Speaking: Piet Hellemans from PetSecur!Veterinary consultant & veterinarian

Piet has years of experience as a veterinarian and provides tips to pet owners on the PetSecur website based on his expertise. Here, Piet shares some tips regarding hiring a pet sitter.

Piet:"Unfortunately, you can't take your dog everywhere. And who will take care of your cat when you're on vacation or away for a few days? Fortunately, there's now a solution for that too. Charly Cares offers tailored pet sitters who come to your home for your pet(s)!"

"Cats are territorial animals, meaning they need a fixed place to feel comfortable. In fact, being displaced from their territory can be stressful and unpleasant for most cats. That's why it's very beneficial for your indoor tigers to stay in their familiar territory when you're away for a few days. But of course, they still need care and attention. If you can't rely on friends or family to take care of your cats once or twice a day, you can now arrange a cat sitter through Charly Cares! This way, you can enjoy your vacation more, knowing that your cat(s) are well taken care of."

"Dogs have a different mindset; they are more focused on their owner(s) than their surroundings. Dogs generally don't mind being in a different or new environment as long as their pack (=owners) is with them! But not every environment is suitable for dogs, and unfortunately, dogs can't go everywhere. If you want to spend a day at the beach or visit a theme park in the summer with your family, your dog can now have a great day too! Book a dog sitter for him or her and enjoy your day more, knowing that your dog is also having a good time with a Charly Cares Angel!"

"I am an advocate of 'sharing' pets. If you're too busy with work or your family to have a full-time dog, you can still enjoy walks with the neighbor's dog, for example! But if you do have your own full-time dog, there may be days when your neighbors or friends, whom you usually rely on for pet sitting, are unavailable. Fortunately, there's now a solution for that. You can book a dog or cat sitter for a few hours, a weekend, or even an entire vacation. It's great for the dog, cat, and the owners!"

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