Charly's ReviewsReviews & Ratings from parents about the Babysitting Angels

In addition to the personal introductory meeting, every babysitter is assessed after every babysitting service. The Babysitting Angel receives a rating from the parent based on 5 stars (on different topics), often supplemented with a written review. These rating and review are transparant and visible for every parent and the Angel in particular. In case of a negative rating or review, we will contact both parent and Babysitting Angel.

yujuan from Rotterdam

“Thanks for your care !”

Jessica from Amsterdam


Karen from Amsterdam

“Zaina is great with the kids! Plays games, dances and takes great care of them!”

yujuan from Rotterdam

“Very happy time”

Remi from Amsterdam

“Thank you!”

Charlotte from Amsterdam

“Katie was great again! Thanks so much!”

Megan from Amsterdam

“Again a massive thanks, appreciate your style with our daughter. Perfect match.”

Megan from Amsterdam

“Thanks so much Shachar, our daughter really enjoyed the time you were caring for her.”

Aaron from Amsterdam

“Super. Second time she's been with our 2 children (9 &7) and they were delighted to see her again.”

Riki from Leiden

“Thank you for always!!”

Beryl from 's-Gravenhage

“Pauline was very nice with the kids and communication was very good, even over the app. Thank you!”

Damla from Amsterdam

“Our little one really enjoys to spend time with you and we feel grateful! Thank you for all your support!”

Maria from Amstelveen

“Supper nice Angel! My kids got immediately along with her, enjoyed playing with her a lot! Do recommend!”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is the biggest help. She took my daughter out to practice riding her bike, did groceries and made dinner.”

Maria from Leiden

“My kids always enjoy time with Ashley! She is energizing and knots how to engage kids!”

Eveline from Amsterdam

“Emily is brilliant!”

Lucie from Amsterdam

“She is great, the kids loved her”

Justyna & Jaap from Amsterdam

“Thank you Yllana! It felt very comfprtable to leave our daughters with you.”

Dylan from Amsterdam


Edmund from Rijswijk

“Sasha had a calming influence on Amelia who was sad to see her go. Stood in the road to watch her go”

Natalia from 's-Gravenhage

“Ana is fantastic!!!”

Vita from Amsterdam

“Sem is the best!!”

Muyiwa from Berkel en Rodenrijs

“Did a good job with my sons. Will recommend.”

Eveline from Voorburg

“Thanks for taking such good care of my children!”

Elisabetta from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you super June!”

Alexei from Amsterdam

“Asya immediately made a connection with our 3 year old Anna - who is not easy to please! She was proactive but not pushy, gentle and yet persistent, creative and exciting for Anna but also respectful of her wishes. Great quality time spent. Anna already wants her back!”

Antonella from Amsterdam

“Elizabeth was great!!”

Daisy from Amsterdam

“Not very proactive, would not try again.”

Lucie from Amsterdam

“Britany is great! She is coming back tomorrow”

Yasmine from Amsterdam

“We have had a short encounter but Milly was flexible came on time and took care of the kids as agreed. Thanks”

Swantje from Utrecht

“Thanks a lot for taking care of our children. They really enjoyed it!”

Ingryt from Diemen

“She was really sweet with my baby”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Vara was lovely. She got down on the floor and properly played with my 3 year old and 18 month old. Happy kids = happy mum”

Asma from Leidschendam

“Always superb”

Sarah-Jane from Amsterdam

“She was very great with my kids, they loved her and she managed bedtime of youngest great. Thanks!”

Damla from Amsterdam

“Thank you!”

jing from Hilversum

“Liza was playing with Claire by dancing, really good babysitter, would recommend!”

Laura from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks again Loredana! The kids had a great time as always.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia did the groceries and made dinner!!”

Marco from Rotterdam


Melis from Amsterdam

“She is a great woman, only needs a bit more experience with babies”

Madeleine from Amsterdam

“Jill was great! Very confident, relaxed, and proactive. She spent the day with our 8 month son both at home and out and all went well! We would hire her again!”

Nargiz from 's-Gravenhage

“She was great with my kids.”

Brooke from Haarlem

“Lorena is very nice and trustworthy, we look forward to having her take care of our daughter again.”

Dimitrios from Haarlem

“Daniela was great with my son. She was kind, flexible, attentive, and clean. Would definitely work together again :)”

George from Amsterdam

“Mia was great!”

Elisabetta from 's-Gravenhage

“Thank you Luna! Livia had a great time with you!”

Nada from Amsterdam


Beryl from 's-Gravenhage

“Ines was great as always, kids were happy and everything went well.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia. She is our favorite.”

Marco from Rotterdam


Mariela from Amsterdam

“Gracias Andrea! It was great to have you taking care of the children”

Sarah from Amsterdam

“Noor was so warm and friendly with our girls, I trusted her and the girls loved her, I’d highly recommend her”

Vitaly from Amstelveen

“Thank you Roksana, as always - excellent service.”

Yasemin from Voorburg

“Thank you Touda”

Swati from Amstelveen

“She was extremely good”

Leo from Amsterdam

“Katie was lovely and the kids seemed to be comfortable around her immediately! Thank you ?”

William & Mary from 's-Gravenhage

“Touda is a sweet and caring babysitter”

Emily from Amsterdam


İdil from Amsterdam

“My son had a great time with Alma! Thanks a lot:)”

Laura from Amstelveen

“Lisa was so lovely! Our son loved her they crafted and did puzzles together before bed. Super trust worthy friendly and professional. We definitely recommend Lisa.”

Nikolai from Amsterdam

“Francesca did everything perfect.”

Estee from Amsterdam

“Aimee was very calming and kind with the kids. Her communication was great and she made us feel at ease.”

John from 's-Gravenhage

“Just great!”

Marjolein from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks Touda!”

Stephanie from Leiden


Rodrigo from Rotterdam

“Thanks Anastasia,the kids enjoyed it very much last evening and hope to see you soon!”

Corinne from Amsterdam

“Secil is great. Thanks a lot for your help! We appreciate you very much!”

Clint from Amsterdam

“Sandra is the best. My girls really liked their time with her. Thanks again.”

Julia from Amsterdam

“Super flexible and sweet.”

Ana from Eindhoven

“Kaitlyn was an excellent babysitter for our son. Despite the language barrier she made him feel comfortable right away by being super relaxed and patient, willing to listen to what he had to say and play with every toy he brought her. As parents she made us feel that she would manage all very well while we were away. It seems all came natural and effortless to her. We just thought she was great and would definitely recommend her to everyone with young kids!”

Maria from Amsterdam

“Súper bien!”

Parisa from Amsterdam

“Aimee is friendly and kind with kids. She was also very flexible with our timing, I can not thank her enough!”

Zjef from Eindhoven

“Best babysitter.”

yujuan from Rotterdam

“Very good”

Claus from 's-Gravenhage

“Thanks, and I can recommend Camila for any child care assignment she may want to take up.”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Mia is een heel lieve oppas.”

Zeenat from 's-Gravenhage

“Aardig oppasser ,kids vindt het leuk.”

Coralie from Amsterdam

“Thank you”

Tara from Amsterdam

“Excellent again!”

Christopher from Amsterdam

“Really great good communication - Jack was wild but seemed to go well”

Saskia from Amsterdam

“Superfijn dat ze eerst wilde komen kennismaken. Hele fijne oppas!”

Dianis from Amsterdam

“Samah is een leuke spontane meid, communicatie uitstekend. X bleeft rustig bij haar.”

Vera from Amsterdam

“Thank you for coming to us. It was really nice to have you over :)”

Guydo from Amsterdam

“Robien is lief en communicatief!”

Leonardo from 's-Gravenhage

“Touda has been great as usual: kind, responsible, organized and very attentive. Our daughter loves it when she comes over. We definitely recommend Touda.”

Anna from Amsterdam

“Marion been just great with my daughter , good communication skills and enthusiasm”

Petra from 's-Gravenhage

“Camila was super sweet and natural with my son. We would for sure recommend her!”

Joren from Utrecht

“Thanks for watching over Hannah! Hope you had a nice chat with Noortje as well, and maybe until later.”

Rolien from Amsterdam

“Het was fijn met Noor!”

Vincent from Amsterdam

“Ines is great! Kids loved her! Hope she can come next time!”

Nina from Amsterdam

“Fijn dat je er weer was :) Dank!!”

Phuong from Amstelveen

“Luzia is very kind and friendly. She made my son feel very comfortable to be with. She played and helped to warm food for him. She was very patient with him as well. My son kept saying how lovely she is when we came back. I really appreciated her time with my son . I definitely would like to have her next times. I am very happy that I found this trustworthy App Charly Cares to look for babysitter. This App is very reliable and very professional . I will recommend to my friends to use it!!!!!!!!”

Megan from Amsterdam

“Thanks again, great energy and nice connection with our daughter”

Eveline from Amsterdam

“Great sitter!”

Diana from Amsterdam

“My son had a great time with Isabella! She’s great!”

Gabriela from Rotterdam

“Had Anayah babysit for the second time and again she handling my daughter with so much care and kindness, im really happy with her.”

bram from Utrecht

“Thank you for taking haikes friend aswell”

Marloes from Amsterdam

“Kids loved Tamsyn!! She is a great lady”

Kim & James from Haarlem

“Another great experience having Lorena watch our toddler son. Thank you!”