pauline is lovely! We love her, she is sweet and kind with the kids”

Kathryn from Amsterdam

“Vara was on time and ready. She made sure she had everything she needed to know before we left and instantly connected with our daughter!”

Londeka from Wateringen

“Always great to have Wilny. We are comfortable with leaving her with the kids. Great!”

Jen from Amsterdam

“Rosie is great! Super flexible, great communicator, and kids are super excited when she visits”

Antoine from 's-Gravenhage

“Victoriia is very nice and very pleasant. My daugther had immediately a good contact with her.”

Darina from IJmuiden

“Always great service!”

Tess & Annica from Haarlem

“?? perfect as always”

Tanielle from Haarlem

“Lorena was amazing with our son”

Vanessa from Amsterdam

“Such a lovely person. My son loved having a babysitter tonight.”

Martín from Hilversum


Elisabetta from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you!!”

Katerina from 's-Gravenhage

“Alice is a wonderful babysitter. She was in time, our daughter had a lot of fun with her playing indoor and outdoor and seemed to be really happy. I can highly recommend Alice.”

Lisa from Amsterdam


Brooke from Haarlem

“Alba is lovely, we look forward to seeing her again.”

Nikolaas from Amstelveen


rafaela from Utrecht

“Super flexibel en super lief en fijn met de kindjes.”

Barbara from Rotterdam

“Thank you so much ! Christina is great. The kids loved her. She has very positive vibes, takes initiative and responsibility. I definitely recommend her.”

Tanya from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you”

Swantje from Utrecht

“We were very happy with how she took care of our daughter. Thanks again Jonna!”

Lisa from Amstelveen

“Met een super gerust gevoel de deur uit! Zoë maakte meteen contact met de kinderen, voelde heel fijn”

Elisabetta from 's-Gravenhage

“Great to get to know you ! See you soon we hope :)”

Laura from Amsterdam

“Rosie was great! Charlotte had a great time with her, would happily welcome her back”

Victor from Amsterdam

“Rosee was on time and it went well”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Thank you Mia!”

Melissa from Amsterdam

“Absolutely lovely, can’t wait to have her again”

Elizabeth from Amsterdam

“Highly recommend Rosie!”

Hector from Amsterdam

“Sarah was great. My daughter had a good time.”

Gaëlle from 's-Gravenhage

“Lovely to have you with the kids yesterday Viktoria,”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is professional and personable. She is creative and kind.”

Marco from Amsterdam

“Kids were happy with Leda and we felt immediately at ease with her.”

Ekaterina from Amsterdam

“I highly recommend Jannat as an excellent, punctual, and mature babysitter and person. My 3-year-old went to her right away and never once entered the room during the entire 2 hours that I worked, which is a wonderful sign. She is constantly in direct communication with him, engaging in activities such as playing, reading, drawing, and sticking stickers. Especially considering that my child only understands Russian but does not speak it, it was magical! Now he is waiting when she will come again”

Anouk from 's-Gravenhage

“Viktoriia is very friendly. Our daughter likes her and feels comfortable around her. Great babysitter!”

Nany from Haarlem

“Thank you as always!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is our favorite. She is always upbeat, positive and flexible. She gets on well with everyone as well.”

Arjen from Utrecht

“Very nice and social person. A pleasant presence”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is the best!”

Lies from Utrecht

“Thank you so much, our daughter had a wonderful morning!”

Swantje from Utrecht

“Jonna is a great babysitter. Our daughter enjoys playing with her. Thanks Jonna!”

Tanielle from Haarlem

“She was really great with our son, will definitely work with her again!”

Marlies from Oegstgeest

“Altijd gezellig met Juliette!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is the best and her cooking is top!”

Wouter from Amsterdam

“Very responsible, sweet and caring, we and our daughter were very happy with Ani!”

Vedica from 's-Gravenhage

“Touda was great with our daughter!”

Anya from Amsterdam

“Karina did great again with our boys”

Baukje from Leiden

“Very good with the kids”