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Do you always want to stay up-to-date of all the developments around Charly Cares? Then read the latest stories of Charly, the Babysitting Angels and all the parents who are already using the Babysitting App!

Meet fixed Babysitting Angel Erika

Erika (25) played professional tennis until a year and a half ago, trained every day, and travelled all over the world. After she stopped playing tennis, she became a babysitter for Charly Cares, alongside her Nutrition and Dietetics studies. Due to the corona crisis, she has some extra time, because her other job is in the hospitality industry. Erika was a fixed babysitter for a family before the crisis and is now helping this family even more often!

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Kimberley is a fixed babysitter

Babysitting Angel Kimberley is 18 years old and lives in Rotterdam. In her daily life, she is often busy with school and sports. She studies at the Albeda Topsportcentrum and loves sports, especially hockey; she's been playing with pleasure for 14 years now. In addition to her studies and hockey, Kimberley loves children and has always wanted to work with them. Before she became a Babysitting Angel, she had already been babysitting a 7-year-old boy for a year. Next to babysitting, she also loves to have fun with her nephews. She basically always has children around her.

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Charly Cares is here during the coronacrisis

During the coronacrisus, we keep our babysitting service available to parents who really need it, for example parents in a crucial profession, self-employed parents, or single parents. Founder Charly van der Straten: "Over the last month, I've spoken to parents, managers, doctors, and CEOs daily about topics such as working from home, childcare, and (online) homeschooling. Everyone is extra careful, and rightly so, but some need help in this area. That's why we are expanding our service for organisations, using careful measures and guidelines."

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Meet Angel ... Kirsten!

Meet Angel Kirsten, who always makes babysitting fun.

Kirsten (28) flies around the world as a flight attendant. On a flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok, she met Babysitting Angel Sophie. Not much later, Kirsten decided to become a Babysitting Angel too and, in between flights, Kirsten now babysits the cutest kids. Get to know Kirsten's story!

I love the variety of traveling and babysitting! I have always loved children. Because I am able to plan myself when I babysit, I can perfectly combine it with my passion for travel.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day, you hate it or you love it! Do you think it's too commercial? Or do you love the romance? Whichever way you feel, it's impossible to let Valentine's Day pass you by entirely. On Valentine's, it's all about each other and love. That's why we've compiled a list with the best Valentine's ideas just for you. And while you and your partner spend some quality time together, your favourite Babysitting Angel will take care of the kids at home.

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