Safely on the road with the (babysitting) kids!Unforgettable adventures with the Urban Arrow

At Charly Cares, everything is about the safety and fun of kids. That is why we are always looking for the best partners with similar goals and.... We are proud to announce our brand new partner: Urban Arrow! Our new partner in crime and indispensable for every family. Because: Charly Cares + Urban Arrow means that the babysitter will get your kids quickly and safely through the streets on an Urban Arrow cargo bike - and it's great fun too!

Charly van der Straten, founder Charly Cares

"Urban Arrow, like Charly Cares, is indispensable to many families. We both stand for safety, reliability and unburdening families. That's why I'm so happy with this partnership; with the Urban Arrow cargo bike the kids experience unforgettable adventures together with the Babysitting Angels!"

Babysitting services at families with an Urban Arrow

Did you know that many of our Angels secretly check to see if the babysitting family has an Urban Arrow before they accept a booking? It makes their babysitting service not only more convenient, but also a lot more fun! With that electric cargo bike, they can pick up the kids and bike together to those faraway parks or playgrounds that would otherwise be just too far.

Babysitting Angel Zara, 24 years old

"Every Wednesday afternoon I pick up my babysitters from school on the Urban Arrow. We often make another pit stop in the park, or we bike to the supermarket for cookie ingredients. And if a friend stays to play? No problem, I just take them with me. The Urban Arrow really makes my babysitting service more fun and versatile!"

Especially for our parents: a gift from Urban Arrow

Could you also use the convenience of an Urban Arrow? Plenty of room for 3 kids, electric and light so you maneuver smoothly through traffic, and extra safe with that impact-resistant body. In short, the perfect addition to family life, our Babysitting Angels will be happy to see an Urban Arrow at your house!

Temporary special offer: buy an Urban Arrow Family now and receive a sunshade as a gift (worth €239).

What to do?

1. Buy an Urban Arrow Family from one of our dealers during the promotional period*.

2. Send your address details and proof of purchase to

3. And get your Urban Arrow Sunshade sent to your home within a few weeks!

* from 31 January to 1 March 2024