New Angel alert: Sophie!One of our newest Babysitting Angels

Today, we shine the spotlight on Angel Sophie, one of our latest additions who can't wait to start babysitting. She would like to introduce herself...

Hi! Let me introduce myself: my name is Sophie, and I am 19 years old. Currently, I am still in school, pursuing a degree in childcare. I have already obtained my diploma for level 3 and am currently working towards level 4. This already gives you a glimpse: I really enjoy working with children, and I do it a lot. For instance, I'm currently doing a 3-day internship, which is a lot of fun. Besides that, I also love babysitting for families at their homes!

When do you usually babysit?

I often have babysitting sessions in the evening because I usually have study or internship during the day. During these evening sessions, I give a bottle and put the kids to bed. Luckily, it always goes well; they usually go to sleep very sweetly, which is really nice. By the way, I would also love to babysit during the day, perhaps on weekends.

And what age group do you usually babysit for?

I mainly babysit young children, aged 0 to 5 years. However, I occasionally babysit my niece, who is now 10 years old. I find that very enjoyable too! But in my field of work, I enjoy working with young children, so gaining experience in that age group through babysitting is good for me. Currently, I spend 2 days with the baby group and 1 day with the toddler group, which is a great learning experience and aligns with what I would like to do in my future career.

I see that you already have 3 very nice references, who are these families?

I have been babysitting for two of these families for about 2 years now. They usually ask me when they have a date night or when they plan something fun with friends. The third reference is from my aunt; I have been babysitting for her since my niece was very little.

Sophie's references


Sophie is a sweet and honest girl with a heart of gold. Our daughter adores her, enjoying activities together, but also appreciating Sophie's excellent communication skills. We are very happy with her ❤️❤️❤️


We highly recommend Sophie to everyone. She is a very pleasant babysitter and knows what she's doing. Moreover, our son gets along well with her.


Sophie has babysat for us several times now. She does it with love, care, and, above all, the children are always happy when she comes. So, we always leave the house with peace of mind!

Have you received any requests via Charly Cares?

Yes, I had a booking scheduled, but the parents no longer needed it. Too bad; I really want to babysit! I live in a small village, so there are fewer families here than in larger cities. However, I have my own car, so I am flexible with distance. It will work out, I'm looking forward to it!

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